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#34041 Vacation carts

Posted by AtariBrian on 29 June 2017 - 05:57 PM

Just finished eating breakfast on our cape cod vacation and saw an interesting store (Greg's used books), figured I'd kill some time while my wife went into a shoe store. Place was very cool, other than used books they had some records, movies, board games and best of all games. Picked up these carts, all pretty rare. It's not often I find carts I dont have in the wild, especially this many. Owner was very cool also.
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#6550 On the 15th Anniversary of this website

Posted by Justin on 22 September 2015 - 08:46 PM

On September 22, 2000 I soft-launched this website as Atari7800.com. It’s hard to believe it’s been 15 years since this all began. 

The site was rich in content with lots of pictures and in-depth articles that told Atari’s history. A web store sold brand new Atari games and systems. We offered repair service where Atari no longer provided support and accepted PayPal when most vendors did not. Our Refurbished Atari systems were second to none, remanufactured with the highest-quality parts, new joysticks and bulletproof 3-year warranties. The 5200 and 7800 systems even received factory-replacement metal nameplates. 
That first year we were very busy with the new site. Blogs weren't really a thing yet (unless you counted GeoCities, TheGlobe.com, and AOL Hometown sites as blogs) though I was regularly posting what amounted to blog articles about Atari. One popular post was called "Raiders of the Lost Carts", which was probably the first of the sardonic Photoshopped Atari cart label collections. Another favorite article from November, 2000 gave a tour of Toys R Us store 7046 in Sugar Land, TX and looked at the influence Atari-era video games still had on what could be found in the store.
At the time, the Internet still felt like a new thing and most Atari-related websites were sparse with minimal graphics and basic facts. Some sites were pretty cool and had lots of detailed product specs and names of engineers who had once worked on this project or that. But there wasn't much to evoke the good-natured spirit of fun and simplicity that embodied how most people remember playing Atari games, or anything very exciting to spark a nostalgic fire in their belly to bring them back to the World of Atari. In the summer of 2000 I set out to change all that. At every level I tried to raise the standard of what was being done. Whether I succeeded or not is up to you.
The site during soft launch, Fall 2000
In early 2014 I began rebuilding the website from scratch. I wanted a modern responsive site to showcase Atari products in a way that was on par with Apple or Google. I wanted to create a blog where I could publish articles that were deep and interesting, that told a story and made you think. I wanted to build a new community that was new and different from anything that had become before. I wanted to create a place that would be really special.
Most of my arcade friends are really into other game systems. When they talk about what they love - Dreamcast, Game Cube, even Pokémon - it's always about their love for these games and how much fun they have playing them. Yet it’s nearly impossible to talk about our love of Atari without first hearing “what sucked about Atari" or "ET is the worst video game ever made", or having to preface sharing your love for the 5200 or Jaguar with "I know the controllers sucked, but..."
We don't need to apologize for what we enjoy. We should be free to share our love for classic gaming and nostalgia with other friendly like-minded nostalgia gamers without ridicule or scorn. One of the foremost objectives of this site has been to create a new kind of community where we can really get to know each other away from all of the arguments, drama and scams. Atari was always meant to be fun. We've tried to create a space not just to talk about classic gaming, but to share personal stories of nostalgia and take part in activities and events that were meant to be fun and foster new friendships in the community. I think it's helped us attract a member base that is just insanely awesome.
Earlier in the Summer we celebrated the first anniversary of the new website and Atari I/O Forums. In such a short amount of time our little website has matured into a thriving community of new friends sharing old memories and a lifetime of nostalgia. 
I think today would be a good opportunity to recognize all of the people who have made this such a special place to spend our time. There's a lot of care that goes into the site.
Mrs. Rowsdower
Atari Creep
Video 61
Dan Iacovelli
Atari Adventure Square
Clint Thompson
Atari Today
an ox
Arcade Dude 44
Weird Paul
The Professor
DeLorean Silhouette
Doctor Octagon
Museum Matt
Atari Joe
Emily Grace Detering
Gene N. Landrum, Ph.D.
Regan Cheng
Emily Grace Detering
Lance Ringquist 
Charles "Chuckernaut” Goddeeris
Jenny Levasseur
Tevan Whiting
Jeff Minter
Daniel McMillan
Lost Ark Video Games
Vic Sage
The Retroist
Karl Morris
Julie Wade
David Newman
George Reese
Geraldene, and everybody else back at Atari Borregas who was always so helpful and so inspirational for so many years. It meant a lot to me then and it means so much more to me now. Thank you guys so much for making those rainy days after school so much fun.

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#30757 My Atari 7800 Kiosk

Posted by Justin on 24 March 2017 - 06:25 PM

I thought I'd share some pictures of my Atari 7800 Kiosk that I assembled during the earliest days of this website, in 2001. This is not an original kiosk from Atari as to my knowledge there was never an official Atari 7800 retail kiosk, aside from Atari's display at the 1984 Consumer Electronics Show - so I decided to make my own. Unfortunately this kiosk no longer exists and these are likely the only pictures I have. I may attempt to build another one of these kiosks sometime in the future.


I made this kiosk mostly using the structure of a generic Toys R Us game kiosk from that time, along with some other components and custom parts. The Atari 7800 Kiosk is about 80% complete in these pictures. Custom "Atari 7800 ProSystem" signage, controller mounts, custom wiring and a larger Sony Trinitron TV were added a bit later on. Custom Atari artwork was made for the sides of the kiosk which you would not have been able to see in these pictures. Additional games would hang from the back pegboard panel on either side of the first 7800 box, and a more substantial set of games were displayed on the two shelves below. Atari 7800 systems and accessories were displayed on the bottom shelf, and Atari Lynx systems and games were displayed on the upper shelf. All items displayed were brand new.


I had considered mounting a flat screen monitor against the back panel where you see the first Atari 7800 box hanging, but I opted not to do this. While I wanted the kiosk to be really cool, I also wanted it to look and feel as if it could have plausibly been used in a retail space during the 7800's lifespan. Flatscreens were pretty new in 2001, and that wasn't really the feel I was going for.


These pictures popped up when I found some old images from the earliest days of this website (2000-2002) on an old laptop this week. There's some really cool stuff in there that I can’t wait to share with you over coming weeks. I'll be posting more soon in a new thread giving you a glimpse into life at Atari I/O / Atari7800.com back in the day. Be sure to follow our Facebook and Instagram as I'll be posting on there too! Enjoy  :commodore_joystick:

Attached Thumbnails

  • kiosk_1.jpg
  • kiosk_3.jpg
  • kiosk_4.jpg
  • kiosk_5.jpg
  • kiosk_6.jpg

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#33167 I guess I'll start off here

Posted by IndyJones1023 on 06 June 2017 - 01:45 PM

Hi, all! I'm an old timer. Got my first 2600 in 1978 or so. Still have a Woody, 1040ST, ColecoVision, INTV, and most newer systems. Even built a full MAME machine. But I guess my claim to fame is I'm the guy who made the Atari Manual Tome back in 2002.





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#31782 Exciting (and scary) news!

Posted by Rowsdower70 on 24 April 2017 - 03:19 PM

As most of you know, the Mrs and I piddle around with selling games and game related crafts for quite some time. 

Well, we've decided to take the next step.   We're going to the County Clerk this week to register a DBA form for our new business, and we are rebranding from  The Nerdery of Southeast Texas to....

The Game Czar
"Where the Games Are"

I am hiring a friend who is a talented graphic artist to give us a logo and banner art to work with, and we've signed on for Retropalooza V in Dallas (the big one).

It's a big step, and I'm nervous and excited. 

My experience at Atari.IO over the past couple of years has definitely expanded my desire to make this work in some capacity, so thank you guys.

Good thoughts and prayers are appreciated!



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#19577 Mr. Do! Meant something to me......

Posted by MaximumRD on 12 May 2016 - 05:58 PM

Mr. Do! for Colecovision. Perhaps not as accurate or arcade perfect compared to other ports but still my personal Favorite version for a reason.  So much so when I got the Atarimax cart I sold / traded / gave away the remainder of my original carts however THIS ONE I kept because though only a loose cartridge it is in perfect condition BUT MORE THEN THAT back in the day my mother and I would compete, one of the few videogames she got into but she got good, we both did, to the point where it was not just what the high score was but how many times you rolled it before landing the high score. When I got home from school she always had a new high score for me to beat lol. Mom died a few years ago much to young from lung cancer so I keep it for sentimental reasons as well, RIP mom. :)



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  • DSC00089.JPG

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#18664 Huge purchase today!

Posted by mbergeron on 18 April 2016 - 03:08 AM

A friend of mine was selling some of his Intellivision collection and I just couldn't help myself.  I'm now at 77 CIB games.

Picked up this lot for US$350.  It's a hell of a lot of cash but check it out, just a couple of the games are worth the price of admission.



Dracula and Lady Bug are sealed!  All the games are complete with overlays and manuals and in mint/near mint shape.

Can't wait to play some of these!

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#6010 A view of the RickR sanctum

Posted by RickR on 06 September 2015 - 05:57 PM

A view of my attic, where most of my stuff is kept.  This is shelf #1 of 2.  Someday, I'd like to be able to keep this stuff out for use, but no room at the present time. 



Attached Thumbnails

  • Attic 003.JPG

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#6 House Rules

Posted by Justin on 28 June 2014 - 11:05 PM



In order to keep things fun for everyone, all we ask is that you play by a simple set of guidelines when interacting with fellow members in the Forums.




(See Hitchens, Christopher). We strongly advocate free speech and free expression, in our forums and throughout the world. Free speech and free expression are what separate us from savages. We firmly believe you have the right to make your own decisions and we allow you maximum freedom to do so within our forums. With maximum freedom comes maximum personal responsibility. Use your free expression constructively as we will not allow our forums to descend into Lord of the Flies.


We are not going to disagree with your opinion, deem it inappropriate, and ban you. Quite the contrary. There's nothing we enjoy more than fostering debate. But that debate must be among respectful adults who know where to draw the line. It's the difference between a fencing match and a drive-by.





That is to say, your right to freely express yourself in our forum ends when it infringes upon another person's rights. And it goes without saying that we’ll delete anything which could be construed as inappropriate at any time for any reason. We will not be held responsible for your views nor the views of fellow forum members. We’re all grown ups, so please be respectful, constructive and make it count.





This is a nice place with nice people. We're a community of like-minded people with shared interests, and we all found our way here for similar reasons. Our common love of Atari, gaming, and retro culture should be a catalyst for treating each other with genuine courtesy and shared respect, regardless of how strongly we disagree on a topic.





Douches troll, instigate, create problems, spread negativity, ask for free stuff, monopolize the conversation, complain constantly and generally ruin the good experience for everybody else.




Don't be a douche or you will be removed, quickly.





This is a privately owned website that we put time, effort, and money into creating and maintaining. This is not the public square. We ask that you conduct yourself as you would a guest at a party in someone's home. A likable party guest doesn't constantly ask where the free stuff is, they aren't a downer, aggressively political, divisive, critical of others or argumentative in an otherwise friendly setting. Please treat our forums and your fellow members the way you would want to be treated.






(SEE 3, 4, & 7)






Presales of products that do not yet exist are NOT ALLOWED UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES in the forums. DO NOT use the forums to directly solicit money for products that are not yet complete or projects that are still in development. Even with the best intentions, sincere promises of "ready to ship in six months" many times become tumultuous as months turn into years. Please wait until your product is ready to ship before soliciting sales in the Marketplace.





We're not your mommy. Clean up after yourself, try not to make a mess and handle your own affairs.





We will not allow bickering, petty fights, personal problems, passive aggressiveness and general negativity to infect this forum. Disagreements are part of life, it's how those disagreements are handled that counts. Address them in a respectful way. Resolve your quarrels privately rather than dragging them into the forums for everybody to suffer through.








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#27588 Unexpected Surprise

Posted by kamakazi20012 on 22 December 2016 - 09:36 PM

I would like to share a bit of a story with you guys that just happened not even an hour ago.  




Long story short, my wife's helper had to bring her two girls with her today because there was no babysitter available.  We don't mind and usually have lots of things to do with kids just for this reason.  The oldest one, who is 7, asks me if she could play the game I was playing.  I had just finished rebuilding the controller and was taking it for a test run.  When she asked I handed her the controller.  The best test in the world is letting a child use it, right?


What impressed me the most is here is a child, never played an Atari before but has a Wii and plays XBOX, plays Ms. Pac-Man and Pac-Man on the 5200 and as soon as the game screen appeared she is going, "Wow!!  That looks cool!"  She plays for about an hour total and I'm watching her on the screen and how she is using the controller.  All is going good, no problems, and she is not having any issues with the controller.


What was said next really shocked me..."I really like this machine."  Just as calm and collective as possible.  So, for me, that tells me that the 5200 is really not a bad system after all if a child, who has never played one before, says something like that their first time of using it.  


I had to share this because I thought it was cool to experience.


Reason for edit:  I had originally posted a picture.  Since this child is not mine, and for the child's safety, I thought it best to ask her parent's permission to post the picture first on this site.  I got permission so the picture has returned. 

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#24162 Tiny Toons Game - I worked on it!

Posted by eR1c on 16 September 2016 - 05:32 PM

My first post,


I worked on this game back in 1993-4ish.  Don't recall the exact date off hand.



I worked as a both a traditional and digital animator on this game.  I specifically remember drawing, scanning then coloring the various sprites.  We would animate hundreds of frames to get a walk, jump, kick, etc...   


The game was scrapped well into the project.  The wiki page says it was due to poor quality (I actually resent that a bit), ...as I remember it funding was cancelled on the game due to poor sales of the Jaguar and the fact that the company did not want to continue to put money into this game as there were considerable production costs to get a physical game out.  The company I worked for was a small animation studio that was contracted out to do the animated characters.  I remember there was another company doing backgrounds and other aspects of the game.  I am still in touch w/ about 3 of the other animators on the project (I think there were about 6 of us total).  As far as I know everyone is still in the design business in some capacity.  


I happen to find this post as I was thinking back on some of the projects I've worked on in my career.

here is my personal design site,


-it doesn't have any of this Atari work shown on it, but I think I reference the studio in my resume.  That was a fun time, lots of hard work, but a lot of fun.  Our team had a lot of passion for this project, -more so than a lot of bigger more popular releases I've worked on.  I think we all loved that it was Atari, and I remember even at the time wanting Atari to make a comeback in a more significant way. 


Anyway, I hope you find stuff like this interesting to share.

I do not know if I have any original artwork from the project, -I will have to ask one of the designers I worked w/ if he knows (he still works very close to me here in San Francisco).  This was pre CD ROM days, -well CD's may have existed but it wasn't so easy to back up your work and take it with you.  Floppy disks wouldn't have been practical.  I do remember using large hard drives to back everything up.  -And Silicon Graphics (Indigo) machines for the coloring of the animated sprite characters.  But in general whatever we did was property of the studio and wasn't easy to take with you.  I couldn't exactly walk out with the traditional sketches ...


Was happy to have worked on a project for Atari (was one of the highlights of my career).

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#19487 Hello from Malak

Posted by MalakZero on 11 May 2016 - 03:25 AM

Hey everyone, I found about this site from "No Swear Gamer" on Youtube.  I'm a big fan of the 7800/2600 and just added a XEGS to my collection. I hope to make some friends as well as trades here :) 

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#16177 Coleco Gemini

Posted by RickR on 22 February 2016 - 09:43 PM

I got a Gemini!  A few pictures for you:


It came with one Gemeni controller, an Atari-branded power adapter, and a set of "Gemini" labeled paddles.

Gemini 2016-02-22 001.JPG


Gemini 2016-02-22 011.JPG


The controller integrates a joystick and one paddle.

Gemini 2016-02-22 012.JPG


I had never known about these paddles.  Very similar to Atari paddles...the only difference seems to be the Gemini branding, and the missing flat part for the sticker.

Gemini 2016-02-22 014.JPG


It's very similar in size to a 2600jr.  Just a little taller.

Gemini 2016-02-22 006.JPG


Gemini 2016-02-22 010.JPG


Everything seems to work fine.  And the picture quality on this thing is razor sharp -- easily the best of any of my other 2600's.  The controller works very nicely, although the joystick is a little "squishy" for my taste.  It doesn't really work well with the Harmony cart...Harmony wants me to use the paddle to select a game, but in paddle mode, the button doesn't seem to work. 


This thing is awesome, and I'm so excited to have it. 





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#13862 Any Zelda fans?

Posted by Mrs Rowsdower on 08 January 2016 - 12:06 AM

My latest project that I wanted to show off :)



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#11804 Our Philosophy for Building This Community

Posted by MaximumRD on 07 December 2015 - 05:41 PM

Pretty much bang on with what is said HERE - 







Please try to remember this when posting or replying / commenting  ;)


Little squabbles about "what is better / best" or forcing a "your wrong, I am right!" attitude goes against the vibe we try to nurture here. Leave that for "other" forums. 







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#33082 Atari I/O Retro Junk Box 9: Junk Box 9 From Outer Space

Posted by Willie! on 04 June 2017 - 03:37 PM

What did ya take out willie!?

Some really cool stuff this time in the box!  Always wanted that how to win at video games magazine and the tomy pac man bank!  Could not pass up a Mattel football II and Donkey kong 3.  Mechwarrior I kept because....Mechwarrior!  I love robot battle games!


Love doing these boxes, so much fun!




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#27594 Greetings from Cousin Mike in Wilmington, NC

Posted by Cousin Mike on 23 December 2016 - 01:14 AM

Hello everybody,


I'm new in the forums and wanted to introduce myself to everybody here! My name is Mike, I'm 41 years old and I live in Wilmington, North Carolina. I'm originally from Red Bank, New Jersey and have lived a lot of places like Florida, South Carolina, New Mexico, Texas and New York City. A lot of people like to call me Cousin Mike, or "Space Invader." I've been visiting this site and reading the forums for a while now but just recently signed up. When I come to the forums I enjoy watching YouTube videos from BTBfilms76, nosweargsmer and others.


I'm a hard core video game player and I love video games of ALL kinds. I'm really into emulating retro games. I had a modded Sony PSP with emulators, and now I play retro games on my smart phone modded with emulators that play classic systems. On the first of January I'm getting a new Emerson Android tablet to play retro games with emulation.


I also play a lot of modern gaming, especially Xbox 360. Some of my favorite Xbox games are Forza Horizon, Dirt 3, and Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit. If you'd like to play with me, my Xbox Live handle is "space invadar". I love getting on Xbox at night and playing with my friends. Their names on there are "JMK" and "FormerWeaponX".


Lately I love to play retro video games. They don't have all the violence and download time, and emulation is free. My first video game system was the Atari 2600 Jr. My dad brought it home for me one day, along with Space Invaders, Asteroids, Ms. Pac-Man, Enduro, and the original Pitfall. I got other video game systems later on, and now I like to collect and play Atari 2600, Atari 7800, NES, SNES, N64, Genesis, TurboGrafx-16, and Game Boy Advanced. Those are my key game systems, and on average I have over 200 games per system.


One cool thing you may not know about me is that Justin is my good friend, and I was there to see the site being built. I've always been really into video games, and about 5 years ago I started hanging out a lot at Lost Ark Video Games. They have arcade games, pinball, used games and T shirts. One day I walked over to watch this big guy trying to set the world record on Out Run. It turned out it was Justin, and we got to talking about video games and became friends. Then it seemed like every time I'd go to the Lost Ark I'd see Justin playing arcade games or pinball. 


The more I hung out at the Lost Ark the better friends I got to be with Justin. I gotta say he became like a brother to me when I needed one most. When I was down on my luck he helped me with getting a new job and when I was in a car accident he drove me to and from my new job to make sure I didn't lose it. He became like a brother to me and is the big reason I joined the forums. He's been saying for a long time what a great bunch of people there are here and that I should come hang out and make friends. Today I decided I was ready to come find out for myself.


Sometimes Justin and I would hang out on Saturdays whenever he was in town. We'd go get sub sandwiches or meet up at the arcade and he'd order pizza like Spicoli for us to eat while we'd hang out playing games. I remember sometimes at the arcade he'd ask me to help him pick out games for prizes and he showed me a big set of buttons for people in the website.


Sometimes on Saturdays I'd go over to Justin's house and we'd play games for Atari 2600, Atari 7800, Lynx, Jaguar, Turbo Duo, Nintendo NES and Super Famicom. Some of my favorite Atari 7800 games Justin and I would play are Pole Position II, Dig Dug, Centipede, Xevious, and Food Fight. Some of my favorite NES games we'd play are Super Mario Bros., Zelda, and The Adventures of LOLO. My all-time favorite video games are the Ninja Gaiden series on the NES.


I also was there on the "maiden voyage" to see the site being made. I remember when it was just bare bones. One day I was at the arcade and Justin was telling me about this Atari video game website he wanted to make. He said he was designing it to be really nice and was really excited about it. He got me excited about it too. Every time I'd go over to his house I got to see the different stages of the website being born. The first time I saw it it was mostly a blank white page. It had the black bar at the top with the title and a little blurb of text. I remember the 4th time I saw it was the day he got all the fonts to work. That was a big day. I remember he showed me the page about Atari Jaguar and it had all the fonts nice and big with changing pictures at the top, and it really looked great. The site came alive for me that day and I could really see what he was making. I thought it was really cool. And just when I thought he was all finished he said there's another month to go to build the forums. When it finally launched I thought it looked beautiful, it's really nice and as good as it could possibly look.


Now, after 2 years, I'm finally ready to be a part of this wonderful community! I didn't join right away because I wasn't that good at typing, but I've gotten a lot better. Now I'm also starting to make YouTube videos which I can share here too. I'm excited to finally come home to a great community of wonderful people that loves playing video games as much as I do. I'd like to consider ALL of you my friends, and if you're ever in the area or on Xbox live I'd love to meet up with you for some good gaming! Here's to all the good times ahead!







a.k.a. Space Invader

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#23248 Just Got My First Arcade Marquee...

Posted by nosweargamer on 22 August 2016 - 10:56 PM



Not really a fan of the game, but I got it for two reasons:

1) It was under $10 shipped

2) It's made by Atari!


I already bought some more marquees and they should be at my house by the end of the week.

Thought they'd make a cool wall decoration.

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#17122 Hello from Maryland

Posted by Ballblaɀer on 10 March 2016 - 12:08 PM

Greetings, all.


I'm 35, and I've been into Atari gaming since one fateful Christmas in the mid-80s when Santa left a 4-port 5200 under the Christmas tree.  These days I'm largely a PC gamer, but I've never been as enamored with other consoles as I've been with the 5200 and 2600.  My grandparents had a 2600 at their place, only a few minutes' walk away from home, so my younger brother and I were able to enjoy the best of both worlds.  I was also lucky enough to be taken to arcades by my parents at a very young age -- this is how I fell in love with Tempest and the general aesthetic of vector gaming; it's no coincidence that I'm recently a proud new Vectrex owner.


These days I live with my wife in MD, relatively close to DC -- a retro gaming wasteland, it sometimes feels like.  Finding anything interesting in the wild usually feels like it takes a miracle, but it does occasionally happen.


Owning the 5200 and inheriting the 2600 from back in the day meant that I had a small head start on building collections, but I've really ramped up my efforts in the last year or so.  As of now I'm 3 games away from a complete 5200 collection, and I'm making some serious headway on a 2600 Atari (all label styles), Activision (standard labels), and Sears (picture labels) collection.  I told myself I wouldn't concern myself with other third-party games, but... you probably know how that kind of thing often ends up. :D


I'm especially fascinated by the game artwork (and I really look forward to the upcoming book about it), so collecting the picture label variation 2600 games has lately been my top priority.  Look for me to post a trade list and a wanted list in the near future!


Anyway, nice to be here, and nice to see some familiar folks I've already traded with and/or bought from over at AA.

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#13168 Happy Holidays to All!

Posted by StormSurge on 24 December 2015 - 10:46 AM

I just wanted to take a moment to thank everyone involved in this wonderful community for all you've done to help rekindle my love for these classic games.

For Ferg's wonderful podcast, which introduced me to the No Swear Gamer, who posted on FB about this place. THANK YOU!


For everyone here, from the admins to the new members who sign up daily, thank you! Between the Junk Box, the contests, the TRADES, the Danisen showdowns, the stories, the comments, for everything. I love coming here multiple times a day just to see what's going on. This is my Cheers & I'm grateful to every last one of you.

And thank you for the support while I was attempting to land a new job, which was a successful attempt. Today is my last day at my current job, which I love, but the job I'm going to is almost too good to be true. Thank you for that!

And for those of you who are not feeling the holiday spirit for whatever reason, keep your head up. Things WILL get better and if you need any help whatsoever to try and take your mind off of the real world, drop me a line to chat or challenge me to any game on the Danisen list. Odds are you'll get a win.



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