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atariLBC's Gaming Notebook


010 - Ultra Vortek

Posted by atarilbc , 22 October 2017 · 320 views

010 - Ultra Vortek Ultra Vortek
Published: 1995 by Atari
Developed: Beyond Games 2D arcade fighting games were incredibly popular in the mid-90s and console gamers wanted that experience at home. Unfortunately, with the notable exception of Primal Rage for the Jaguar CD, Atari's 64-bit console lacked conversions of well known arcade titles like Mortal Kombat and St...


009 - Syndicate

Posted by atarilbc , 16 September 2017 · 300 views

009 - Syndicate Syndicate
Published: 1994 by Ocean
Developed: Bullfrog Syndicate began life as a fairly popular overhead RTS on the PC and Amiga. The goal of Syndicate is to build the wealth, power and territory of your criminal enterprise through a combination of force, persuasion, taxation and research. The depth and novelty of the game led to a host of conver...


Reader's Choice - You Name The Game

Posted by atarilbc , 09 September 2017 · 207 views

Those who have been following this blog might know that I use Excel to randomly select which Jaguar game that I'll review next. This approach basically forces me to reconnect with games that I may not otherwise choose to play. Overall, it's been a fun experiment and one that I intend to continue as I wind my way through my Jaguar collection.  


008 - Zoop!

Posted by atarilbc , 01 September 2017 · 239 views

008 - Zoop! Zoop
Published: 1995 by Viacom
Designed by Hookstone, Ltd.
Jaguar Version: Electric Spectacle Productions, Ltd. Zoop is one of those games that no one seemed to ask for but was nonetheless pushed out to nearly every platform on the market. Billed as "America's Greatest Killer of Time!", this puzzler appeared on Gameboy, Game Gear, SNES, Genesis, P...


007 - Super Burnout

Posted by atarilbc , 26 August 2017 · 225 views

007 - Super Burnout Super Burnout
Published: 1995 by Atari in association with Virtual Xperience
Developed by Shen Technologies SARL Super Burnout is 2D sprite-based motorcycle racer in the tradition of Sega's Hang-On . Published by Atari in 1995 and developed by first-time French developer Shen Technologies SARL, Super Burnout is viewed by many Jaguar gamers as one...


006 - White Men Can't Jump

Posted by atarilbc , 07 July 2017 · 243 views

006 - White Men Can't Jump White Men Can't Jump
Published 1995 by Atari
Developed by High Voltage Software White Men Can't Jump (WMCJ) is an Atari Jaguar exclusive developed by High Voltage Software and published by Atari in 1995. The game shipped with the Jaguar Team Tap peripheral for four player action. WMCJ is loosely based on the 1992 movie of the same name, which sta...


005 - Robinson's Requiem

Posted by atarilbc , 04 July 2017 · 363 views

005 - Robinson's Requiem Robinson's Requiem
Published 2011 by Songbird Productions
Developed by Silmarils Sofware Robinson's Requiem is a combination first person adventure and point and click survival game. The player is Trepliev1, a Robinson space explorer from Alien World Exploration (AWE) who becomes stranded on the planet Zarathustra. With minimal equipment, you set...


004 - Cybermorph

Posted by atarilbc , 29 January 2017 · 418 views

004 - Cybermorph Cybermorph
Published:1993 by Atari Corporation
Developed by Attention To Detail (ATD) "Good luck." These are the first words that the player hears when their morphing T-Griffon unfolds on a remote planet. And Atari needed all the luck it could get when the Jaguar launched to limited markets in the winter of 1993. The odds were stacked against the...


003 - Pinball Fantasies

Posted by atarilbc , 16 January 2017 · 335 views

003 - Pinball Fantasies Pinball Fantasies
Published: 1995 by Twenty First Century Entertainment
Developed by Spidersoft Limited Released in 1995, Pinball Fantasies is a Jaguar conversion of the 1992 Commodore Amiga game of the same name. Billed as a “pinball simulator”, Pinball Fantasies features four tables and semi-realistic play. In addition to the Amiga and Jaguar...


002 - Iron Soldier 2 (CD)

Posted by atarilbc , 09 January 2017 · 384 views

002 - Iron Soldier 2 (CD) Iron Soldier 2
Published: 1997 by Telegames
Developed by Eclipse Software Design Iron Solidier 2 (IS2) is one of six completed Jaguar games that Telegames published under license from Atari following Atari Corporation's reverse merger with JTS. As the name implies, IS2 is the direct sequel to the 1994 Jaguar title Iron Soldier , a fan favorite am...

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