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Reader's Choice - You Name The Game

Posted by atarilbc , 09 September 2017 · 294 views

Those who have been following this blog might know that I use Excel to randomly select which Jaguar game that I'll review next. This approach basically forces me to reconnect with games that I may not otherwise choose to play. Overall, it's been a fun experiment and one that I intend to continue as I wind my way through my Jaguar collection.


That said, I'm just about finished with my Syndicate review (009) and I thought that I'd open up post number 010 to my fellow forum members. If there are any Jaguar games that you'd like to learn/read more about, let me know in the comments. I'll take the titles suggested and use Excel to randomly select one for post 010.


Please limit your suggestions to two titles. If you happen to suggest a game that I don't have, I'll let you know. I'll keep this open until next Friday and announce the selection in the post for Syndicate.

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I don't have any suggestions because I'm not familiar at all with the Jaguar line-up.  Are there games that also were made for the other systems of the day?  Like Doom or Quake?  If yes, I vote for one of those. 

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@rick - The FPS games on the Jaguar were Doom, Wolfenstein 3D and Alien Vs. Predator. I'll put Doom in the hat unless you would rather see a write up of one of the other two.
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The Professor
Sep 10 2017 03:37 AM
@atarilbc Three suggestions for you to throw into the hat: - Ultra Vortek - Raiden - Pitfall
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@TheProfessor - In the hat they go. Those are all decently fun games so any of them will be a treat to play.
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Doom would be great.  It would be interesting to compare to the PS1 and N64 versions, or even the 32X. 

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@rick - Doom is in the hat. I would do a comparo if I had it for those other platforms. I could probably find a copy of the PS1 or Saturn version locally. The 32x version is the direct competition for the Jaguar port as it arrived on store shelves at roughly the same time. The N64 version - Doom 64 - is really a sequel to the original and came out a full 3 years after the Jaguar version.
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Thanks @RickR & @TheProfessor for the suggestions. The randomly selected game is revealed in the Syndicate post. http://forums.atari....-009-syndicate/
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