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Atari 520STFM Power Pack - 2-Page Atari UK Advertisement

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#1 Clint Thompson

Clint Thompson

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Posted 03 July 2016 - 10:22 PM

Scans provided by Lost Dragon - Enjoy!


Atari_520STFM_Power_Pack_1.jpg Atari_520STFM_Power_Pack_2.jpg

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#2 Lost Dragon

Lost Dragon

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Posted 04 July 2016 - 04:57 PM

And THIS was THE PACK that got me back into Atari :)


I'd been there with the 2600, then 800XL, jumped to C64, wanted IN badly to 16 Bit arena, saw this, saw the Amiga 500, looked at prices of BOTH, looked at games with ST, saw i had a £100 spare if i went for it over Amiga, walked out of The Computer Shop (actual name) in Barnstaple carrying this, M1 Tank Platoon and a 4 game comp (Xenon II, TV Sports Football, Lombard RAC Rally and Bloodwych) and that was that :)



Yes the sound chip was bloody awful (coming to AY after POKEY, then SID and this on a 16 Bit machine?yikes) as was the scrolling (again after having silky smooth scrolling on A8/C64 wtf was this?



But it was just enough power at the exact right price and many an hour was spent on Atari's baby by myself and friends.



We were miffed to read only few months later Atari were phasing STFM out in favour of the STE and Matt Dennis, smug bast, had to have his folks get HIM an STE, 1 bloody Meg to boot, just to rub our 512K faces in it, :-) but other than some fancy P.D demos, few enhancements on a few games, we never saw enough games use STE hardware to feel we'd been cheated.


Matt however..........different story :)

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#3 RickR


    The Don

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Posted 04 July 2016 - 05:09 PM

The machine I have now is the 1040STFM..very similar indeed to this one.  Pretty fun to explore, especially since you can make floppies yourself using the images from the internet and a PC. 

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