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The forthcoming UNSEEN64 book :)

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#21 Lost Dragon

Lost Dragon

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Posted 26 September 2016 - 08:27 AM


Looking at index I sent material on following titles:

Last Ninja 4
sex,drugs,rock n roll
Fireteam Rogue
Iron Hammer
Virtua Hamster
Black Ice
Dactyl Joust
Legions of Undead

Of what use it was, I've yet to find out :-))

I also submitted a few misc Q's in various interviews.
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#22 Lost Dragon

Lost Dragon

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Posted 26 September 2016 - 02:13 PM




My Copy just arrived...it's a MONSTER :)


And yep Greyfox, i'm named in the interviews i submitted Q's to, along with everyone else.

and i have a 'Bio' in the 'Authors' section :-)



Luca is fantastic regarding ensuring the community aspect nis heavily featured.


Though i must admit, i submitted the Q's so long ago, i'd forgotten half of what i asked LMAO.


But i DO remember the Jaguar related q's i asked, just LOL'ing here at replies from Scott Rogers who worked on Jaguar Return Fire...


Ok, just skimming through book here...



What i LOVE:


The sheer amount of titles covered.


New screens of stuff i longed to see (Chakan:Forever Man on Dreamcast!!!)


New info on lost Jaguar titles  like Return Fire.


Lost Dreamcast games i had NO idea on:Little Dream, and Ringman.



Fact Luca makes clear ALL source material used, links to webpages, magazine articles used, EVERYTHING is rightly credited, none of this MY FINDINGS crap you all too often see or material passed off as, without any attempt to reference source/s used.


Resident Evil Portable (PSP) is covered.


As is PSP Elder Scrolls!!!



Aliens RPG (PS3,360 etc) is there



As is 360 Freelancer II




What i've grown to accept:


Text running down side of the screens...



What sadly takes a massive hit at times:



A good few images simply don't 'work' in the black And white format, i fully understand cost issues, but to give a 100% unbiased overview, it is an issue at times as images are simply too murky....

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#23 Lost Dragon

Lost Dragon

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Posted 27 September 2016 - 02:28 PM

Nearly through inital read, have to say i really do hope folks over-look or at least 'accept' the comprimises made in some key areas and appreciate the sheer lengths some of the researchers went to, to try and get info...


I mean phoning every resident in an area under the name you were looking for, until you found the right one? that's dedication to the obscure...



Hell these days a jurno. seems to think a fdays work is done if they've netted a group FaceBook interview or copied a developers website :)


Luca's team are also 100% honest about how sometimes, despite the very best of efforts by all, it simply wasn't possible to find out more, breadcrumbs stopped etc.



I'd much rather see this than an article reference fact that company X worked on..or is sat on unreleased games on, but then fail to give any further info.


Ditto all this crap about having so much extra info writer would of loved to have included, but, ohh my word there simply wasn't the room-ok then, put it up online as bonus material, IF you really do have it.


Also Luca makes clear just why so much 'Mock Up' work was done by various folks trying to get license holders attention etc.



Far too often fake screens been passed around as what hardware was really capable of, when in reality int bore no relevance, simply rendered on high end work stations.

#24 Greyfox


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Posted 28 September 2016 - 07:31 PM

Wow fella, sounds like something of a must have, it's great to see that you're enjoying it minus it's little quirks he and there personally I hate book that are lack and white myself, it works on brighten ly lite scene, but anything that drops below 50% gray is always going to look like crap imo, plus I'm still finding it very hard to swallow the price tag on this, it's a real shame that he didn't decide to split the book into two volumes , I personally think near 500 pages is way to much to hold in a reference retrieve when needed, browsing pages with the hope of finding what your looking for doesn't appeal to me if spending 10 bloody minutes looking for something only to discover a skipped past the god dam thing 100 pages ago arrrgghh.. but rather I feel broken into two volumes in full colour would have made it way more appealing to retro gaming book lovers relating volume one now and mid next year volume two since the content was already written and finished and being affordible all at the same time?

Maybe next time ehh? But my congratulations for your valued input on this project and shows that neither ego, retro gaming journalism facebook/LinkedIn I've all the contacts wannbe or self proclaimed media personality (broke my ass laughing at that one lol) can touch what you and the team over at unseen64 have achieved , which I have high respect for, it's not easy getting really exclusives and information that haven't been uncovered by these so called pros, instead hanging out the same rags playing it safe time and time again. Well done man, it's well deserved pal ;)
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#25 Lost Dragon

Lost Dragon

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Posted 29 September 2016 - 10:02 AM

I think it's a case of what looked ..ok...on a PC screen, just didn't translate at all well to a black and white image at printers.Not being involved in this process, i'm not overly sure what else could of been done to improve it, but yes, images sadly do suffer.



It's a big book, think trying to cover so many formats in 1 go, to get widest appeal is reason for it, but..i'd of personally dropped the Jaguar coverage for starters, as there's nothing covered that those interested in the format haven't had easy access to for years.Might sound harsh, but going after Dactyl Joust, Black Ice/White Noise etc....


I'd of prefered something like Quake supposed Carmack Interview/Mortal Kombat III running at trade show, Toki Goes Apeshit looked into deeper, by those with research tools far deeper than mine, we have mere fragments to go on, on these claims and an Edge preview and that appears to be it.



But the people involved in these games sadly seem unwilling to speak to anyone about them.



A 'tighter' Volume 1 would in hindsight of worked better i feel, test the market, take on bpoard constructive critiscm and use that to shape Volume II...


The whole process is a learning curve after all, as we ourselves know from Atari Gamer, ST Gamer Vol 1, Vol 2...



You learn the hard way which contributors are doing it for the love, which have other motives, what the readership really wants etc and even when you do respond and improve, you have to be prepared for some simply to feel it's still not what they wanted, even though they themselves had every opp.to contribute and bring the Atari coverage they did want in ST Gamer Volume 2, to the masses.

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#26 Lost Dragon

Lost Dragon

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Posted 22 November 2016 - 03:21 PM

We were chatting about Amiga Contra here...


Just forwared to GTW names of 2 folks used by Konami to find coders for and over see home micro conversions of titles like Jailbreak, Nemesis etc...very, very long shot they'd of been tasked with Contra, but in this game, it pays to follow up every loose end....

#27 Lost Dragon

Lost Dragon

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Posted 22 November 2016 - 04:46 PM

Interview cut from book:

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