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Thousands of free Amiga games added to vast online collection

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#1 Justin


    The Shah of Atari

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Posted 10 August 2016 - 07:16 AM




The Internet Archive, a repository of old software and games that can be played inside a browser, has uploaded more than 2,000 games from the '80s and '90s era of the Commodore Amiga.


The collection, playable for free on PC, includes such fun classics as Bubble Bobble, Xenon 2 Megablast, Treasure Island Dizzy, Battle Command, Nebulus, Silent Service, R-Type and PacMania.


The 16-bit Amiga computer was launched in 1985 and enjoyed enormous success for more than a decade, spawning a lively creative and games scene, before being eclipsed by the rise of Windows PCs and advanced consoles.


The Internet Archive features thousands of playable programs from various platforms including MS-DOS and classic PC era, Atari 2600, Sega Genesis and more.



Source: Internet Archive



From The Verge:

You can now play more than 2,000 Amiga games in your browser

All for free, courtesy of Internet Archive


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#2 Lost Dragon

Lost Dragon

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Posted 10 August 2016 - 09:00 AM

Wowcha...looking at so many of the titles here, sooo many memories brought back :)


It also opens up the question of IF i'd really want to play the Amiga (or indeed ST) versions of so many of these, in this day and age, with so many other options avaiable and thus why i personally feel, IF your going to make them avaiable, you either get permission and make them avaiable for FREE or you licence them and original coders, artists, musicians etc get royalty payments from them, no matter how small fry the sums might be...


We had the Steve Wilcox/Elite/ Blue Tooth ZX Spectrum  Keyboard Kickstarter fisaco, not so long ago..with people like Rod Bowkett etc voicing they'd not been paid, games pulled as a result etc, you really shouldn't be charging folks for code that's not yours and not giving anything back to those who made it happen...



But that thorny issue aside, looking at things like Gods (Bitmap Bros) i loved on ST+Amiga, i'd now rather play on the MegaDrive, weaker title music aside, game runs faster, in 64 colours and i prefer using a control pad, over a joystick.



Bubble Bobble, which i'm a real sucker for, i've picked up on Retro Comps on PS1, Xbox and even imported Jap version of Retro compliation because it had it, where as it was missing on UK release.


R-Type..i had on R-Types on PS1 and again, personally rather play with a pad....



I used to be blown away by the 3D sections of Batman:The Movie...having loved the game on the C64, but since falling in love with 3D sections on Mega CD Batman Returns, no desire to re-visit the Amiga game based on 1st movie.



Arkanoid:Revenge Of Doh...fantastic as it was, i'm more of a Shatter (PSN) guy these days...



Xenon 2? aged very badly...looking back at it, it was very much a case of style over substance, stip away the visuals, Bomb The Bass music, you've a terrible shooter there.The 1st Xenon is by far the better game...pity they hadn't ported that to console...




Wizball? never found the ST or Amiga versions touched the C64 version for playability, but had similar feelings with conversions of things like Platoon (tried on ST/Amiga and NES, felt much more at home on the C64).



Cannon Fodder, Mega-Lo-Mania, Powermonger, Lemmings, etc however i do feel belong on the ST/Amiga, best played with a mouse...




Nebulus..always more of a fantastic lot of tech coupled with a very frustrating platformer, putting it on 16 bit did nothing to change that and Amiga conversions of things like Double Dragon? very dissapointing, Final Fight, Strider etc? i'd seek out on Retro comp or MegaDrive/Mega CD.....

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#3 Lost Dragon

Lost Dragon

    Banana Member

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Posted 10 August 2016 - 12:30 PM




Thought i might take 'flak' for not being in favour of playing Amiga Games, rather i'd snubbed it in favour of other Retro platforms....



Thankfully that's not the case.It's just having lived through soooo many systems, i know which games worked best on which platforms and why and thus when things like this crop up, for myself they are better viewed as fond memories, rather than trying them for 1st time in over 20 years.



I think if i returned to try some Amiga classics in realms of 3D:



Star Glider II, Midwinter 1, 2, Hunter etc i'd be shocked.



I must also confess i've never dared return to Tony Crowther's Captive or ST Dungeon Master, as these blew me away to such a degree at the time, i'd rather not spoil the memory of my teenage years with these.

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#4 Greyfox


    Orange Member

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Posted 11 August 2016 - 02:31 PM

Remember pal, nosteigia is a powerful drug, I think the best subjective approach to playing all the old stuff to play them in the context you remembered playing by at the time, I know as you do that many games that were multi format were always different from one another and yes if they were released today they'd be taken out back and shot dead , but for me the trip back isn't just about the game it also transports me back to what the time was like, the clothing, the shows on telly movies in the cinema etc. this is why I love them so much as it is all connected to all of why we loved this stuff to begin with

So don't let it spoil your memory regardless, play them for the " what you were doing in them days and what was it like with hanging out in malls with your friends etc.." I think you'll be more surprised or maybe you won't lol and yes there was a lot of turkeys out there, but I wouldn't have it any other way :)

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