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The Vapourware 7800 Titles....

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#1 Lost Dragon

Lost Dragon

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Posted 13 December 2016 - 03:40 PM

Had the idea for this thread, on the boil for a while now, been looking into UK Press and wannabie jurno-type claims over the past year or so and raised the odd eyebrow at certain YT vids along the way, but as far as i can tell..the following titles never got any further than having a part number assigned to them by Atari:


No particular order:


CX-7871 Prince (I'm assuming here this is the ST strategy/wargame by ARC, more reasoning to follow..)


CX-7873 Star Breaker (the ST shoot-em-up by Arc?)


CX-7871 9 Lives (The platformer by Arc on ST?)


CX-7883 Badlands Pete (ARC's ST Wild West Platformer)


CX-7866 Eliminator (ST game released by Hewson?)


CX-7896 Alien VS Predator.




At least we know what happened to Chronicles Of Cute, that was at least started, previewed in Zero magazine, moved to ST and Amiga on ARC label...


But as for the rest? As far as i can tell, seem like nothing but wishful thinking on Atari UK's part.


Throughout my time as an 800XL/ST/Lynx owner, you'd often here key figures from Atari UK annouce a developer conference where they would be looking to incorporate cross-platform support for all Atari platforms, a move designed to re-assure A8/XEGS owners they had not been forgotten, whilst Atari UK's focus was clearly on the ST and in early 1990, Bob Gleadow talked of 1 such conference planned for April of that year and how it'd embody the Lynx, Portfolio, STE and 7800.



So, given that Atari UK had actively sought for conversions of games perhaps better known on the ST at that time, it's more than likely such conferences were used to get a 'feel' to see IF any developer wanted to convert an ST title down to the 7800/XEGS..is it not?.



I've asked Simon Butler in the past about UK Press claims of possibility of 9 Lives etc coming to Lynx, let alone 7800..he knew nothing and didn't think the original game itself was that great...


A similar frame of mind comes from Scott D.Williamson, concerning White Water Madness, he has stated as far as he's aware, versions of the game for 2600, 7800 and XL/XE were only ever PLANNED and game itself? "..like Toobin, only not as creative." 


Yet it too had a part number given to it:


CX7864 i believe.



Was it common practice to simply give a planned title a part number before you'd even signed a contract for rights to it/had a developer lined up?.



C+VG put out claim Gremlin were converting likes of Technocop...something no-one from Gremlin think was ever likely to happen from them, themselves....


Raze claimed Turrican would be running at an Atari Railway Carriage tour...as yet totally unfounded claim.


Activision had the home rights for AVP..during whole C64/ST/Amiga era, so Atari would of had to of either bidded for rights for specific console versions and so far no-one has even been able to suggest a developer for it...


Badlands Pete on ST didn't exactly set reviewers on fire...Atari ST User giving it 76/100 but ST Format on 32%.



So, whilst i could see the 'reasoning' behind Atari wanting to get the ARC Label games out on console as well, the 7800 was no ST hardware wise and when the 16 bit versions themselves weren't great, i couldn't see them doing the buisness on the 7800....



So, why on earth are titles like White water, AVP etc along with Pac-Land, Road Riot etc appearing on YT with screenshots taken from Aliens (USA) C64, Amstrad CPC (Pac-Land, Gauntlet), SNES (Road Riot etc)....?



And with the likes of Paperboy being annouced as finished, real A8 Star Raiders II and 7800 Toki seemingly springing out of nowhere, what are the chances, do we feel of fresh, realiable info ever coming forward on the above?



Of all the Lost Games on Atari Platforms i've looked into, the 7800 has been the most frustrating.



Electrocop seems out of reach, Paperboy finished, yet not even a screenshot to compare to say C64/MS and then to muddy waters even further, you've folks putting images from other systems up on YT that bear little/no relevance...GRRR....

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#2 Justin


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Posted 14 December 2016 - 02:49 PM

I have much to contribute to this. It all started with the Atari 7800 for me and unreleased 7800 titles has been a favorite topic of mine for many years. In the meantime here's a brief list that's been out there for some time now. Let's not forget some favorite lost gems such as 7800 Millipede (started by GCC and never completed?) 7800 Crystal Castles, and 7800 Toki which has been recently shown by Beta Phase Games.


I'm currently building a page for unreleased games in the Atari 7800 section of the main portion of the website. Hopefully that will give people more to explore and help encourage others to step forward who can shed light on some of these games. 


In the meantime here is a more complete list of unreleased 7800 titles that has been around for a while, though there will be more to add to this. The most disappointing thing about the list of "planned but unreleased" 7800 games is, with a few exceptions, the lack of creativity, effort, and ability to get serious games into production during 1988-1991 that could have been competitive with Nintendo and everything else that was out there. Marble Madness, Paperboy, RoadBlaters, S.T.U.N. Runner, and many other great opportunities were missed. As stated above even games like Toobin' somehow became the washed out White Water Madness. Even "unlicensed Tetris" could have been a possibility. 

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#3 Justin


    The Shah of Atari

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Posted 14 December 2016 - 02:51 PM

Discovered Prototypes


CX7816          Rescue on Fractalus

CX7827          GATO

CX7869          Sentinel

CX7888          KLAX

CX7890          Missing In Action

CX7891          Pit Fighter

CX7892          Rampart



Never Released


CX7812          Millipede

CX7813          Jr. Pac-Man

CX7814          Track & Field

CX7817          Crystal Castles

CX7818          Moon Patrol

CX7819          Stargate (Defender II)

CX7825          Sky Fox

CX7830          Sarge

CX7833          Lode Runner

CX7864          White Water Madness (Toobin')

CX7874          Electrocop

CX7893          Toki

CX7894          Road Riot 4WD

CX7895          Steel Talons



Projects believed to have been started


CX78XX          Elevator Action

CX78XX          Gauntlet

CX78XX          Gremlins

CX78XX          Tempest

CX78XX          The Eidilon



Complete List of Atari 7800 Games according to Digital Press

(accuracy not verified)


CX7801          Centipede

CX7802          Asteroids

CX7803          Dig Dug

CX7804          Food Fight

CX7805          Galaga

CX7806          Joust

CX7807          Ms. Pac-Man

CX7808          Pole Position

CX7809          Robotron

CX7810          Xevious

CX7811          Desert Falcon

CX7812          Millipede

CX7813          Jr. Pac-Man

CX7814          Track & Field

CX7815          Ballblazer

CX7816          Rescue on Fractalus

CX7817          Crystal Castles

CX7818          Moon Patrol

CX7819          Stargate

CX7820          ---

CX7821          Choplifter

CX7822          Karateka

CX7823          Touchdown Football

CX7824          One on One Basketball

CX7825          Sky Fox

CX7826          Summer Games

CX7827          GATO

CX7828          Super Huey UH-1X

CX7829          Hat Trick

CX7830          Sarge / Demolition Derby

CX7831          Winter Games

CX7832          Impossible Mission

CX7833          Lode Runner

CX7834          RealSports Baseball

CX7835          Midnight Magic

CX7836          Crack'ed

CX7837          Dark Chambers

CX7838          Commando

CX7839          Atari Team Wrestling

CX7840          Thunderfox

CX7841          Chess

CX7842          Sprint 88 / Sprintmaster

CX7843          Super Soccer

CX7844          Crossbow

CX7845          F-16 Falcon

CX7846          Ace of Aces

CX7847          Mean 18

CX7848          Donkey Kong

CX7849          Donkey Kong Jr.

CX7850          Mario Bros.

CX7851          Fight Night

CX7852          Super Stunt Cycle / MotoPsycho

CX7853          Airball

CX7854          Fatal Run

CX7855          Alien Brigade

CX7856          Tower Toppler

CX7857          Jinks

CX7858          Xenophobe

CX7859          Barnyard Blaster

CX7860          Shooting Arcade

CX7861          California Games

CX7862          Ikari Warriors

CX7863          Mat Mania Challenge

CX7864          White Water Madness

CX7865          Deflektor

CX7866          Eliminator

CX7867          Time Lords of Xantac

CX7868          Planet Smashers

CX7869          Sentinel

CX7870          Ninja Golf

CX7871          Prince

CX7872          Hell Raider

CX7873          Star Breaker

CX7874          Electrocop

CX7875          Meltdown

CX7876          UFO

CX7877          Xenon

CX7878          Capone

CX7879          Scrapyard Dog

CX7880          Basketbrawl / Hoop Wars

CX7881          9 Lives

CX7882          Breakneck

CX7883          Bandlands Pete

CX7884          Fantasy Fight

CX7885          Brute

CX7886          Bouce Back

CX7887          Black Lamp

CX7888          Klax

CX7889          Midnight Mutants

CX7890          Nam Ninja

CX7891          Pit Fighter

CX7892          Rampart

CX7893          Toki

CX7894          Road Riot 4WD

CX7895          Steel Talons

CX7896          Alien Vs. Predator

CX7897          Double Dragon

CX7898          Rampage

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#4 Lost Dragon

Lost Dragon

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Posted 15 December 2016 - 11:57 AM

This is fantastic work. A 7800 Lost Games page along lines of the steriling work being done to compile a far more accurate Lost Jaguar games list on this very site would be a most welcome addition. It appears so many of the games annouced/showcased on the list's from likes of DP, are at best little more than PLANNED games, ie given a part number, but little else and i personally feel these need to go in a section that makes this very clear.

A lot of work has been done over the years and some fantastic discoveries (Toki code, Paperboy being detailed by coder etc) along with claims by UK Press (Zero, Raze, C+VG+ACE, looked into, disproven where possible..Bob Armour/Gauntlet, never happening etc)..but still a mountain to climb. The point about: (accuracy not verified) is another thing that should be stressed... I know Imagitec were working on 7800 Rampart, screens seen (real/mock up? pass..) and they admit to that... Tiertex supposed to be doing Road Riot 4WD and Steel Talons, but as of yet not 1 ex-Tiertex coder i'm personally aware (ie had contact with myself or likes of GTW have talked to on my behalf) of has listed this Atari 7800 on their C.V and looking at their ST, Jaguar work, i'm not sure they are a developer i'd be thanking my lucky stars were converting far more powerful coin-op titles to sprite based 7800....

When i spoke to ex-Gremlin Graphics coders, artists..none of them thought the C64 coders would be responsible for any planned 7800 conversions and Ian Stewart made his comments clear on 7800 as did Andrew Hewson...so conversions would most likely of been 'farmed out'.... I've never spoken to Peter Pachla, he's supposed to be a US Gold employee when 7800 conversions were done.... AVP has been a nightmare in terms of trying to find why Activision never did home conversions for C64, ST, Amiga etc, despite repeated comments to UK Press they had the rights and that's even when you have leads to follow, let alone a mere part number.

But indeed looking at list of titles, my heart simply does sink.... Atari on the bloody cheap, as always.... No Toobin, just a clone..White water Madness. Ditto C64 Uridium... no we'd get A8 Thunderfox... 9 Lives supposed to help fill the platformer gap... Just conversions of existing games on ST/A8 etc. I couldn't see Pac-Land or Turrican on the list, so assume these are wishful thinking/missleading press claims?.

Edited by Lost Dragon, 16 December 2016 - 02:40 AM.

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#5 Scott Stilphen

Scott Stilphen

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Posted 26 January 2017 - 07:51 PM

Was it common practice to simply give a planned title a part number before you'd even signed a contract for rights to it/had a developer lined up?.


Not always.  Sometimes a # would be assigned for use before there was even a specific game was attached to it.  Sometimes a # wouldn't be assigned until after the game was either in development or completely developed.

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#6 Lost Dragon

Lost Dragon

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Posted 27 January 2017 - 01:01 PM

Appreciate the heads up on that.

#7 Lost Dragon

Lost Dragon

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Posted 31 January 2017 - 07:10 AM

Regarding C+VG claims Gremlin were to convert Technocop to the 7800....


The NES version was being done by Tengen, looked quite close to Genesis version in places and being written by C64 UK Coder, Simon Nicol who wrote the fantastic Crazy Comets and Mega Apocalypse on C64.


But i've never heard anyone list a 7800 version on their C.V.

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