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Steve Mitchell (Lore Design) and the LOST version of Kung Food

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#1 Lost Dragon

Lost Dragon

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Posted 01 May 2017 - 12:58 PM

Life in the old dog (me) still...


I followed up a lead regarding possibilty of Lore Design doing Jaguar Batman Forever which was mentioned in an N.D.A document file Scott S.kindly passed on-see Jaguar section for follow up on that.


But i also asked Steve what he thought regarding the mixed viewpoints UK Magazine RetroGamer Magazine, had put out regarding Lynx Kung Food:


In the inital feature on Lore design, the game is talked about and whilst it's made clear it's a love it or hate it title for the system, the 'writer' states:



'We were impressed with it's great graphics and sound, intro and comedy value that all add up to make this an enjoyable portable pummeler'.



So note the WE...aspect, not This wrtiter was impressed by...


so imagine my surprise as a subscriber/paying customer to read mere months later, in a Lynx Minority Report feature, the game being described as having (some) impressive sprites, but not much else (going in it's favour) and to see it awarded with a Retro Stinker status...



The game DID pull in some decent scores from UK Magazines at the time:


72% Gamesmaster Magazine and 80% Gamezone Magazine and i've seen Defunct Games give it 80% along with Gamefan Magazine 90%



So Rg mag seems out of touch with the Press and it's own writers here.


YT review of it here:





Anywho, during the email exchamnge, Steve mentioned the code/aspects of the game that had to be DROPPED from retail release and this info was sadly missing from BOTH the Lore design article and Lynx Minority Report RG ran:



Steve:'It was a fun title developed based on an Atari provided design. We had also developed a 4 player version, but that was dropped before release (testing and debug on multi-player would probably have delayed release and by that time it was apparent that consumers did not significantly make use of the multi-player function). Testing multi-player games was a lot of fun when I would visit Atari. Games such as Slime World (8 player!) and Warbirds (4 player I think) were excellent large scale multi-player titles, but many cables were needed back then which when you considered the need for power adaptors to compensate for the short battery life made it more suited to Atari’s “cube-vile” then actual use in the real world.'



It's info like this i paid good money in hope RG would find and share, instead they just give the game clickbait awards? hmnnn.


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