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Things Atari nailed.... and then screwed up.

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#1 RickR


    The Don

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Posted 03 May 2017 - 05:26 PM

Have you ever stopped to think about how many things Atari got right with the 2600?  This was a time when the home video game market was just starting.  They made several home-run design choices.  But even more amazing is how they later "forgot" and totally screwed up.  Examples:

  • Cartridge end labels.  2600 end labels are pretty much perfect.  Easy to read.  Colorful.  Perfection.  Their next system (5200) had no end labels at all.  Atari computer carts had no end label at all. 
  • Arcade ports.  One of the very first licensed ports -- Space Invaders.  Not identical to the arcade, but very close graphics, sounds, and gameplay-wise.  This game sold a lot of systems.  I know the 2600 was limited, but some of the later arcade ports were not even close.  Pac-Man got the colors all wrong.  Defender, with the ship that disappears when you fire, eroded confidence in Atari.
  • Box art.  They didn't have to spend the money on such beautiful box art.  Considering how tight money must have been, it's amazing they had an art budget at all.  Yet they did, and the end result was glorious.  Over time, they cheaped out.  Either using much simpler art, or borrowing from past releases. 
  • Controllers.  Atari 2600 joysticks and paddles are iconic.  They did change the joystick innards, but the functionality remained the same.  Later sticks...5200 and 7800 were not so good. 

Any others?

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#2 Rowsdower70


    Pear Member

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Posted 03 May 2017 - 05:40 PM



Atari consoles were built pretty tough.  Rarely do I find them when they can't be salvaged.  However, Wii or XBox360 consoles are already iffy if you find them in the wild.

That being said, the Jaguar CD is one of the most unreliable things ever made!

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#3 TrekMD


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Posted 03 May 2017 - 06:00 PM

They screwed up with the launchg of the 7800 and what was originally planned for the system never happened.  Had they done things as planned, Nintendo may have had a harder time taking over as they did.  


They also failed to properly handle the Lynx and the Jaguar. The Lynx was superior to what was out there at the time for handhelds and yet it did not do well in the market.  Very unfortunate because it was and still is one excellent gaming system.  As for the Jaguar, another missed opportunity.

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#4 nosweargamer


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Posted 03 May 2017 - 06:16 PM

Staying Current - During the 2600 era, it seemed that a lot of current hits made the system. But with the 5200, they simply rehashed 2600 games. From then on, Atari always seemed to be a couple years behind as far as getting current arcade games or getting the games gamers wanted (like platformers during the NES era). Even the Jag seemed to get NBA Jam TE far after other systems got it and the MK3 talks didn't seem to happen until after others systems got it as well.


Having Good Pack-In's - Combat was genius at the time, because it had lots of variations, but required a second player. This meant a lot of neighbors got exposed to the 2600. (This was most likely the only time this would work). But Super Beakout seemed outdated in the 5200 as did Pole Position 2. And I know it's a good game that gets a lot of love hear, but California Games on the Lynx was based on a title that already appeared on many other systems. And Cybermorph wasn't able to outshine Star Fox in most players eyes.


Being Innovative - Atari was trying everything when it first started from systems to robots to the Cosmos to the mind link and more. But after Warner bought it and later sold it, innovation died. Yeah, the Lynx was cool,  but Epyx made it, not Atari. They did try to do the VR thing, but odds are it would have been a better idea to make the Jag disc based to start with. Also, they never really made a new, great game franchise after the 2600 days.

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#5 atarilbc


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Posted 03 May 2017 - 10:32 PM

1) They nailed the 7800 (in 1984) and then screwed up the '86 relaunch and development.
2) They nailed the Lynx and screwed up the price point and developer relations.
3) They had a somewhat innovative hardware with the Jaguar but failed to provide developers with a decent development environment or technical documents/support.

A few notes on the comments above. I think the Atari Corp was incredibly innovative under the Tramiel's from a hardware perspective. Whether it was developed in-house (ST/TT/Falcon) or purchased (Lynx/Jaguar), they really pushed out some great hardware. The trouble was they spread themselves too thin and over too many product lines to provide the necessary software and developer support needed for the hardware. For example, in 1989 they were simultaneously supporting the XEGS, ST, Lynx, 7800 and 2600. Also, retail channels and supply was constrained. A scrappy, cash strapped company was never going to support all of those systems.

Additionally, with the split from Warner and the loss of the arcade division, the restructured Atari Corp could no longer tap the vein of Atari arcade IP that provided so many great hits on the earlier consoles. While NSG is right that Atari Corp didn't develop any great franchises after the 2600, Atari Games produced absolutely stellar titles from the mid-80s to the early 2000s. Imagine an alternate reality where Gauntlet, RoadBlasters, Marble Madness, Paper Boy, Stun Runner, XYbots, Tetris, T-Mek, Primal Rage, Area 51, San Francisco Rush and others were Atari console exclusives. The quality of Atari Games titles was right there with Sega and Namco right up until they folded into Midway. If they were exclusives, they could have been system sellers.

Lastly, I hear on the YouTube that the Jag CD is unreliable. I have had three units since 1995 and all have worked flawlessly. Just putting that out there.
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#6 TeddyGermany


    Orange Member

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Posted 04 May 2017 - 02:56 AM

Advertisement in the Tramiel era: In Germany they had made no or even few promotion on TV, mainly the ST Computers in the 80ies. The Lynx was only advertised in Atari-Magazines (!), the Jaguar was neither promoted. Only Mail order retailers had shown the cat in their catalogues. I have in mind, that Germany was a big market for Atari products. Did they really thought, there was no need for propaganda? Nintendo, Sega or even Commodore were omnipresent on TV in these days.

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#7 Lost Dragon

Lost Dragon

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Posted 04 May 2017 - 11:26 AM

OUTSTANDING THREAD and 1 i plan to return to when i have more time.


Few quick points:


The advertising angle is a very, very valid one.


As a 2600 owner and avid reader of comics like Eagle etc, you couldn't move for outstanding, Comic Strip adverts for 2600 games like Moon Patrol, Battle Zone etc, really captured the reader.


But by time of A8/XEGS, well you've seen the adverts..or lack of them..in UK press, massive difference.


It wasn't until the St that Atari really stepped up the Magazine advertising once more.~



The Lynx had various promotions in oddest places...Girls Magazines like Jackie..Design X and win a Lynx, in Ceral packets with Kellogs, tie-in's with the RSPCA etc, but it was a world away from the classic 2600 era.


TV advertising? Atari UK always claimed was far too expensive to deliver real returns, espically Jaguar/Lynx era, hence using mags instead.


The last BIG Atari UK TV advert i can remember was for the Xmas push on the 520STFM..after that? nothing :-(.

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#8 Lost Dragon

Lost Dragon

    Banana Member

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Posted 04 May 2017 - 11:33 AM

Risky Post :) but here goes:


I honestly now think that the A400/800 era were last of Atari pushing out really GREAT hardware.


XEGS should never of been done.


7800 was really just a souped up 2600 and lack on on-board Pokey crippled it.


ST was rushed and with NO hardware scrolling, that awful AY Soundchip was step backwards in many areas from my beloved 800XL.


Panther:sounded great..on paper until you really looked at it.


Jaguar-simply too bugged and it's lack of texture-mapping ability crippled it compared to platforms it was competing agains't.


Falcon..DSP etc fantastic, but rest of design bodged.


STE..NOT the amiga beater aAtari promised, far too little too late.


Lynx:Fantastic sprite scaling, more powerful than the Amiga in many areas, but let down by the low resolution screen and battery life.




Far TOO often Atari were responding to what OTHERS did, rather than setting THE BENCHMARK others had to follow.


Cheap hardware only got you so far.

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#9 RickR


    The Don

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Posted 04 May 2017 - 12:31 PM

The advertising call out is brilliant and true. Personally, I had no idea that the 7800 and Lynx even existed until I started collecting about 10 years ago.
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#10 Lost Dragon

Lost Dragon

    Banana Member

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Posted 05 May 2017 - 11:17 AM

The quality aspect is an opened ended one.

2600 had no optical or mechanical drives, no moving parts to go wrong as it were, it used solid state storage.

I've had Rom chips fail on 2 800 XL'S during my ownership, my 1st ST blew,but that might of been a power surge...

The data recorders on the 800 XL era hardware were awful.

Had buttons snap, tape heads constant going out of alignment etc.

Software support though..talk about roller-coaster rides as an Atari owner in the UK..

2600 support was fantastic, A8 support horrendous, Atari talked the talk about software houses getting behind the A8 range, it not being forgotten now ST was out, how they were planning conversions from ST to XEGS,7800 etc..never saw it become a true reality..just token gestures.

ST initially had fantastic support, started to drop off rapidly once Amiga got established, but Atari UK still did it's bit where it could with very limited resources.

Lynx and Jaguar now seem best remembered for the games that were announced but didn't make it..

And it's somewhat ironic that the element that seems to be keeping Jaguar alive, games wise is a stream of ST ports...

People showed no interest in likes if Custodian, Switchblade and Venus The Flytrap etc on ST but now they are Jaguar potentials, different story.

This thread reminds me why it's now so so hard to muster support for Atari, despite being an owner if it's products for so many years.

Looking back they simply promised so much more than they actually delivered.

Hardware like Falcon, Jaguar, Lynx,7800 being miss match of components, Panther the same.

software support chronically lacking and it was us, the consumer, left paying the real price.

I know it's business, but it cost us dear in the long run.
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#11 Greyfox


    Orange Member

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Posted 05 May 2017 - 01:03 PM

A great read this thread. .I also agreed with Lost Dragon has brought to the table as I myself experienced thing in Ireland as far as Atari awareness goes and they had their European HQ here. I found the majority of software produced in Europe was rivaled ten fold from the USA in the 8-BIT era especially, you tale example what Datasoft, Synapse, Access Software done compared to English Software or Mastertronic done there is no comparsion in quality and programing acumen and orginally which was far and few between. Atari never promoted this in its own territories in the manner they should have. Even with the ST arrival to which I attended with my father their opening event Atari Expo did not set the world on fire either, yet you had to have it, but due to mismanagement or lack of insight they would be very much a big brand now rather than a mobile casino app maker clinging on to crumps to make ends meet..shambolic.

I remember the build quality of the accessories like LD mention, tape deck buttons going, the rubber bands snapping within the tape deck, the buttons on the joystick circuit board fading and the likes, but never had an issue with the 1050 disk drives, they were very solid. The ST CPU dislodging itself from the board due to over heating , or through RF socket solder breaking rending the ST unable to connect to your television. Or the mouse buttons breaking etc...a lot of things started out great that burned out in a flash when it came to Atari products which I find amazing considering how they took a culture by storm and ended up in the gutter WTF?

It's also very hard to say if they took this route or another than things would have been different who knows, but the blunders they did make I believe helped others avoid this, or management was truly out of sync with the Atari brand was back in the late 70's and early 80s, I know times change but they did not change with them hence why all these consoles and handheld appear in a majority of long term failures , the lynx was awesome but got f'all coverage compare to the Sega game gear or game boy made no sense that? In the defense of the Atari jaguar over here it did get forefronted with sega and Nintendo so at least over here it wasn't all Sega and the big N , they actaully did push it here, especially AvP as a possible Golden Eye beater .lol..fun times
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#12 Lost Dragon

Lost Dragon

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Posted 06 May 2017 - 10:25 AM

Ok, on 'Rest Days', so a bit more time to explain my gripes ;)


Regarding the A8 era here in the UK, as Greyfox has kindly backed me up on this one, we had a software drought compared to the flood of titles avaiable in the USA.


Over the past few years i've witnessed 'writers' suddenly discovering the likes of the 800XL and XEGS and hey presto, they have a world of software to dive into, the table very much already laid.


All the commercial titles avaiable to download from the net, Flashcarts, emulators, let alone the stunning homebrew titles.


And it's shown in the articles, posts etc they've created.


We would of killed for something like A8 Space Harrier,Bomb Jake etc, but it was never going to be a commercial reality back then, given cost of cartridge's, limited UK A8 user base, lack of coders....

plus needing a 128K Ram machine to start with, Carts being 320K+, it's NOT the era we lived through.


I'd buy magazines like C+VG hoping for more Atari coverage...if you were lucky you'd have a 1-off feature or a budget title reviewed.



Atari User was little better, a few pages of reviews each month, new titles from Firebird, Mastertronic,Bug-Byte etc, a new compilastion, maybe a full price title from Gremlin, Tynesoft etc, IF you were lucky.


The rub came when they did features on games you'd never get to play as atari refused to release them in the UK....and you looked in the NEWS sections, games like Flash Gordon, Zoids, Frankie Goes To Hollywood annouced, The Last Ninja advertised.



Oh look here's Atari UK telling us how the latest stock clearance venture (offloading 800XL to UK high Street Chain...putting out the XEGS) was going to mean a huge new wave of support-Utter B.S


Putting a handful of old disk based games onto cart, throwing out a few Uridium clones was not the answer, yet this is NEVER reflected in RetroGamer magazines historical look back at the hardware...


Banging on about how Panther was cleverly coded to be as close to C64 version as possible isn't a true reflection, try talking to John Croudy about how Druid was 1 of the last full price A8 titles and how publisher had NO plans to convert the sequel, it was onto ST you go....



Things like Gauntlet on C64, ZX Spectrum, Amstrad CPC etc had sprites etc designed on the A8 hardware, yet A8 version 1 of the last 8 bit versions to appear.



Did we see A8 Gauntlet II? No.



Throwing up YT footage of unfinished versions of things like Menace, Shadow Of The Beast, Out Run..doesn't help either, coding never got far enough to really know what could be achived with out comprimising too much on A8...



These people aren't sat, praying Ace Of Aces will finally load after 20 odd mins on tape before Boot error springs up, going into a high street store asking if they have any A8 titles, anything at all?


No, it's rose tints all round and what a wonderful machine the A8 is to TODAYS Retro Gamer, which is fantastic, as it really is and far more people really should dive in and try it.



But for gods sake 'writers', please, don't p*ss on my back and defend Atari based on your 2010+ experiences as your just showing how little you really know.

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#13 Lost Dragon

Lost Dragon

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Posted 06 May 2017 - 10:45 AM

As for the other platforms:


You've seen the UK Press clippings i've put up..Oh yes the UK should brace itself for:


The 5200-Ohh wait, forget what you've read, don't pre-order from that mail order firm, it's bombed in USA, it's not coming.


The 7800:Look London here's the hardware, here's the games..it'll be here in X months time, ohh sorry, no, here's the XEGS..we couldn't sell it to you as the 800XL, lets try aiming it at the younger generation as we really, really need to replace the 2600 now..and slap on the 'full computer experience' to convince parents it's not a toy like the NES...



The STE...It'll be worth the wait promise atari, The Super ST, the Amiga beater..the reality..still 16 colours on screen, your ST software probably won't run without a work around, as we just threw the damn thing out, rather than properly consulting with UK software houses and mumble STe enhanced titles..mumble..big coin-op conversions.




The CDST...Vapourware.


The ST Console....


The Panther..AKA The SNES Killer..think enough coders have given honest enough views to say majorirty think it was JUNK, would of done nothing to save Atari.


Then throw in Atari telling developers we want Panther games, get cracking, no, wait we've canned that, it's Jaguar all the way...what? your still doing Falcon games? put them on hold, we want Jaguar versions out 1st..and woah..you want how much money? what sized cart? jog on, here's 1/2 the budget, fit that game into a 2Mb Cart at max, stop grumbling about 'who on earth uses a Falcon as a development machine these days?' we hurt when Amiga had to be used to develop Lynx titles.



Oh and scrap your 2D game, you've spent months working on, we are getting our ass handed to us by the 3DO at hands of press, have you seen Shockwave? texture-map EVERYTHING, yes, yes, we know it kills the frame rate, who cares, it looks far better in STILL shots.



As for the Lynx:Fantastic Atari, you just PROMISE us the likes of Cabal, Vindicators, Rolling Thunder etc, we'll just pin everything on those mocked up shots...



Hey you did us proud (not) with the 7800, right? nah we never REALLY wanted Skyfox, Electrocop, Toki etc? anymore than Paperboy which you had finished and delivered...next you'll be telling us Lynx AVP would of been a system seller....



What did WE know eh Atari?


After all it was YOUR wisdom that wanted Jaguar AVP to originally be a 2D side-scroller, you wanted Crescent Galaxy to be the planned in-pack game to launch the Jaguar, you knew the Jag CD Drive was magically going to bring Jaguar upto Sega Satuirn levels of performance, right Sam? after all, that's all the hardware lacked, a CD drive right? let alone dedicated texture-mapping, enough Ram, chipsets that weren't bugged, development tools of worth etc. 



Atari really squandered the FLAGSHIP Jaguar titles it did have, there should of been Jaguar bundles with AVP as the in game pack, huge UK promotions for it.



Oh and the ST era of bundling X amount of pounds worth of 'Free' software..sounded great on paper, but these were titles that had reached end of commercial lifespan for the publishers, so they weren't loosing sales from those, but it meant new St owners weren't buying NEW titles they were puyshing out, as the St had come with a 6 month+ supply of titles...


Talk about overkill...

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#14 Greyfox


    Orange Member

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Posted 06 May 2017 - 02:30 PM

Lol..love it...fella you've definitely nailed it on the head here..to cause and effect, couldn't have being presented better than what you've just mentioned here. Atari seems to have made more blunders that commodore did with the Amiga lol. So much potential both machine had for a long time they actually didn't capitalise on or screw up on...classic
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#15 Lost Dragon

Lost Dragon

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Posted 06 May 2017 - 02:31 PM

Actually whilst in full on WTF did you do to the bloody brand, Atari?...mode..


Atari under the Tramiel's is basically an utter bloody mess..for all the reasons listed above, but it really does fall under the following main issues:


1)Utter confusion from within Atari itself...


From the XL/XE era onwards, Atari simply seemed like a rabbit caught in the headlamps.It's clear from it's own internal sources and the steriling research done by the community on here etc Atari wanted very much to try and banish it's gaming image and be seen as a serious rival to the PC...


Atari UK's then Marketing Manager, Jon Dean talked openly of Tramiel frowning on attempts to gather UK Publisher support to promote the XL/XE as a games machine, Tramiel saw the range as a means of getting more volume in terms of sales, with cheaper to manufactuer hardware.


Why bother pouring resources into developing a wide range of new games when you could just repackage old/existing 400/800 games and get the new hardware bundles into UK High Street chains like Curry's, Dixions etc?.XE GS was just another crack at offloading...



Atari so often had hardware competing with it's own hardware:


New, low price 2600 aimed at under 10's, but so were the XEGS and 7800.All 3 used carts, so offered the simplicity, Atari were trying to get same games on all 3 in a good few cases...just madness.


So Atari clearly knew there was still good money to be made from the console sector here in UK alone.



The ST was very much marketed here in UK, when it suited Atari as a GAMES MACHINE, ST £399 Super pack having £400 worth of 'free' software..though i doubt likes of Chopper X, Summer Olympiad, Road wars, Seconds Out etc were grabbing headlines, 8 bit conversions of titles like Ranarama, Starquake etc not doing much for it either.



Next thing you knew Atari were pushing the ST, Falcon as serious machines offering better VFM than a PC or MAC..yet still hyping games potential of the STE...



As a 520STFM owner who'd took advantage of the Discovery Pack deal £300 ST with bundled games and productivity software, Atari did itself NO favours ttelling press STFM was now old hat, being phased out as STE was the hardware they wanted to push now.



Rumours of the ST based console, appeared in UK Press, yet we were told ohh, don't expect it here, it'll most likely be US only...yet ST had done so poorly in USA yet was strong in UK?.WTF...




Proclaiming the STE as an Amiga beater due to it's O/S and MIDI out aspects..ignorant.





2)Complete and utter ARROGANCE:


When you have established coders telling you they've discovered crippling flaws in your planned Flagship hardware, be it the Panther, Falcon or Jaguar, be the flaws bugged chipsets, lack of Ram, bottlenecks etc...you ignore that advice very much at your peril.


If Atari Corp, Handmade Software, Bullfrog, Bitmap Bros, Archer Maclean etc are warning you Falcon, Jaguar need more Ram, Panther/Jaguar are struggling to execute...and you turn around and blame them , rather than admit your hardware needs a serious rethink...


How on earth do you think you'll be remembered?


3)Being Cheap...Power Without The Price....Entry Level...blah blah blah.


Fantastic principle..hardware for MASSES..not CLASSES...


But when your really going cheapest route...oh, we'll just take this existing game, use that for biasis of our Last Starfighter Game-ohh that's not needed, lets just turn it into Star Raiders II now, ignore fact a TRUE sequel is already being done...that's bad.


Have someone write an exclusive Star Raiders sequel for the ST?


No, just convert the original, but seemingly kill off the elements that made the original so great.

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#16 Lost Dragon

Lost Dragon

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Posted 06 May 2017 - 02:45 PM

@Greyfox:I've always personally felt Atari had the POTENTIAL to make The Falcon, from a commercial point of view, as big a format in the UK as the Commodore A1200, had they listened to the very real concerns Archer Maclean, Peter Molyneux and the Bitmap Bros were raising and it was developers like these they should of gone after, not likes of Imagitec...


Psygnosis would of been a better bet and we could of seen Falcon on Lemmings rather than Imagitec humans (eventually).


I've never thought Space Junk was going to be a flagship title, no matter what system it might of finally arrived on, be it Mega CD, Falcon or Jaguar CD.


Might of been nice to of seen Raiden on Falcon, but again Imagitec, even Jeff Minter weren't the BIG NAMES Atari needed to be convincing to get behind the system.



Lucasarts, E.A, Core design, Psygnosis, Bitmap Bros etc were the ones.




Llamazap:Fantastic title, but not mainstream..





Titles like Running (FPS), Crown Of Creation 3D, Moon Games, Aazohm Crypt showcased Falcon's potential but how many people are aware of them?


Incubator:another promising looking title, never finished.


I just find myself constantly asking myself, why is it seemingly always the case of discussing Atari over what COULD of been and mistakes they made, rather than what they got right, post 2600?

As a serious platform? when the guy behind ST Starglider music admits he had a Falcon in his recording studio, but can't think of any music composed on it, you know it's falled.

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#17 Lost Dragon

Lost Dragon

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Posted 07 May 2017 - 04:46 PM

A few other misc points:


1)The last semi-decent box art i saw Atari do, was for the XEGS games, plus cart re-releases of old games that had been out on tape/disk over here (Ballblazer, Rescue On Fract etc).



2)You might see certain UK  Atari fanboys talking of walking in a games store with parents, seeing shelves of games...ask them if these were BUDGET or FULL PRICE releases?..also were stores planning to re-stock once these had gone? or were they just clearing existing stocks?


Ask them if they were aware, at the time likes of Ocean Software were sitting on Head Over Heels and still undecided wether to release it on A8, before finally releasing it....Ask them if at this point Activision had decided to release rampage on A8 in UK (they did, but it was a very close call) ditto for Domark and Star Wars, we so nearly missed out on these titles in the UK as publishers were convinced there just wasn't a viable commercial Atari 8 bit market for them.



Also which location were the stores in? big population centers i wonder?


3)Regarding Atari and marketing:Another promotional venture they did with the 2600, was to team up with Walls Ice Cream (big player in this area) and were giving away 100 2600 consoles, all you had to do to be in with a chance of winning, was collect coupons and send them in with an ORIGINAL name for an ice cream/ice lolly, inspired by video games.


I never hear this mentioned, as todays writers/Atari experts never lived through the era so doubt they took much notice later.

Edited by Lost Dragon, 08 May 2017 - 07:25 AM.

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#18 Lost Dragon

Lost Dragon

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Posted 07 May 2017 - 05:48 PM

No Swear Gamer also nailed it with the 'Staying Current' aspect...



When i look at the 16 bit era, ST got original Lemmings, as did Lynx, ST had Lemmings II, if you had a 1 Meg Ram machine, but even that lacked the intro and title tune from Amiga version.


But the STE and Falcon never got Xmas Lemmings, nor All New World Of Lemmings or Holiday Lemmings, Lynx never had Lemmings II etc.




Best Atari could offer up was Humans/Dino Dudes and then things like AOTMP on Jaguar....




Atari always seemed content getting a cheaper alternative in a line up to replace something other systems had...


Lynx had to make do with Viking Child to fill the Wonder Boy shaped hole..


Jaguar Owners were expected to make do with Chq.Flag II to make fill any Virtua Racing type urges, Mortal Kombat II never made it to Lynx, nor Jaguar, let alone MK III on Jaguar..instead we were supposed to be happy with Kasumi Ninja and Ultra V.? 


Switchblade II rather than Strider or were Atari hoping the conversion of Strider II from ST/Amiga (Tiertex) would be substitue enough?


Crescent galaxy to be seen as the systems Thunder Force on Jaguar?



Atari were seemingly unable and unwilling to put resources in securing support even the Amiga was getting..so many times.

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#19 Lost Dragon

Lost Dragon

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Posted 07 May 2017 - 06:25 PM

And Greyfox mentioned the tape decks..basically whilst the 410 tape deck was of decent quality, the 1010's were bloody awful, in terms of loading issues alone, users had to be savvy with cleaning and realigning tape heads, plus cleaning the capstan and pinch wheel.Plus the resitors used cwhich took control of areas like feedback loops for decoding were of a poor standard and if you had a ma\te who's dad was an electronics whizz, you could remove them and replace them with better quality components. It wasn't until Atarti introduced the XC12 data recorder things improved. Atari also seemed to 'push' the VCS far more than the A8 range of computers, espically to parents with Under 10's..they had a line of Racing Cars set up at the 1987 Olympia Motor Fair where kids could play Pole Position inside them, fantastic idea, but why were such events just used to promote the aging VCS? IF Atari had gotten publishers behind the XEGS, we COULD of see the DISK version of International Karate re-released on cart and this time tape owners like myself could of enjoyed all 8 locations rather than the 2 we had on tape...plus Domark might of put back in the title screen and missing level UK Press saw for Living Daylights... Instead we saw Lode Runner (great import A400/800 game, but long in the tooth by then) , get a UK Cart release for just under £20!, that put it's pricing in same league as ST software....
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Lost Dragon, your "Atari always seemed content getting a cheaper alternative in a line up to replace something other systems had..." comment is dead on, and reminds me of something I read about Disney in Florida....


In the 90's, Disney was basically copying what the competition was doing rather than innovating for their theme-park in Florida.  They built "Disney-MGM Studios" to compete with Universal Studios.  They built the Animal Kingdom to compete with Busch Gardens.  New rides were all just rehashes of old ride technologies from their other parks or re-badging of off-the-shelf rides built by third parties. 


Off topic, I know...but it's kind of similar to Atari in the Warner era....success but no innovation, which leads to an erosion of market leadership. 

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