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Picked up a brand new Victrola stereo turntable for $30 at Marshall's

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#1 Justin


    The Shah of Atari

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Posted 12 February 2018 - 09:01 PM



Hey guys, thought I'd share this with you. I picked up a new record player, a "Victrola Modern Bluetooth Stereo Turntable" with speakers, for $30 at Marshall's, marked down from $100. I saw these over the Christmas shopping season for $100 at Dillard's, which is a department store similar to Macy's which you'd find at most malls in this region of the country. Dillard's had an entire section set up just for vinyl during the holidays, and they had a pretty decent selection of new vinyl records. It was a nice mix of classic and modern music, and I thought it was really cool that a department store chose to have a seasonal set up with vinyl records and record players as gifts. Nearby Dillard's also had Atari Flashback consoles and handhelds, which was extra cool to see.


Dillard's had two styles of record players, the first was the cheapy, retro-themed, all-in-one record player for $60 that opened up like a small piece of luggage, with an internal speaker built-in. The other was the Victrola for $100, which was a traditional turntable with stereo speakers and the ability to stream the music via bluetooth to your computer or other speakers. I stopped and looked through the records at Dillard's three or four times over the holiday shopping season, chatting with the sales clerk and came really close one day to buying one of these record players. I decided against it though, thinking that $100 is a lot of money for what most audiophiles would classify as a "junk" turntable. I thought that if I were going to get into vinyl I should do it the right way, get a quality turntable and start a real collection. That was the plan anyway, until I found the same exact turntable at Marshall's for $30.


Let me relate this back to video games. You see, growing up I always had this habit of saving up my money to get a new video game system, but then running out of money and only getting a few games for it, before saving up to get the next game system. I wanted 7800, Lynx, Jaguar, TurboGrafx-16, then it was TurboExpress, Super NES, Sega Game Gear, Sega CDx, and on and on. I wanted access to all of those little worlds of adventure, and I had to pay for all of that. So it’s like once I got my Lynx, did I really want to spend $49 for Super Asteroids / Missile Command when I’m already half way to saving up for my TurboExpress? The end result is I was able to save up and pay for most every game system that I truly wanted growing up, but there were always a ton of games I wanted for them that I never had.


And that brings me to vinyl. I’m just getting started. I’d really like to spend some money exploring vinyl, buying some new records and collecting some old ones, before plunking down a more serious amount of money on a top quality turntable and speakers. Taking all of that into context, I think dropping $30 at Marshall’s on a record player and speakers sounds like a good deal, and a good entry into the new world of vinyl. Now I have some extra cash to spend on records, and if I build up a nice collection and I'm really that into it, then it would be worth upgrading to a higher quality turntable later on.


For $30 I think this is awesome  :thumb:

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#2 RickR


    The Don

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Posted 12 February 2018 - 10:55 PM

You got a steal at that price.  That's a pretty nice entry price point to get back into vinyl.  It's small and doesn't take up much space too. 

Check out mine:  http://forums.atari....e-28#entry35002


Mine is the kind that has a built in speaker.  That works fine, but it also has traditional audio out jacks, so you can play it through an external speaker set or stereo.  And it's got a USB thing, so you can record records into MP3 files using Audacity.  Frankly, I've been amazed.  I'd buy one new if I had to. 


The really cool thing about records is that they are collectible...but frankly they just aren't that expensive.  That makes them a lot of fun to collect. 

Enjoy it Justin, I'm sure you'll have some fun with that turntable. 

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#3 dauber


    Pretzel Member

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Posted 14 February 2018 - 04:09 PM

Must be New Turntable Season. :) My wife and I bought an Audio-Technica LP120 after Thanksgiving. As far as I'm concerned, it has the works: 3 speeds (missing 16rpm, but I've never, EVER seen a 16rpm record in my life! I know they were typically spoken-word recordings, but I've never seen one), stroboscopic light, forward and reverse, USB out, direct drive, priced at $300. And what killed me: the vinyl nerds think of it as a BUDGET ENTRY LEVEL TURNTABLE. Uhhhh......$300 is budget?!?! Good God...what would they think about those $80 and $130 turntables that were in the store!?! With two speeds, no strobe, etc. ! Ended up taking it back and swapping it for another of the same model because there was excessive flutter and wow. My wife couldn't tell, but my anal retentive ears sure could hear! Anyway...I do love me that turntable!

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