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Lost Atari Jaguar prototypes....

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#1 Arenafoot


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Posted 21 July 2015 - 01:23 AM

For those interested in unreleased Atari Jaguar games and prototypes, "The Laird" started uploading a load of information and screenshots to this site: LINK REMOVED

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#2 MaximumRD


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Posted 21 July 2015 - 05:34 AM

Yeah best not to take anything "The Laird" aka Keiren Hawken has to say about anything Atari related seriously, he has a proven track record of unreliable info as well as being caught straight up lying and falsifying info and making outrageous claims in several forums and sites. One example? He claimed Jeff Minter was working on a Star Raiders port for the Lynx. This was proven to be false when someone asked Minter directly on Twitter about it and Minter said he would've liked to have worked on the Lynx but he never did.


He has even been caught selling compilations of Jaguar demos and files that were free or public domain and attempting to profit off them on Ebay. He has been banned from several forums including Atariage and here as well under THE LAIRD and other usernames. I have observed all of this first hand as well I can tell you he has a habit of being two-faced and talking badly about others behind their backs. Now in the case of his claims about unreleased Jag games and protoypes, while he is correct about most of it some of his claims were proven false due to screenshots he published as evidence were actually from different platforms. While he HAS had articles published in various gaming and computer magazines and sites for some reason he always feels the need to inflate his credentials and achievements with lies. 


Sorry but in good conscience I cannot allow any promotion of Keiren so I am locking this thread and removing the link as well. Of course you and others are free to search or google the subject (don't be surprised if you stumble on much of what I have related here) but "The Laird's" content will not be permitted here in any form. THANKS

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