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Intellivision & Colecovision FLASHBACK UNBOXINGS !

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#21 Rowsdower70


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Posted 15 September 2015 - 12:02 PM

Thread necromancy:   

INTV flashback is pretty good, INTV had the benefit of having lots of their best games being in house titles, so there weren't many licensing issues.  The notable exceptions being the Tron titles.  Unlike AD&D where they could just change the name, Tron games had the ol Recognizer and other elements that just couldn't really be erased.  The worst thing about the INTV flashback is that one of the best games (Tower of Doom) is glitched and unplayable.   Bad form.

Colecovision flashback I think suffered more from the licensed title issue because of it having such a great arcade port library.  I didn't play all the titles, but I spent hours on Apshai, which they got perfect!  Considering a working Colecovision is the hardest to find (most expensive) of the big 3, its not a bad deal for a casual nostalgic gamer.

The original Atari flashback was pretty bad in my opinion, but the Flashback 2 is good stuff.  Nice library that includes Pitfall and River Raid.  Can't beat that.

I really enjoyed the videos, even after the fact! :)

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#22 Arenafoot


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Posted 15 September 2015 - 12:39 PM

wonder what Atari FB 6 and INTV FB 2 has in store for us this Christmas?

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#23 Retrogamer81081


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Posted 20 November 2015 - 07:34 PM

I need to start going in the shower whenever the day my packages arrive. :D And two of your top favorite systems. Are you thinking about getting the Atari FB 6? I hope to see a 5200 Flashback someday.
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#24 Bakerman


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Posted 24 November 2015 - 06:17 PM

Thanks for the write up on these systems guys. I of course have the CV flashback, but not the INTV one. I always wanted a Colecovision, but never got around to getting one (yet), but I had a friend when I was a kid who had the INTV and I just never liked anything about it. I hated the disc controllers, I hated most of the games, they all seemed "generic" to me in some way when I was younger. The only game I ever loved on the systems was an overhead racer that was called (at least the Atari 8-bit version) Rally Speedway. I love that game even more on my 1200XL with good controllers. So I'm definitely not interested in ever getting the INTV FB or original (sorry to you fans). The Colecovision FB I haven't been impressed with much either. :P


Firstly, as stated before, many of the games on CV FB, especially Zaxxon, just seem a lot clunkier with "chunky" movement, animation and scrolling than their 800/5200 equivalents. And I did chalk this up at first as possibly being due to emulation. but then I searched and posted video examples of CV/5200/A8 versions of Zaxxon from YouTube, and Zaxxon STILL had terrible scrolling in those videos. But, maybe those videos where done on PC emulators with similar issues (though most emulators today actually let you match speeds or increase them, so I'm not sure if that's an excuse). But, Since MaximumRD has reported that indeed there are emulation problems with the CV FB, I am now inclined to get a real Colecovision once again, so thanks for that. B)


The other thing that I hate about the CV flashback is the game selection, as stated, a licensing problem, but some of the titles they chose are just boring and worthless to me and seem like they should be on an old Apple II or Vic-20, not Colecovision. Titles like The Search for the Stolen Jewels 1-3, Shunting Puzzle, Rolloverture, Fortune Builder, Bankruptcy Builder, etc., etc., etc., etc.,...don't belong on a video game console, IMO, real or flashback! So I'm left with (apparently) shoddy emulated versions of REAL video games and only half the titles vaguely interesting me. VERY DISAPPOINTED. :pile:


So to heck with Intellivision all together (again, sorry to INTV fans), and to heck with Colecovision Flashback, I need the real thing! Even one of my favorite systems, the 7800, I avoided like the plague with the original Atari Flashback 1 due to hearing it was all emulated. I should have done the same with Colecovision Flashback. Only my Atari 2600 Flashback 2, with a real version of the hardware, have I been happy with. I'm done with emulated consoles for good. I'll stick t tracking down the real classics. :thumb:


Time to get another REAL 7800, 5200, and a REAL Colecovision...and of course a Turbografx 16! :starwars_yoda: Use the REAL Force, Luke!

And to all Colecovision fans, I promise to refrain from further judgment until I try the REAL COKE! Err...thing, the real thing, Coke...err Colecovision. :lol:  

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#25 RickR


    The Don

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Posted 24 November 2015 - 09:30 PM

I'm with you Bakerman on avoiding "emulated" flashbacks.  Nothing compares to the real deal running real software.  I initially bought the CV flashback when it first came out, and returned it when I saw how bad the sounds were compared to the real thing.  I do have one now...having bought it on clearance sale, and am happy with it at that price. 


I assure you that the CV is a great system.  Yes, Zaxxon is a clunker.  But have you ever seen "Turbo"?  Or Jungle Hunt.  Or Looping?  There's a lot of great scrolling games.  And non-scrolling games like Frenzy, Frogger, Burgertime, Pepper II that are really good.  Better than 5200?  I'd call it a tie.  Both are good.  Both have flaws.  You can have fun on either. 

#26 LeeJ07


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Posted 24 November 2015 - 09:34 PM

I am fine with my CV FB for now. From what I can gather, a real CV in perfect working order is a bit over my limited budget price-wise. The FB is an acceptable compromise, as far as I'm concerned.
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#27 Bakerman


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Posted 25 November 2015 - 12:49 PM

Turbo is one reason I want a real colecovision with steering wheel, but Jungle Hunt? Yeah that one is on FB and regardless of emulation, I really think the 5200/8-bit version is better graphically and in control. That won't be one I get with the real thing, I'll keep playing Atari's version. I actually think our fine vine-swinging friend in both versions looks weird. On CV he looks like big gangly jungle monkey, and on the Atari he's a bit stumpy looking, but other than that, I prefer Atari's graphics all around.


I actually would prefer if they had kept the REAL original game in all versions, Taito's JUNGLE KING, with the Tarzan dude wearing the leopard-skin toga, but, IIRC, there were some legal issues with bringing him to home consoles as well as the original name.


I remember ditching high-school to go to the local bowling alley, drink coffee and smoke cigarettes (and other plant life :Nolan_Bushnell: know what Im mean?) at the bowling alley cafe there with friends, then going and spending hours I should have been in class playing Jungle King, Rygar, Joust, Juno First, Xevious and many other arcade classics in the actual bowling alley... fond memories. But maybe I should be posting this stuff in the Retro Life area, it just came to mind here though.


Ahh, the good-old days when you could do all that and say hello to the cops drinking coffee and eating donuts in the same cafe, and have them say hello back and not even ask you why you were out of school, smoking, drinking coffee, hand in your pants tugging your groin and playing vids...try doing THAT these days! :electrocop:

"Slugs, he created slugs?...Is this not the work of a complete incompetent? I would have started with Lasers, 8 o'clock, day one."-Evil (Time Bandits)
"...burn the land and boil the sea, but you can't take the sky from me..."-theme song (Firefly)
"I try to respect him, I really, really do, but he's just such a Smeg-head."-Lister (about Rimmer, Red Dwarf)

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