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Aimee: What do you want this description to say? "This is a blog about video games old and new and whatnot?"
Stan: What if I want to write about something other than video games?
Aimee: Well, what else are you going to write about?
Stan: I don't know.
Aimee: Well, I guess you can write about whatever you want.
Stan: Ok, write that.

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2018 Free Comic Book Day Fall Out!

It took me a little over a week, but I've poured through the 50+ offerings from Free Comic Book Day (FCBD) 2018, and these, in no particular order, are the top 10 titles that have my interest piqued for the coming year: Barrier (Image) I assume the entire series will be printed in the landscape format and I am totally ok with that (as long as I don't have to keep turning the book).  This is a captivating story with a dual perspective across the Mexico/United States border.  The Mexico story i

Homebrew of the Month: Climber 5

Climber 5Developer:  Dennis DebroAvailable:  https://atariage.com/store/index.php?l=product_detail&p=261 The turn of the century truly was the Golden Age of 2600 Homebrewing.  All of the big names were active and working to break all the conceptions of what could be done on the VCS.  This was the era of Thomas Jentzsch, Andrew Davie, Manuel Rotschkar, Peiro Cavina, Paul Slocum, and Dennis Debro.  Those other guys, I have no doubt you’ve heard of.  The list of incredible games they developed

Homebrew of the Month: Lead

LeadDeveloper: Simone SerraAvailable: https://atariage.com/store/index.php?l=product_detail&p=932 Simone Serra games are completely and utterly underrated.  I said it.  I started this whole Homebrew of the Month thing off with Omicron, another really great game from Serra, and now, having played Lead for over a month, I can confirm that Serra is one of the top developers  you’ve probably never heard of in the 2600 homebrew field.  I don’t know why these two games aren’t on the tip of the to

Red Sea Crossing Manual (Unofficial)

Recently, in the Atariage High Score Club, we played a game called Red Sea Crossing.  This game is one of the rarest, most hotly debated games in recent Atari history, however when it was created it did not have a manual.  What follows is my effort to correct that 34 year old mistake.  The unofficial manual created below was created by me with some very helpful contributions from community insiders like Rom Hunter who runs the wonderful resource Atarimania.com, and fellow gamer who goes by Leto

Homebrew of the Month: Oystron

OystronDeveloper: Piero CavinaAvailable: Atariage Let’s go back, way back to the dawn age of modern Homebrewing.  A time when sitting down and punching out code for a new Atari 2600 video game was more than just a labor of love, it was an act of self-sacrifice and skill.  These were the days of the Stellalist: a small, cloistered corner of the internet where those few who possessed the knowledge and talent for writing in a coding language more obsolete than Latin is to human languages swapped se

Homebrew of the Month: Drive!

Drive!Developer: Nick WilsonAvailable: https://atariage.com/store/index.php?l=product_detail&p=1095 In the Big Atariage Homebrew Release of 2017 there were heavy hitters like Assembloids and Scramble that made everyone ooo and aaah.  There were also unassuming games that flew right under everyone’s radar.  Games that you really shouldn’t overlook.  Previously for the HotM I examined one such game:  The Gizzle Wap and the Strange Red Tree.  This week we take a look at another hidden gem:  Dri

The Electric Frankfurter

The Electric Frankfurter

Homebrew of the Month: Gingerbread Man

Gingerbread ManDeveloper:  Fred QuimbyAvailable:  https://atariage.com/store/index.php?l=product_detail&p=867 I had not intended for this review to coincide with any cookie appropriate holidays, however it timed out so that I was playing Gingerbread Man during the Christmas season, so I’ll let you decide if that’s timely or trite, whichever suits your fancy.  There was considerable hype around this game when it came out and it still gets a nod now and then as a top notch platformer for the s

Homebrew of the Month: Ature

AtureDeveloper:  BeoranAvailable:  (ROM ONLY) Atariage.com Pulling from the archive again this month as I await some excellent new games to arrive in the post.  Ature was a game I picked up at an East Coast gaming convention back in the days when that was a thing.  The game had just been released and Beoran, the developer, had granted a few folks the rights to distribute physical copies of the game.  I picked up a boxed copy for around $45 American, I believe.  It was very exciting to pick up a

The Electric Frankfurter

The Electric Frankfurter

Swordquest Comic: It's Over

Swordquest #5 landed this week, and the comic series that started with a whimper goes out with a sigh.  If you were hoping the whole thing would marshal in the closing chapter and redeem the four issues of blechhh that preceded it, you were sadly mistaken and extremely naive.  Chad Bowers and Ghostwriter X stay true to their formula of bland characters, grade school level art, and dull storytelling to grind this terrible comic to a close. I would warn you that this review contains spoiler alert

The Electric Frankfurter

The Electric Frankfurter

Learning Curve: 5 Hours with Tombs and Treasure

I never could figure out what this game was.  Based on the initial interface it looked like a Shadowgate style game where you interacted with the world through a window using commands.  But the next series of screens acted more like a world-exploring RPG with a party of characters and turn-based battles. Honestly, every time I popped it in, I rarely got much farther than the first few screens.  It just looked like more than I cared to unpack in a casual gaming session.  Despite its awesome Mayan

The Electric Frankfurter

The Electric Frankfurter

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