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Jinks (Atari 7800)

OK.  Im new to Jinks.  I have read where many people have dogged it.  I have watched video reviews on it where it didn't do so good.  Granted it is not a typical 7800 game I'm use to.  From a technical standpoint it actually does some impressive feats.    I have to admit that I don't belong in those majorities.  On the contrary I find Jinks rather fun.  I did find a few flaws here and there like my ball disappearing all of a sudden or going through objects it shouldn't but the game is s

Atari 7800 Top Favorites

My first 7800 was received in the early 1990s...long after the company stopped making them.  What games I got with it was pretty much all I ended up with.  I admit I had mixed feelings about the system because I wanted to like it, I wanted to enjoy the games, but the controllers were keeping me from doing so.  Often times I forced myself to play it, enduring hand cramps for a couple of hours, just to play it.  The only game I found I liked using the joystick on was Ms. Pac-Man. That's it. So I p
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