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Tonight I thought I would research applications in attempts of finding anything to allow writing programs for the Atari ST.  I do enjoy writing small programs every now and then.  I turned to some magazines to see what turned up before having to turn to Google.  Doing a Google searched turned up a recommendation for an app called Tempus.  The only one I have on hand is version 1.10 but there are other versions out there. What grab my interest right off the bat were the file types it support

ST Virus (Not a Review)

I thought about making this just a standard forum post but decided instead to make it a blog post.  This way I have a document on my findings while learning more about the ST.  And now...the rest of the story (I miss Paul Harvey). I was doing research trying to find out if Konami actually went through with releasing some games on the ST computers.  One issue of ST Action mentioned it but the next issue that was to continue the story was missing.  My research turned up something more and I l

Bombjack (ST Review)

Bombjack on the ST kind of reminds me of Bomberman Jack on the NES.  Whether they are one in the same or just share similar qualities I can't say but the arcade style game play is fun.  I was only able to accomplish a few rounds because, for me, the controls were wonky which I will get to in a minute. The graphics are arcade like as are the controls and sounds however the background music gets repetitive pretty quick.  Thankfully the developers were kind enough to give the player an option

F1 (Atari ST)

This review will be short because this is Vroom's younger brother.  If you haven't read it already I would suggest going and reading my review of Vroom, then come back here. F1 has new tracks and a few new menu items.  Missing is the lap timer.  It no longer tracks your lap times.  Tracks include Monaco, Spain, and many more that are part of the F1 World Championship...in 1993, making this an official FIA licensed game.  The animation is still as smooth as Vroom, sounds are the same, cars a

Hot Wheels (ST Review)

When I saw the name Hot Wheels pop up in the tons of ST images I found I thought, "Cool!  Hot Wheels has a racing game on the ST".  So I thought I would try it out.  Then the title screen appeared. Not the Hot Wheels I was expecting but looks good at least.  I grabbed the controller and tried it out.  It's another top down racer and it doesn't look half bad but it is a bit jittery.  And it has tons of settings you can perform.  But don't take my word for it...see for yourself

ST Conclusion (So Far)

I have tried many games.  Some with great success, some with not so great results.  Overall I have come to a conclusion on how I see the ST computers.  Close to the end of the ST production run I was heavy into the 386 computer scene.  Good old' MS-DOS commercial and shareware games kept my time occupied.  I never knew nor heard about Atari making ST computers at all.  Atari simply didn't exist. In hindsight that was a good thing.  I managed to learn the IBM PC side of computing.  Games I h

VROOM! Literally

While going through some ST game images I came across the words "Vroom".  No explanation. I have already seen some weird games on the ST so far so why not.  Couldn't be any worse than some I've tried so far, right?  In goes a blank disk, on it goes Vroom which I assumed was some sort of racing game with motorcycles.  Disk done and to the ST I go.  Insert disk, power on. Once I saw the title screen and heard the music my spidey senses started going off.  What did I just feed my ST?  Where di

Favorite ST Games (So Far)

Let's cut out the introduction and get right to it.  Be advised that most of these picks are based on images I've transferred back to disks when possible. Bubble Ghost - a game I once played on GameBoy, this game involves guiding a bubble through single screen mazes filled with obstacles that can burst your bubble.  Pop the bubble and it's game over.  Very colorful and enjoyable. Buggy Boy - The ST is the only system I've come across that has this simple little driving game.  Collec

Discovering The ST

Long story short, I've had my 1040 STe for a few years now but I've never had the urge to do anything with it. Over the last few days I've attempted to find something to spark my interest in it of which I have found a few things. Most of which are games but at least I found something. As a music machine it simply can't be beat in my opinion.  The native MIDI feature of the ST line is very solid and I use Sweet 16, a program I'm very familiar with from the Windows 98 days. This much has kept
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