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Hair grooming during self isolation.



So yeah, hair care IS a thing since we cannot go out and social distancing blah blah. I just recently SHAVED my beard off 😮 because I like to "reset" every now and then, let my face breath etc, it's cool, I will have 5 o'clock shadow by 3 o'clock again 🙄 I mention this only because I am posting these silly low res images I took in Linux on one of my low end craptops recently and so you can see my before and after. I used a webcam effect in the after image because I was MAD LIKE HULK or something 😆 Now, as for the hair on my head well, who knows? We don't have clippers and I am not hacking away at my head for over 2 hours with disposable razors like I did my face so, I am expecting my hair to get longer than I have allowed it in years, I will likely have the Mod Squad Clarence Williams III / Linc Hayes Afro going before this is all over. 😎




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My story:  I was lucky enough to get a haircut right before this mess happened in very early Feb.  For whatever reason, I asked the lady for a "2" instead of my normal "3" (which is shorter).  So far, I'm in decent shape.  But I think when this is over, I'll be sporting a "Gaston".  Everything pulled back into a pony of some kind.  My hair tends to grown out sideways....like Krusty the Clown. 

But I have had to trim my wife's bangs once so far.  God help me, it's a lot of pressure.  I think I did ok, and she says so too. 

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