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One Man's Journey With The TI-99/4A (Part 2)

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By the beginning of 2015, I had upgraded to a Lotharek HxC and an F18A, dropped on a Lantronix UDS-10 and started hitting Heatwave BBS...


By the middle of 2015 I added a PS/2 keyboard, and an extra disk drive and WiFi capability to my UDS-10...


Around the middle of 2016 I had a modem, which was not used much, and I think the HDX card (which has since been removed).  It was around this time that I obtained a TI compatible Wico trackball and customized it to match the TI.  I also added a custome control panel with digital thermometer showing the TI's running temperature.


It was about this time that I had already started removing stuff from my system and replaced older stuff with some real cool goodies!  So now by the end of 2018, (as shown below) the Modem was gone, the UDS-10 was gone and was replaced by a TIPI giving my TI mouse support and gigabytes of storage.


At the end of 2020 not much had changed except some cosmetic stuff and an external SD card holder for the P-Box TIPI unit.


... so now that it's basically expanded as far as I can go, what could I possibly do?  





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