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😎I've never finished it but I played the original SHADOWMAN first on the N64 followed by the DREAMCAST then years later the PC version (from STEAM or GOG I cannot recall) of course, each version had some minor improved visuals but here I am again this time playing the recently released REMASTERED version on PC. It runs great and though still incredibly dated it's the best it's ever looked. I like the atmosphere and it's somewhat a guilty pleasure game for me like NIGHTMARE CREATURES etc. Here's a couple grabs I took just now. 








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15 hours ago, CrossBow said:

I think I have the DC release of this but never actually tried to play it LOL! Are they 3D platform action type games or ?


It is listed as single player Action Adventure. It is a 3rd person 3D environment some platforming elements, I guess something like Tomb Raider but with dark gothic themes, probably more comparable to something like Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver which is another example of a great one if you are into these type of games. I played the N64 followed by Dreamcast which was definitely my favorite until this updated PC version came along. 

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I've heard of the Legacy of Kain games but haven't played them either. It sounds like something I would likely enjoy so I guess I need to check it out on my DC sometime soon. Thanks for your blog post reminding me about it.


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I played this on N64 at release. It was fun and I recently considered picking up the DC version. A remaster sounds interesting.

Also, the Legacy of Kain is a great series but the original is a 2D game, while the rest are 3D in the vein of the original Tomb Raider. Soul Reaver is the high water mark in that series. 

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