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Using the Collectorvision Phoenix on an old CRT or Analog TV



More adventures with the Phoenix.

One very minor issue that I've had with the Phoenix has been that my retro gaming is done on an old analog TV.  Since the Phoenix only has HDMI output (and my TV has no HDMI input), this was a problem.

Off to ebay!  I found a very inexpensive (less than $10 shipped) HDMI -> AV converter and ordered one.  It has arrived, and I've been playing around with it.  Summary:  it works!  It's exactly what I needed.  No fuss.  Just plug it in, and it works straight away.  It works on my other HDMI retro gaming systems as well (Commodore 64 Mini, Sony PS1 Mini, Atari Flashback 9). 

The picture and sound quality isn't bad at all.  It pretty much looks identical to a real Colecovision to me.  I didn't notice any lag or any color issues. 

My advice for anyone that wants to use their Phoenix on a CRT is to buy and try one of these devices.  Please note to be careful...they sell devices that convert composite to HDMI, and that's not what you want.  Look at the picture of the item and make sure that HDMI is listed as "INPUT" (and not "OUTPUT"). 


Phoenix 002.JPG

Phoenix 003.JPG

Phoenix 004.JPG

Phoenix 005.JPG

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