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My Atari 5200 Diary

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This blog over the coming weeks and possibly months, will be about my getting back into the Atari 5200.  It'll have related YouTube videos, photos, comments and other neat stuff.  If you you have any questions or comment along the way, don't be shy, speal up! 



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Curious to see where this goes.  The SuperSystem was my first console and remains my all-time favorite.  

Back when the 2600 was king, and being a kid, wishing for an Atari and getting a 5200 instead was nothing to sneeze about.  It was an Atari at heart and I'm very grateful to have developed a passion for it.

I'm curious to know someone else's thoughts and feelings about it and what games they like, don't like, and think are possible hidden gems.

It is a very misunderstood system that, in my opinion, showcased everything Atari was about. Even if it was using old technology it was technology that was tried and true.  It and the 2600 were side by side the whole time, too.  There are positive things the 5200 has if one looks hard enough.

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I only had a 2600 at first.  When I saw the 5200, I loved the look of the console and I was impressed with the games.  I really wanted to get one but I did not until much later.  I actually got a 7800 when I was in college because the graphics looked even better.  Little did I know that it was not going to have a good sound chip but, still, I loved it.  I played 5200 games in emulation for years and it wasn't until the early 2000's that I decided to finally get a 5200 so I could play using the console rather than by emulation. 

I have to say that, despite it being somewhat limited, the game library for the 5200 is overall really good!  Most of the games are quite fun and the arcade ports are well done.  The controllers are an issue but I have different controllers now to enjoy the system. 

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