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The Legend of Zelda Nintendo 35th Anniversary Game & Watch



The recently released Legend of Zelda Game and Watch scores a Solid 8/10. When compared to the original Game and Watches its missing some features but there is a lot of goodies that make up for it and it will bring you hours of joy. When comparing it to the Super Mario Brothers edition that released last year there are some improvements. To start the box has a protective sleeve over it with a neat design on it. (Pictures below) But lets get into the meat of the Handheld the clock has Link running through different areas of the map that change as the day progresses. (If you hold A and B on the clock screen the numbers will flash.) While on the clock screen you are able to take control of Link and run around collecting items and killing enemies.  Depending on the time of day the face will also change to morning, evening, and night screens as well as change the enemy's that Link is facing. To set the time, auto sleep and change the volume and brightness you will want to hit the pause/set button on the clock face screen. For the new auto sleep feature you're only able to turn it off or on for 3 minutes. If you have it plugged in it will stay on. One hidden feature on the device is on the clock screen if you press and hold the A button for about 5 seconds music and effect sounds from the game will start playing. This makes it feel as you are playing a game on the clock face. Now there are four games on the device which are located under the games button you have The Legend of Zelda, Zelda II: The Adventure of Link, The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening, and Game and Watch Vermin. If you are in any of the games by pressing the pause/set button you will pause the game and will be met with 3 options Sound, Brightness and Reset game. Now there are some hidden features on the games as well on The Legend of Zelda if you click the game and when you get to the screen that has your profiles hold A for about 5 seconds before starting the game completely you can enjoy the game with full hearts. (Also if you die when you hit the continue button anything you collected stays in your inventory) On Zelda II: The Adventure of Link when you get to the screen that has your profiles hold A for about 5 seconds before starting the game completely you can enjoy the game with full hearts and magic. On The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening when you get to the screen that has your profiles hold A for about 5 seconds before starting the game completely (wait until you hear a charm) you can enjoy the game with full hearts. (this game has a bonus thing that none of the other games have while playing Link's Awakening if you hit the pause/set menu it will allow you to change the screen size to full or original) On Game and Watch Vermin if you do the same thing you unlock Game C which is super fast. This year under game they added an extra feature which is a timer. The timer will countdown from a maximum of 10 minutes. You are able to select your stage by hitting B and select how long you want the timer to be by hitting up and down and then A or Select to start the timer. One cool thing about the timer is you can allow Link to play by himself or just like the clock you can take control of link and battle enemies. As you are battling enemies on the timer it'll keep track of how many you kill. There's also a hidden feature on the timer when you go to start your timer if you hold down A for about 5 seconds it'll start counting up from zero. Now before we talk about what is missing I want to mention that if you have the auto sleep timer on after not being used for 3 minutes it will show you a going to sleep picture. (On the back of the handheld there is a triforce that lights up when the device is on. See pictures below 👇) Now my only Gripes for this Handheld is since it is a clock it would of been nice if Nintendo would of had a alarm function. Overall I have had a lot of fun with it and would say if you find it at a store I would pick it up. It would make a great stocking stuffer or Clock for your desk you can buy stands to put it on at a arts store or online on sites like Etsy etc. They did include an insert this year that will hold your Game & Watch but unlike the original kickstands from the og Game and Watches the insert they included is made of cardboard and could break easily. I hope you guys enjoyed my review and have a good weekend everyone. 😃 | Website | Trailerheader.png.9b00ccd82ee28385b94c95f96b99f329.pngclock-game.png.ea851d950821c5ad388b11f22255380e.pngtimer.png.f4e578e09f2279795eda70665be11652.pngthe-legend-of-zelda.png.33f461fd2940a23b8cb6d1ec21d2083e.pngthe-adventure-of-link.png.f436f1e932c18f58c91f4c298e8c0dae.pnglinks-awakening.png.d6b322e57cbf57c7d7e97f0dbfa5f6e0.pngpound-pests-aplenty.png.f54a564652e887a0d1173bdbef5fe944.png_20211120_161416.JPG.73f00b097c5678df07531ea4c918a98e.JPG_20211120_161531.JPG.c8d4ee2f3c6c64e837aa6fc9e0789fff.JPG_20211120_161728.JPG.0ca459763511004f9c1f488212278672.JPG_20211120_161754.JPG.6cd859d08ceaa8ca35a6e160b68ebe99.JPG_20211120_161825.JPG.b7567c03e6b099eb8bee2db059de469d.JPG_20211120_161846.JPG.16376960244389060b5d9ef540b8231b.JPG_20211120_161921.JPG.2693e67cf1a63fc5006e88c1f6e8f1d0.JPG_20211120_161957.JPG.95b18468d00ebac2304835a59144bc2a.JPG_20211120_162020.JPG.e82e9455889998ff8474d5647cdbe3fa.JPG_20211120_162042.JPG.c560d7f687f1ffd24d976f30e7308727.JPG_20211120_162111.JPG.dd515fab338e2ce7f82aad48b7910a7a.JPG_20211120_162207.JPG.29a70e3f70cbaca8b9570b5ab5ebd585.JPG_20211120_162137.JPG.e5464cb63dc047577422e8bbb63255b3.JPG |   pan widget

The Legend Of Zelda Manual.pdf The Legend Of Zelda Links Awakening Manual.pdf

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