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!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  CURRENTLY JUST A PLACEHOLDER AS I GATHER MY THOUGHTS / IDEAS DECIDE HOW I WILL PROGRESS OR NOT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Welcome to MaximumRD's Amiga Appreciation Hub. For fans of one of the greatest computer line of all time! Including the entire Amiga line from the original A1000 to the blockbuster A500 and even then CDTV and CD32 come join in on the fun relating to all things AMIGA! YES the C64 was awesome but the AMIGA was magic!


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I have an Amiga that I rarely use just due to lack of time.  But if I had an expert to help guide me...I'm sure I would be an active participant.  Hell, if you want to post the games that are best, I'm happy to try them out and post a newbie perspective. 

The most disappointing thing I've found so far with my Amiga is that it cannot run the one game I really wanted to try:  Dr J vs Larry Bird One on One.  It might be worth trying emulation for that one.



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I never owned an Amiga, so learning about this wonderful computer is a real treat.


If you do proceed with your writings as time allows, then I would also suggest joining EverythingC64 as they are a site of Commodore enthusiasts. They cover all Commodore computers, including Amiga. They also have a Discord. (Disclaimer: I'm a member of both their site and Discord.)

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Bob's Garden Play sample no commentary (Mr. Do! clone for AMIGA)
Here I quickly and poorly sample the game using AMIGA emulator FS-UAE for PC - Bob's Garden - An excellent clone of the arcade classic Mr. Do! for the Commodore AMIGA. I love Mr. Do! with my favorite version being on the Colecovision, however, back in my AMIGA days I was thrilled to find this little gem for any ESC/OCS Commodore AMIGA since it was PD/Freeware and turned out to be a very playable version as well. More details HERE:


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