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Complete Roland MT-200 Basic Tutorial and Guide



In this 3 video series, I go over the basics and understanding of the Roland MT-200 sound module. It is an excellent multifunction sound module that can act as both a sequencer and sound module. This means that in addition to being a very nice general MIDI and Sound Canvas sound module, it also has the ability to record MIDI songs from the MIDI in port and save them to diskette to be played back in a standalone fashion later, making it a MIDI Jukebox as well!

The first video goes over the basic overview of the module itself in what it is, what it can do, how to access the hidden diagnostic functions, and their uses.

In the second video I go over the advanced diagnostic functions in how to set the internal date and time along with how to use the diskette drive functions.

In the third and final video in this series, I go over the basic hardware needed to connect the MT-200 for use on a modern day computer. I also cover how to get the software drivers along with how to configure ScummVM and DosBOX for using an external MIDI device. Finally I demo how I have my MT-200 connected to my modern day Windows 10 PC along with my Roland MT-32 connected through MIDI Pass-thru. I then demo how I use the two modules in DosBOX on the game Space Quest 1 (VGA Remake). The audio is heavily compressed on this part as Geforce Experience software compresses the audio to mad levels for streaming. But you get the idea on how it works all the same.

Thank you for viewing these as it has been a lot of fun learning about this wonderful sound module and understanding its uses and secrets! Enjoy!

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