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READY! MODEL 100 Portable Computer Kit Kickstarter

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We see many projects come across Kickstarter, and every now and then we find one that we feel would be interesting to AtariAge visitors, and in this case, those that tinkered with early home computers back in the 70s and 80s. The READY! 100 is a portable solder-free DIY computer kit that features an extruded aluminum shell that accommodates any single board computer like a raspberry pi, 4x4 x86. pico-itx or something more exotic like an FPGA board and other external devices like dongles or batteries which can now become internal! It is a platform that brings a beautiful ultra-wide 1920x480 touch screen, 12 customizable industry standard input-outputs ports and 4 antenna ports with a full RGB backlit mechanical keyboard and a 5+5w stereo speaker system. You can use it to create a desktop enhancer, a portable laptop, a ham radio transceiver, a powerful router, a video game rig, audio/video recorder, or maybe something fun like a modernized Atari ST using something like a MiSTer FPGA! It's all up to your imagination. An open source version of the design has been created for anyone who wants to do it at home with the appropriate 3D Printer and CNC machine. There is ample room inside the case to fit any gadgets you'd like to integrate into a single device. You can even carry it around with you via a guitar strap with the compatible side strap locks. It is designed to be easily upgradable, easily repairable, fully modular, and a little flashy. The design was inspired by the angles and bevels found in early Atari 800 systems along with other companies like the TRS-80 Model 100, and the Apple II or Commodore 64. This is a premium built enclosure designed to last for many years. The READY!OS is a free open source Linux distribution that supports the unique feature set of the READY! 100. Please visit the Kickstarter campaign to learn more about the READY! 100 and make a pledge to support this project. You can also learn more by visiting the READY! 100 website directly.

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