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Digitizing on the Roland S50 in real life...

Clint Thompson


I've got a ton of things waiting to be delivered before I can actually make use of the Roland S50 (TSR patch cables, MIDI cables, floppy disks for samples, etc.) but I did manage to find an original Digitizer Tablet for $75 and now basically have the ultimate Roland S50 setup combination as depicted back in the late 80s! I don't know what it is about this keyboard or how I've managed to go so long in my life without noticing its existence but I'm glad to have landed one and am even more thrilled to be able to finally use it in the coming week or so. While it's a huge step back in terms of performance and limitless options to the Roland Phantom Workstation I once owned in the early millennium, I feel it's definitely more in my realm of enjoyment and can ultimately be used as a glorified MIDI controller.


May have also found a few Atari STe computers to add to my setup so I can MIDI link everything together when the time comes to laying down some tracks and really getting my feet wet in that arena. Going to get a rack mount from Amazon and some other goodies to get my studio jump started so when I move into the new place, I'll be rock solid and ready to go in letting whatever meaningless creativity juices flow into audio form. I'm really wanting to do something Yoomp! soundtrack related at some point because I really love the music in that game! Effects processors and more to come...






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