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Additions to the so-called Studio Setup

Clint Thompson


I'm only a few bits away to having what I would consider my ultimate, for the most part, studio setup and I couldn't be much happier! The RolandS50 has proven to be an absolute blast to play with and while loading disks is kind of slow, there's something warming about it. It sounds warm, too! It was pretty awesome to find some Juno and Jupiter sounds make their way to the S50! Still waiting for the draw tablet to arrive but once it gets here, gimmicky or not, it'll be interesting to see what can be done with that.


Scored a Roland VS880EX multi-track recorder that also does real time effects for only $40 which is a steal imo - that fact that I can plug in an electric guitar and it can act as a pedal box for various effects is worth the price of admission alone. The buttons will need to be retrobrited and there's some minor scuffing around the base that I'll likely mask with some sort of carbon covering to bring the entire thing up to speed in the looks department but so far it really seems like quite an elaborate little box that I'll be able to lay down many tracks with and if I ever come up with some truly creative worthy of sharing.


Outside of the STe, which I still haven't found one I'm in love with and will continue to take my time in getting, I've got my eyes on some other tasty Roland gear I hope to add in the near future but I'll have to get and assemble an audio rack for that. I'm not sure why I'm letting all this vintage gear get a hold of me but I'm enjoying every bit of it so far - quirks and all!




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