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Revisiting Gran Turismo 2 (PlayStation)

Atari 5200 Guy


Today when I checked the mail there was a package in there containing a game I have not seen since the Y2K debate.  This is one PlayStation game I bought as soon as it hit store shelves along with a guide book.  Being a huge fan of the first Gran Turismo this was one game I was highly excited about.  So getting it in the mail was an exciting moment for me.  A game that has eluded me many times was now in my hands, complete and ready...no...begging to be played.

I spent many months on this game before I traded in all my PlayStation stuff and I might have achieved 50 percent completion.  As time moved on and Forza came out the whole Gran Turismo thing for me sort of faded. Booting up Gran Turismo 2 and seeing the menu screen took me by surprise...again. But this time in a bad way because for the life of me I could not remember the layout of the game's navigation screen.  I had not seen it in so long that it took a while to find my way around again.  Once I spent some time on it the memories started coming back.  Took a while but came back.

All the tracks in the game were nice to see again. High Speed Ring I remember well.  That's one track that has managed to stay with the series since the first game and I know it has appeared in GT3 and GT4.  Red Rock Valley and Tahiti Road I had forgot about and had to learn all over again.  Those races I discovered under the Sunday Cup, practically the only races available, except for two tracks in the Clubman Cup races, that don't require a license.  

And that's another thing! The license tests. I got so use to Forza and not having to worry about obtaining licenses to participate in races later on in the game that I completely forgot how difficult getting those licenses were.  I just obtained my B-Class license after having to do most of the tests multiple times just to get a bronze award but, hey, whatever works.

The one aspect of the game that took me a while to adjust to was the graphics. Granted I could put the game in the PS2 to help out but, I'm old school and the PlayStation needed some exercise. It's funny...


...these graphics were once considered top notch.  While the PlayStation games have lived on the system as a whole just has not aged well at all.  I believe it was said that GT2, with as much as they put into it, still didn't make full use of the system's capabilities.  Even if the game does not look as good as it once did it is decent enough and doesn't discourage this old dog from enjoying an old friend's visitation.

I'm very grateful to see this game in my collection.  This time it's here to stay.  I want to try to get that 99 or 100 percent completion.  I'm hoping I can get most of my favorite old cars back.  I'm starting off with a car I didn't get before...a '91 Nissan Skyline GTS-t Type M with a few mods.  I'm a huge fan of the Skylines so that was a no brainer. But I'm not going to get those cars if I'm sitting here writing this.  My journey begins again with a game I have not seen in decades and I'm looking forward to it.



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I may need to change the name of this blog title to GT2 Dairy.  After a few races, and considering the Skyline I started with exceeded some race regulations, I went on a used car hunt. I'm 20 days in game time at this point and then races I'm after are in the Gran Turismo banner.  Here you can pick tracks based on location but each series of races under those has restrictions. I needed a car with at least 195 hp or less. First stop...Nissan.

In found a few of interest but at 175 up to 190 hp for a Silvia K and Q series cars would not leave much room for modifications.  At those HPs a single mod could put the car over the 195 limit.  Next stop Mazda.  And, nope, as much as I like Miata the car is just not one I've had much luck with in the past. And that was about the only ones there.  I thought I would try Suzuki next and boy was I surprised. Every car there seemed like the size of a smart car with only 68 HP.  Naa...I'm good. Moving on.  Toyota.

Let's see.  A few Celicas, a really nice Supra but had too much HP.  Half way down I found a MR2. Pretty blue and limited edition with a super charger.  Had 142 hp and was barely over 4,000 CR.  SOLD!  Got a few mods for it, sitting at 150 HP, and it's already tearing up the tracks and I have yet to get any engine mods for it other than a computer chip.


Nice little car but with the mid engine setup the rear end gets a little too happy.  Still, nice find for what I need it for.  Now to go get those 195 HP races.


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For the life of me I could not remember how a friend of mine and myself spent so much time with this game and accumulated what seemed like an endless stream of cash and cars.  I finally figured it out.  I remember now.

GT2 gives first place drivers a new car in the more advanced races.  If you find a race early on that gives a decent amount of cash plus a car with a decent value you can repeat the event, accumulate cash, and sell off all the prize cars to build up credits.  It's time consuming but a great way to build up credits for better cars or to hop up cars already in your garage.



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Another update.  This is my progress so far.


I just finished all Special Event FR races and won a new RX-7!


Geez, playing for a week and only at 9%?  I've got a long way to go.  Then again repeating a certain race to get money for upgrading a car to race in another race takes time.  I'm actually having fun and happy to play this game again.

11 hours ago, RickR said:

Your entry here made me think of something to try.  I have a PS2 steering wheel, but haven't ever tried it on PS1 racing games (played on the PS2).  I should give this a try, as it would give some of these older games a new life. 


I never thought of that. Cool idea. Let me know how it turns out.

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Wow.  I don't remember this car I just won.



Why don't I remember this?

I hope I'm not boring any one with this.  This is my favorite racing game and I have not seen it since its initial release.

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Dang!  You don't like NFS do you?

I see Most Wanted!  That one is a lot of fun.  I had carbon for GameCube and OG XBOX.  Beat it both times.  A lot of fun. The Burnout series is a blast!  I still say Revenge is best in series.  My cousin had ATV Fury 1 & 2.  I almost grabbed all four before I settled on GT2.

Cool steering wheel!

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It's been a while since my last update so here it is.  It has taken me time to remember a few tracks and races. It also took me a while to earn my IA license. I forgot how tough those were for me. I didn't care about getting all gold in the tests, I just wanted the license so that everything was available.

Tonight I ran my Skyline 280 in a 50-Lap endurance race on Autumn Run. After a few pit stops and almost 1 hour and 16 minutes later I crossed the finish line.

IMG_20220408_024204.jpg.d041133982c5ce99b3fb4c9ffd4d53ce.jpgFIRST PLACE BABY!!!  Yea!  And the prize?

IMG_20220408_024631.jpg.6a4853faa29abac92b70f757af304090.jpg500,000 credits and a new car added to the garage.


My current standings.  Not too impressive but, hey, not bad either.


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9 hours ago, RickR said:

You earned it!  Nice job.


I forgot how mentally and physically challenging those endurance races can be.  To sit there lap after lap, concentrating so hard you get in a zone and sort of become a zombie. Everything else around you becomes blocked out.  Nothing else matters except finishing those races.  That's why I don't do endurance races that often.

Thank you!

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