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Famicom Game Ranking

Atari 5200 Guy


I'm making a blog entry for the Famicom games I own.  I'm going to start ranking them based on how much I play the games.  I can't go by like because I simply like all of them.  Alright, here we go!

  1. Salamander - pure and simple shooter with a unique story behind it and an awesome soundtrack. I also like the distinctive transparent blue cartridge.
  2. Route 16 Turbo - developed by Sun soft of Blaster Master fame this arcade style maze game is simply hard to put down once you start playing it. It's that addictive. 
  3. Parodius - another shooter by Konami but this one is more of a cute em up.  Konami took a bunch of their well known characters and threw them in a large bag...and shook it up.  This was the end result. Very fun to play but can be a bit challenging
  4. Family Circuit - despite being in all Japanese this is a fun top-down racing game and the first one I've seen like it where the player can change a lot about their car characteristics.  It even has endurance races that can last a while.
  5. Gradius II - the sequel to a popular shooter franchise was very impressive with levels that seem to have no vertical or horizontal limits. Very fun to pick up and play but if you are not familiar with it you won't last ten minutes. I've lasted maybe 12 minutes.
  6. Tetris - Famicom's Tetris is different than what Nintendo released on the Western NES.  While not as colorful the game stops between levels to add up bonus points resulting in a break for the player. Something the NES version doesn't do.  The music is also different.

Ill be back later to add the others.


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