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Atari 2600 Game Ranking & Diary (of sorts)

Atari 5200 Guy



This post is the one I will be editing when I find more 2600 games. This list will only consist of games I physically have...it will not be based off of emulation. I have nothing against emulation and I think those are good for preservation but it's not the same as the real deal for me. So...below is my list so far. Be sure to keep an eye on it as it will be changing and will be added to frequently.








My List & Ranking of 2600 Games

  1. Adventure
  2. Space Invaders
  3. Solaris
  4. Enduro
  5. Amidar
  6. Gravitar
  7. Warlords
  8. E.T.
  9. Atlantis
  10. Othello
  11. Breakout
  12. Jungle Hunt
  13. California Games
  14. Missile Command



October 17, 2016: It's been a while since posting anything on the 2600 because I've working on reviewing things for the 5200. Jungle Hunt, while not a bad game, is not one I play very often on the 2600. Only at the time of this writing did I drag it out to play it for the first time in few months. It's not exactly one of my go-to games. And I managed to reach Lady P. the first time ever while playing the game to write the review. Jungle Hunt, while I might not play it that much, is a game I would play more than California Games but less than Breakout. So it holds #12 spot.


September 29, 2016: After writing my review on Missile Command I attempt to place it somewhere on this list. The truth is, while Missile Command is a good game, it is also one that not my particular favorite on any system. That doesn't mean I don't like it. On the contrary I use to play this game a lot on the 5200 when I was a kid. But, I don't feel that it has aged well with me...either that or I've moved away from this game over the years. I do like to play it every now and then ... and maybe if I can pick up a Trak-Ball controller for the 2600 it might encourage me to play the game some more. For now, though, I would play California Games more than Missile Command on any given day.


September 25, 2016: Adventure has been getting a LOT of playtime lately. And I managed to beat a Skill Level 3 game without too much difficulty. Well...believe it or not the bat helped. He grabbed all the keys I needed so I didn't have to hunt for them...but he was doing what he could to keep me from a gold key in another Skill Level 3 game. So much so that I can only see half of the Gold Key and the magnet is no where to be found. Come to think of it, I haven't seen a bridge in this round either. I can see why this game tops a lot of 2600 gamers' lists. It's fun to go hunting these items down and slaying a few dragons. So...Adventure has made it to the top of my list. It is now my number 1 favorite on the 2600.


September 3, 2016: Atlantis is a good game and that was almost always present with the many 2600 systems Mom and I would find at yard sales and second-hand stores. I have played it often and managed to get a nice copy that is complete in box. I really like the artwork and style of the box and labels the Imagic used. Those are very distinctive and attractive. As good as the game is it is not one that I play often. I would probably play E.T. - The Extra Terrestrial more than I would Atlantis. But I might pass up a game of Othello for Atlantis instead. So, Atlantis will fall between those two games for the time being.


August 28, 2016: I was blessed with a copy of Adventure from an Atari IO member (thank you very much!) and have spent most of my free time on it since it arrived in my mailbox. This is a very fun game if not the game that other adventure computer/console games came from. This is currently in my 2600 Woody and getting lots of play time. Of course it will get replaced when new games come along but I feel that it will get played often. There is a craving that Adventure satisfies...that sense of accomplishment and beating all the odds is what makes Adventure the awesome game that it is.


For that reason I would rank it as my new number one favorite game on the console. However, Space Invaders has more of a sentimental memory for me. With the 2600 receiving a more faithful Space Invaders port than any other console at that time it is for that simple reason I can not put Adventure in the number one spot. If it wasn't for Space Invaders I might not have ever wanted an Atari...or to play video games...in the first place. Usually when I play the 2600 hooked up in the living room I will go to the bedroom and grab some games from the shelf to bring back. Since Adventure has arrived it, and Space Invaders, along with about two or three other titles, have always made the journey between rooms. Both games sit on my 2600 under its dust cover waiting to be played.


I am personally taking the time to thank readers of my Atari.IO blog posts for their continued support. If it wasn't for Atari IO and its members I would not be here writing my thoughts and sharing my feelings about the one video game company that changed my way of life as well as gave me so many memories of time spent with family members no longer with me. And I enjoy reading every response I get in return. I don't think I will ever be able to thank you guys enough. You guys are the best!


Now...go play your Atari today. ;)


Recommended Comments

Thinking of some favorites that aren't on your list:

Circus Atari - the graphics are crude, but it's fast and fun

Missile Command - A really good port of the arcade game

Berzerk - try the harder variations - it gets hard fast.

Demon Attack - some think it's too simple, but I love how each wave has different aliens. 

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