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What started out as a small, innocent adventure has turned into a bit of an obsession.  Up until last year (2021) the thoughts of owning a Famicom system were a dream, an afterthought, a fantasy.  I had an opportunity to import a junk model last year, fix it up, and get a few games I was after.  The library of games I obtained hit a niche in me I had been missing from the good ol' NES years yet I didn't realize I was missing them.  And the visual appearance of the Famicom did not agree with me at first but grew on me over time.

Now comes the time I get on the level.  Yes I love the 5200 and everything it tried to do.  For many years up until mine literally fried it was my go to source for gaming entertainment.  I played it everyday.  I went a few months without any sort of gaming gear.  Mom surprised me when on my 13th birthday i unwrapped a NES Deluxe Set yet I didn't know what to make of it at the time.  I mean it wasn't Atari after all and the controllers didn't have joysticks.  That little machine forever changed how I looked at video games.  Because of it I stayed off the streets and my desire to read was fed regularly with the Nintendo Power magazine subscriptions. 

Fast forward to now and sitting in front of me is the little Famicom I repaired and pray it can hold on for many years to come. It has been my go to system for entertainment when time is short.  I don't have a clue what it is about this little red and white console that keeps my interest but I've somewhat latched on to it.  And it's not like I have a whole lot of games for it the NES didn't get.  Albeit I have games that are more arcade-style than anything else and it really isn't technically different than it's NES cousin but at the same time is seems like stepping into a new world.

I sat down one day and noticed some games were actually numbered.  Namcot, Jaleco, and I believe Irem might have had early game releases numbered.  Namco did for sure because I have number 3.  Knowing that I now have a goal: I would like to try to collect the numbered NAMCOT games for my Famicom.  I did research and came up with a list of 18 titles.  Most of those are famous arcade hits.  I also jotted down a few non-numbered titles as well.


Why?  It's simple really...most of those are arcade games that don't use Japanese words.  And if they do it isn't enough to take away from the game.  I plan to bounce between the three aforementioned third-party developers just to see what all I can find.  Besides, I'd like to get the test game that was used to sell the system I bought...Choplifter.

I really have no clue where I'm going with this post other than to share some thoughts.  It does make me wonder how the Famicom would have done if it was released as is against the 7800.  I mention that because this NES flavor seems more 7800 like and got what seems like more arcade conversations than our NES.  I mean Namco was a third party developer!  Their arcade legacy even then was top notch and full of hit titles.  Im actually surprised, though, to see a couple of titles missing.  Either that or I haven't located them yet.  Pole Position and Ms. Pac-Man I have not found for the Famicom yet. Those two are in the 7800 library.

Hmm.  So if only arcade converts were used would the 7800 and Famicom have put up a lengthy fight?  What do you think?

No matter what it is a cool little system to own.  I know I have enjoyed it and enjoyed learning about it even more.  I have a few accessories I'm after and a long list of games I'm keeping an eye out for. And while I try to figure out the next game to get I'm going to go and enjoy some SMB action.  

It's small foot space and the size of the carts make the Famicom easy to collect.  And, in modern times, should be next to any 7800 collection because both offer great games...even at the arcade level.  I have had a whole lot less issues from the Famicom and it's games than I have from an NES and it's games.  If you have small gaming space and want a fun little system to start collecting for then grab a Famicom, either model, and some games.  Stick with arcade converts and you will be fine.  Im sure others here would have some tips as well.


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