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Old DOS and CD-ROM Gaming, Part 3....



I had a blog entry a little while ago about the desire to set up a machine to run my old collection of DOS and CD-ROM games.  I successfully set up a Win 7 laptop, but hinted at something better....

Well, here we go.  It's a Gateway Profile 4 all-in-one with a built-in LCD screen.  Windows XP, Pentium 4 (single core), 1GB DDR memory, 40GB HD.  Built in speakers, modem, network, DVD drive, etc.  It needed a bit of repair, but I got it up and working.

I tried DOOM and DOOM2 first, and they both had issues with the integrated sound card.  Very choppy sound.  I loaded up DOSBox, and that problem was solved.  So I'm very happy.  This is going to be a really cool way to enjoy this project. 

The machine has an integrated NVidia based video card, so I'll see if the 3D games of the time work next.  Maybe Quake?  We shall see.


gateway profile 4 001.JPG

gateway profile 4 002.JPG


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Nice.  And Doom to boot!  Quake was a power hungry game when it came out.  I remember the AMD K6-2 500mhz CPU I had at the time struggled a bit.  Quake and Hexen...but I could play Final Fantasy 7 without problems.  Once I installed a Diamond Monster video card it could play anything seemed like.

Very nice all-in-one setup for sure.  Can you add more RAM if you need it or is it maxed already?

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I think it could do 2GB DDR memory (2 * 1GB sticks), but I don't have those).

The integrated graphics in this machine is an NVidia Geforce 4 MX 440 and it runs Quake and Quake 2 pretty well!


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If I remember correctly, once integrated sound chips became a standard, most DOS games took the hit.  My little Compaq has an ESS sound chip in it with legacy support.  No DOS game can find the settings and setting them manually does nothing.  


Words of advice...if you can opt for it, and are trying to repurpose an old computer, get a true Sound Blaster.  You'll have less headaches 😉.



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