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Xevious (Atari 7800)

Atari 5200 Guy



Introduction Header

(Hums theme to Xevious). Xevious. A shoot 'em up game developed by Namco. I still have no clue as to what exactly the player is suppose to do other than destroy everything. As well it is unclear whether the game actually has a purpose or if the player is locked in an endurance mode lasting as long as they can. I never figured it out. But I believe I read somewhere that Xevious has 8 rounds.


Xevious is a vertical-scrolling shoot 'em up game. The player gets no power ups and is equipped with a twin shooter and ground bombs. Difficulty switches on the front of the 7800 console can help the player select whether one fire button fires both simultaneously or if one button fires the twin shooter and another button fires the bombs. It has to be selected before starting the game though as you can't switch in the middle of a game.


With my best 7800 controller connected, I put Xevious in my 7800 and power it on. On my screen is the Atari logo (which is striking similar to the one used on the 1200 XL home computer). After a few seconds the Xevious title screen appears. I use the joystick to select a beginner skill level and press the fire button to start the game.


GamePlay Header

I do pretty well starting out having taken down a few flying enemies and bombing a few "tanks" and other ground enemies firing at me. Before too long I am zoned in to the action on my screen. Before long I come across these barriers that are flipping in mid air. These can not be shot down. Every shot I make that hits one is met with sudden death.


As the game play continues it is not long until I am up against a rather large enemy. Surrounding this enemy are large black dots that turn into shots aimed at me. I have no clue as to what I'm suppose to do. After a minute the thing flies off the top of the screen and my mission continues on.


After a while I am up against more flying enemies and tanks that can run on top of water. I never knew they made such things. And before long I make a wrong move and lose a life. I finally find my trouble spot and lose life after life and before I know it I run out of extra lives. Game over.


Overall Header

Xevious, while it is a fun game, can make the player feel like they have no purpose to keep playing. Yet, at the same time, it can be difficult to put down. If any game shows what the 7800 is capable of I would have to say that Xevious is one of them. The graphics look really good, the characters are well done, and even the sounds are spot on. Controls work well but, as an issue with the 7800 standard controllers, my hands started cramping before I made it to that huge enemy. This is from the 7800 controllers being so uncomfortable to use for prolonged periods of time and not because of the game.


Xevious is a good game that captures everything that makes the arcade exciting. It could also be considered a 7800 exclusive since no other Atari console every received it. Considering the 7800's rather short life span and game library I couldn't see a 7800 gamer without this game in their library of 7800 games. It's worth owning.


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