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Playing The Atari



I've been playing the Atari a lot lately. I got some games from a comic store that sells used games. My favorite so far has to be Robot Tank. The reason being, it is amazing in the aspect that it is 3Dish. I can't wait to get more games for the 2600. What's a game you guys recommend?


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Dodge 'Em, Enduro, Star Raiders (with keypad controller and overlay if you can), Tascan, Buck Rogers, Atlantis, and for some sit back and relax game play...Othello and Trick Shot.  Oh Video Pinball and Midnight Magic along with Mouse Trap and Jr. Pac-Man should fill the bill.

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Battlezone is a fun first person shooter on the 2600. I think you'd like it.


Adventure is a fun game that a lot of people think might have inspired the original Legend of Zelda game. You get to explore dungeons, castles, and catecombs, to find a magic chalice that was stolen by an evil magician, and you must collect items to aid you on your quest. One of the items is a sword, which you must use to kill the three dragons sent by the magician. You can also collect keys to unlock castles. There's a bat that will steal items from you. You can also only hold one item at a time, adding a challenge.


Yars' Revenge is one of the best games for the 2600.


Jungle Hunt is a favorite of mine.


Pitfall is a classic that I'm sure you'd enjoy.


Ms. Pacman.


Jr. Pacman.




Many, many games.

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