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Great list. Its good to see two Atari systems make the list! I have never spent any time with the original Xbox but will have to check it out. Dreamcast was one of two console pre-orders for me. The other was the Jaguar CD.


My favorites right now are:

Atari Jaguar,

Atari 7800,

Sega Saturn,

Sega Dreamcast, and


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I love the 7800!  But the issues I have with it are those controllers.  I'd grab a 5200 controller over the 7800 Pro-Line controllers any day.  The balance of those are off and makes it uncomfortable to use for prolonged periods of time.  I do enjoy the backwards capabilities of the system although in modern times being a gamer collecting the systems, and having two 2600 models, the 7800's ability to play 2600 games seems like overkill.  Just my opinion of course.  


The 7800 does have some good games and my favorite port of Asteroids on any system hands down.  Sounds are where the system suffers although some games have done really well with the 2-channel sounds especially Ms. Pac-Man.  That game sounds awesome with the two channel sound limitations.


The Jaguar is a favorite console of mine.  As mentioned in the video I love the design of the system and the controllers.  The games also seem to move between 2D and 3D, and it should be noted that the Jaguar was the first game console to contain hardware that produced 3D graphics.  Long before the likes of Saturn, Playstation, and N64 came along.  So, in hindsight, the Jaguar should be credited for delivering 3D games on a game platform.  I just wish that more would have been done with it.  Even more PC ports of then-popular games would have been a huge help.


Oh...and I love the Virtual Machine on the Jag CD.  That thing is wickedly cool!

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