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Borderlands 2 Game Play Series

Atari 5200 Guy


The FPS/RPG series Borderlands has become a favorite modern game with my wife and I.  In anticipation of Borderlands 3 coming in September I decided to do a video series on Borderland 2 to revisit the game and to showcase the game in its raw form.  There is no commentary as I lack the equipment to capture both at present time.  The first of this series starts in the video posted below.  More will follow when time allows.

Parental Warning:  The game play presented in the video below has been rated M for Mature by the ESRB.  It may/may not contain content inappropriate for young viewers.  Parental guidance is advised.  


The second part of this series is being figured out how to present.  Over an hour of the game I captured has the game's audio missing.  Instead the software switched on me to capture the mic instead.  Because of the copyrighted content it captured from the living room TV I may just have to do a text commentary of what happened.  I can't go back and capture it again and have it match up with the rest because of the random nature of the game.  Loot is never the same in the loot crates.  Any suggestions appreciated.


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You will need this link:


Gearbox releases new Golden Keys once or twice a month.  When you start the game and press the A button on the title screen, you will be greeted with the menu screen.  Here is where you can start a new game or continue a current game.  If you highlight Extras and then Shift you can enter the code for more keys.  You may need to create a SHiFT account first before you can enter the codes.  The Golden Keys are used to obtain rare weapons, shields, mods, and relics to aid you in your adventures.  In Sanctuary (getting to Sanctuary from the beginning may take a while) there is a Gold Loot Chest where the keys are used.  Keys are not obtained any other way and items that come out of this loot chest will be random.  Some items will be awesome, some will not.  Simply take what's in there, equip what you will use, and sell the rest.  It's a great way to make huge bucks fast.  Also another way to make some extra in-game cash is to pick up any and everything you find whether you will use it or not.  You can take these to vending machines and sell them.  Everything you find in the game will be random drops.

All "loot" in the game has a rarity scale that is color coded.  The order of rarity goes like this (from common to Legendary):

  1. White
  2. Green
  3. Blue
  4. Purple
  5. Pink
  6. Orange

The more rare it is the chances are the better it will be and the more it is worth.  But there are times when a more common item will be better than a more rare item.  And, yes, that has happened.  I'll be happy to answer any questions you have about the game.  


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