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  3. Food Fight is probably my favorite game on the 7800, hands down one of my favorite Atari games of all time! Looks great! I need one!
  4. Food Fight is what first got me interested in the Atari 7800. I built this Atari 7800/Genesis hybrid twin stick. It consists of 2 Sanwa JLW joysticks. The buttons are Crown SDB-202MX with Cherry micro switches. The first stick has a Sega MK-1470 6 button controller PCB with the Edladdin Seagull 78 adapter attached. The second stick has an Edladdin Easy 78 PCB. The ball tops are Kinu rubber coated and they feel great. Dual stick games like Robotron 2084 and T:me Salvo play wonderfully. The case is made from and old oak TV tray and the back of an old corkboard.
  5. 🥨 I fixed the Rank Pips in the Forums, and added a new rank at 10,000 Points - The Gold Key!

    1. Justin


      Also -- the Rank Pip for "Newbie" is now called "Novice" and features Jr. Pac-Man member_pips_1_newbie.png.819c5bec122a52d

  6. He's sold quite a few by now. I got these directly from Kristof last summer and they are cartridge# 784 & 989 respectively.
  7. Time to practice my legal skills. 


  8. @Gianna This is probably more retro than you're going for, and of course I enjoyed the original on Atari 7800, but I had Impossible Mission on Nintendo DS about 10 years ago and remember it being loads of fun. I would play it at night in my hotel room when I was traveling. Interesting puzzle platformer that stays pretty true to the original.
  9. The Atari VCS version of Centipede Recharged has 10 exclusive Challenges. They are much harder than the first 30 and have some nice references to the classic sprites. I've got one left to clear! 






  10. Thank you! Exactly what we were going for. Decided it would be a great idea to fracture my ankle during the time I was developing this dual cart. Had to switch gears as computing became more challenging. Balloon Girl uses the side scrolling engine and sprites from an homage to the Great Gianna Sisters I was making. Found that running and jumping just didn't feel right and pared down the gameplay into one button. Move up and forward. Collect stuff. Avoid enemies. Sharkstorm also went with simple. Left, right and shoot was what ya got. That and giant randomly created bosses. Making a double ender in the era of gigabyte ROM collections is an exercise in absurd fun. Glad we're all here enjoying new and wonderful things both classic and crazy!
  11. haha that doesn't sound like a bad plan 😎 Pizza sounds good! 🍕 🍕 🍕 Where does your family order pizza from?
  12. I can't believe how well you did your first time playing this game!! When it comes to arcade shoot-'em-ups -- you're a natural☺️
  13. Probably same as usual! Typically on Halloween my mom makes a bunch of Halloween inspired snacks, and sometimes also orders pizza as well 🙂 My family spends time together and we also help pass out candy as the neighborhood gets crazy. Each year it is super busy!
  14. My high score - 697,300 I really enjoy this game ☺️
  15. I love what you did with the artwork for the cartridge clamshell and instructions ☺️ it has that quaint and low-fi charm to it 👍
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  17. Killer score @btbfilms76 awesome to see you jumping in this Squad Challenge! Great to hear that, looking forward to playing with you @RickR! Enjoy your trip LEEETTTTSSSSSSS GGGOOOOOOOO‼️
  18. I plan on getting involved in this later this coming week.
  19. 855500 Round 2 - let’s get it! How does this 8bit game look like a Neo Geo game?
  20. Magical stuff like that happens all the time around here
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