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  2. There's another two guys on YouTube who each have their own channels but sometimes collaborate. They find these abandoned vehicles and try to get them going again usually without buying any parts. I've seen old Ford trucks, a Plymouth Fury, but mostly old Ford trucks. Those guys don't seem to like MOPAR stuff. I can't remember their channel names. Junkyard something. I finished the "El Camino" (called Atlantic in game) and did a Pinto look-a-like full blown. I'm now working on a Cobra clone but before I even start that I'm calling it a night. I will be glad when I get my shop upgraded so I can paint and remove body rust off these cars. Until then I do everything I can to turn a car. I have to reach level 30 before I can unlock that stuff and I'm at 16 as of now. I left/replaced everything with stock parts...no upgrades or high performance parts. Mine is still in the garage waiting for the day I can make it 100%. That's going to be my first "trophy" car. I turned a hefty profit off of it, too. I paid over $13,000 for it and got back almost $37,000. The PINTO broke me and I had to sell new parts I had in my warehouse to finish it. But that was because I repaired what I could to save money and when I went to clean out my inventory of parts I couldn't repair I accidentally sold off everything meaning I had to buy all parts brand new. That car sold for over $60,000 when completed. I hope you guys don't mind me sharing this. It's not Atari stuff but it is kinda fun to see what all you can do with these in-game cars. I'll post pics of the Cobra later. It was another barn find but cost me over $30,000 in the condition it was in. I'm curious at how much it's going to be worth when it is finished. @RickR Those images are coming from the GTX 460 by the way. I don't understand why the game said it needed 2 GB of VRAM when it works with only 768 MB of VRAM.
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  4. YES! The candy tin was PERFECT for holding treasures. That and the coffee can. Brother, thank you for posting that. It's so cool!
  5. Here's one of the few things I kept from childhood -- the candy tin that housed my D&D dice with a firm warning. These four dice are from my very first dice set bought in 1980 or 81 😮 I think I lost the D6 and D10, and actually, I don't remember what they looked like.
  6. I've often said I would love to buy one of the many abandoned failed grocery stores around here. Set up a bathroom, kitchen, and bedroom in one corner and leave the rest wide open for fun and projects! One day, when I'm rich I suppose. The "Car Wizard" actually runs a shop, and that's his business. But it's nice to see him doing those projects for himself once in a while.
  7. Found another one... Same I6 engine...different color. This one I'm going to keep factory and see how much I can make off it.
  8. Score: 40,250 I'm finding it very difficult to distinguish the green balls from the red balls (have I mentioned I'm color blind?), so I'm just avoiding all of them. I doubt I'm losing many points that way.
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    The replay will air at 8pm GMT for those across the pond. (That's 3pm ET) I'll be in the Twitch chat providing additional context on the show!
  10. Actually, I should ask son #2. I'll say "Do you happen to have a D10 and D6 dice?" and he'll open up some cabinet in his room and I'll spot a whole slew of my good junk.
  11. For this game, you only need two D10 and one D6.
  12. Bump'n and Jump'n in this episode of IntelliCade!
  13. I shall check it out. I like that "10 or 15 minutes" part. Perfect. Sadly, I looked but cannot find the dice and other stuff I used to have. I think one of my kids jacked it. But I think I know a store here that sells that stuff.
  14. I skipped right to v3. The PDF is like $8, and v3 is supposed to be clearer and fixes some stuff from v2 but it's the same game mechanics. Take a look at this playlist where the game is played with v2 instructions (v3 PDF can't be printed but v2 can be printed). I watched them before getting into the game myself. Comparing it to my experience with v3, it looks 99% identical. The great thing about this game is that because it's not narrative driven, it's really easy to play for 10 or 15 minutes and stop and then pick it up again later. It fits very well with our busy lifestyles. There a few other well regarded solo RPG rulesets (Four Against Darkness comes to mind). If you stick to PDF format, they all seem to be priced under $10 or $15. I just happen to start with D100 Dungeon because it seemed to be the more popular choice among solo dice rolling RPGs.
  15. I did not know that the hum was linked to the IPS screen replacement 😮 The guy I got it from is going to look into mitigating the hum. I will pass your comments to him. Thanks, Jesse. I often use headphones with handhelds and the hum is annoying me to the point that I’m not using the GBA.
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  17. Except for Frankenstein's Monster! That game is really quite good and exceptional when compared to the rest of the DataAge lineup. I think Journey was the first DataAge game I ever played. Borrowed it from a friend back in the day. And from what I'm reading, yes pretty much all the IPS screen replacements in the GBA cause humming in the audio. Likely the switching supply used for the backlight. There are ways to filter it out or get a replacement audio amp installed to be rid of it but I never play with the headphones and don't notice it on the external speaker. I recently did that upgrade on my OG GBA glacier. If I were to do it again or offer it, I would insist that you get a premodded case for this. I spent well over an hour total time trimming mine and trying to get it smooth etc. It isn't worth the labor time to charge someone when you can buy ready made shells for like $15.
  18. Wow! I had no idea a solo option was ever available. Have you tried the 2.2 free version? I wonder if it's worthwhile to try just to see if that's something I'd like.
  19. Q*bert (A/A): 40,600 This should be fun playing.
  20. During the past year while we all physically distanced ourselves socially, did you do anything new? I had been looking into solo board gaming since 2019 and even bought several games but had not played any until now. I was introduced to Dungeon & Dragons in fifth grade and immediately fell in love. Our teacher, Mrs. Sanders, gave us time during on Fridays to play in class, and we played couple times of month. But after, fifth grade, D&D sessions were few and far between as none of my friends in the neighborhood played. A few months ago, I found out about D&D type games that you can play by yourself. How fascinating! There are several highly recommended ones, and for my first solo RPG experience, I chose D100 Dungeon. The current rules iteration is v3. It is available for purchase in both PDF and printed forms (I bought both). The previous iteration v2.2 is available as a free PDF download. I always preferred Dungeons & Dragons over Advanced Dungeons & Dragons because of the simplicity of rules. D100 Dungeon rules favor simplicity as well. As the name suggests, the game involves mostly rolling percentages with some D10 and D6 dice rolls mixed in and looking up results in appropriate tables. D100 Dungeon is a paper-and-pencil Rogue-like in that dungeons are not pre-generated but randomly created as part of the game play, and your character can die. While I bought printed D100 Dungeon tiles that made manually drawing my own dungeon unnecessary, I wanted to do it by hand anyway. Having graph paper, pencil, dice, and soda and plopping down on the floor of the room really brought me back to the 80s. I even bought a dice tower from a local seller on Etsy. This past weekend, I ventured forth with Vikzam the Human Sorcerer. His career started with a bang -- two areas explored and successive encounters with giant rats gave Vikzam no trouble and ended with some nice loot. Confidence was high after searching the third area that netted two spells for the spell book. But reality crashed down hard on Vikzam in the fourth area where he encountered a pack of Tricksters. In desperation, Vikzam casted the Clumsy spell to reduce the Attack Value of the foes, but they countered with a spell of their own, Dark Strike, boosting their AV by 20. Vikzam went down hard, but he fought to the end. At least his demise came at the hands of a worthy foe and not something like giant rats. The following day, I crafted my second hero, Grookhatin Earthbrow (Groo to his friends) the Dwarf Warrior. Groo's first D100 Dungeon training quest was a success! A pack of rats initially gave some trouble but were vanquished with aplomb soon enough. Groo even blocked the escape of a cowardly bear and slew it with a single Mighty Blow of his long sword. The map below is from Groo's first quest. The objective of the quest was to gather three body parts from slain monsters. It did not take long to complete. Now, time to rest up and restock for the next quest.
  21. @CrossBow It took me a couple of tries. I got lucky and my plastic tray was not warped. The only problem I had was keeping the single connector (not the Z one) from falling out due to my flubbely hands :P. Overall it took me about 30 minutes to do the whole mod. The latest one I just did with the Backlight my tray had a slight warp where I had to add extra spacers. It worked the first time I put it together 🙂 The pictorial guide online helped quite a bit.
  22. Installing a updated screen with Backlight on my ole MicroVision!
  23. 🤔 Why was Mrs. Roper always so hot and bothered?

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      I agree they were hilarious. 

      Mrs. R had NEEDS.  Mr R probably had ED.  They should have been seeing a counselor.



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      And yet Mr. Roper's attention always seemed to be focused on whatever Jack was doing 🤔

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  25. Here's a :44 promo video for Episode 50 airing tomorrow night at 9pm ET! I'll have scoring & speedrun shoutouts along with a closer look at three new records: Donkey Kong (Arcade), Pole Position (Atari 2600) and Ms. Pac-Man (Atari 2600)!
  26. Magnavox Monday returns with a trip to space to take on not Tie Fighters. Ep 687: Cosmic Conflict (Odyssey 2)
  27. @Willie! I gotta ask you about the MV screen replacement. I also did this last week and I gotta tell you. For it being such a small thing to do, it took me well over an hour to get everything lined up right on that damn thing before it was showing all the segments. Even then half of one column is still a bit flaky and requires a little massaging around the screen to get it to come too. I can see there was some serious editing in your vid on this, so...did you have any issues getting it to all work at first? I even reached out to the guy on PM because I found out that my main issues were due to how severe the warp was in the top middle of my LCD tray for the screen. In the end what I had to do, was coat each pad on the MV mainboard with a little solder and then clean it all up with solder braid. Clean with de-ox-it and alcohol to essentially restore the pad surfaces. Then, I had to lightly hold it all together and use a spuger to push the side zebra strip close to the screen as it kept wanting to 'walk' towards the far edge. I also had to use the replacement side zebra strip as the original wasn't making good contact at all anymore. In the end I got there, but many was it ever more of a pain than it had any right to be for something so damn simple to do.
  28. Far as I know the only restriction for the newer releases we have now and coming out, is that I know they are using some bank switching and that was likely way too expensive back then. But it was possible. But you are correct in that the more recent 2600 releases are mostly using a separate processor inside them to actually do most of the grunt work and then cycle feed it to the VCS hardware to display on the screen. But then, Nintendo was doing that on NES games before it was fashionable back then.
  29. Sometimes it isn't fair to say "if this game was released back then". For example, the most modern 2600 games like Galagon, Star Castle, Draconian, etc. Clearly, there are better tools and less restrictive memory requirements nowadays. But most of what I'm experiencing on the INTV right now with this LTO Flash absolutely was do-able back then. Just start with Donkey Kong arcade. It's fast, looks great, and has three screens. I think it plays better than the CV version! Plus the INTV came out so much earlier than 5200 or CV. And you're right RE: the NES comparison. I keep thinking that the INTV could easily do the more simple baseball/golf/hockey games that the NES had. Instead, they gave us more realistic, two-player, super-slow games with a huge learning curve.
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