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  3. (Willie!) Taking inventory of my Atari 8bit cartridge collection and decided to make a vid of it
  4. Did this episode come out and my podcast app miss it?
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  6. I'm thinking about selling mine. But the shipping would be really high since the 5200 is so dang big. Is your old one gone for good? Because I also have an extra one that has a bad power switch. I can't quite figure out how that power switch worked, so if your old board is still there, maybe I could steal the power switch from it.
  7. Vintage Radio Shack's Porsche 917 Computer Car!
  8. Huntin' down those spies with Basic Fun's new Arcade Classics Spy Hunter MiniCade!
  9. Do to a recent tragedy, my 4 port Atari 5200 is no longer with us. .If anybody has one to part with, I will pay handsomely.
  10. Let's take a walk down memory lane back to February, 1987
  11. I tried grabbing a screenshot but for some reason it wasn't working right. Once you install the game you will have to register an account with Trackmania through the game. Once that is done, use your login credentials to sign in. The first menu screen you should see will have ways to play the game solo or online on the left. If you look on the right you should see items where you can share or add friends. You will want to click on the one that adds friends. When you click on that you will then enter their nickname registered with Trackmania. For those that play this game, and wish to add me, I go by the same nickname I use here...kamakazi20012. Just make sure the spelling and case setting are correct. You guys are always welcome to add me as a friend in video games you play online and, if I have them, I will gladly join in for some hang time. I do, however, have to express that I might not be the best at every game and my wife comes first. When she needs me my inactivity from helping her can take a bit...sometimes as long as 10 minutes or more. It's also why I suggested Minetest as well. It's a simple, relaxing, digital LEGO-isk world, if you will, where you can do what ever your imagination thinks of. Want to build a castle? It's doable. Need help building a bridge to connect two mountains? It can be done. Games like Minetest/Minecraft work best for me for the reason mentioned above because I don't have to worry about being kicked off for inactivity. While I'm away others can continue to play, build, do whatever, and I can play catch-up when I return. There's no time frame or time limit in the game. The same for Trackmania, too.
  12. How weird. It's why I was pointing out the bottom because it isn't really a demo. Good to know.
  13. Time for another Willie!'s Pickups N' Ramblin's Video!
  14. I got this message on my Steam account as soon as I loaded it up today. I thought it was a cool idea and thought I would pass it along to you guys. To help Australia, Humble has put together a Steam game bundle pack that contains over $400 worth of software for just $25. 100% of the money spent will go to Australia to aid people and animals affected by the Australia fires. So if anyone here has Steam and would like to increase their library this is a good way to do it. Just thought I'd pass it along. https://www.humblebundle.com/games/australia-fire-relief
  15. Same file. So either way is good.
  16. Nope...wrong one, RickR. Scroll down farther to the small print.
  17. I've downloaded it! Let me know how we can play together. One note to add to your instructions....the free version is listed as "TrackMania 1 Demo".
  18. Crystal Mines 2 in the Lynx. I am so jammed on lever 9 and need motivation to continue. LOL Its pissing me off is what I am saying but I want to keep playing.
  19. Battlin' Pesky Galactic Flies in AcornSoft's Arcadians! for the BBC Micro!
  20. For those that have always wondered about Minecraft but never had the funds for it there is an open source alternative. Enter Minetest, the only open source and completely free voxel block building game. https://www.minetest.net/ This game is available for all kinds of system setups and OS versions. And you don't need a million-dollar computer to play it. Single player modes Survival and Creative are available and any player has the option to host their server for some multiplayer fun. There's also a Wiki page for those wanting to know more about it. https://wiki.minetest.net/Main_Page I thought I would share this with other members here. There are lots of add-ons in the form of mods for this game which are free as well.
  21. My favorite track on the SNES version is Silence. I don't care if I'm in the hospital...I will join in on the next F-ZERO challenge. I plan on trying to pick up the N64 F-ZERO sometime.
  22. I would love to see some arcade games. I'm sure most of has have access to MAME. Mostly because of the nature of the arcade game, high scores, and easy to pick up quickly. Plus, for the most part, I think we all love the classic arcade games.
  23. I had this one way back in 95? maybe, I had forgotten about it until the last time it was a squad challenge. Ordered a copy, but didn't get it in time for the challenge. Hooked the SNES up just for this and I'm glad I did. Great game and I'm going to keep playing for awhile.
  24. I received F-ZERO for Christmas one year when I first got my Super Nintendo. I wasn't expecting it and it was an absolute thrill to play. The graphics seemed so amazing, and I really loved jumping off of the ramps. F-ZERO is also one of those Nintendo franchises that deserves to sit alongside Mario, Zelda, Metroid, Pokemon, Mario Kart, etc. but for the longest time had been "forgotten" to an extent. I always find myself playing F-ZERO around this time of year, and would like to continue revisiting F-ZERO in with a special holiday Squad Challenge every year, racing a different track from the game. The "Mute City" tracks are so emblematic of the game and easy to access as they are the first track to race in all three leagues. I hope you'll all join us the next time we revisit F-ZERO in a future Squad Challenge.
  25. Congratulations RadioPoultry! WOW!! I'm thrilled to see this turnout for our 2nd Annual F-ZERO Squad Challenge! Especially with the Malware situation going on. I love that you guys all turned out for this, even if F-ZERO isn't your strongest game. Congrats to all our racers who showed up to play, lots of friendly competition all around this challenge. Atari Creep livestreamed this event on his Instagram and YouTube, which was a lot of fun, special thanks to him for getting the word out. It's been really cool to get to watch other people play Squad Challenges live. Congratulations to @RadioPoultry on his score! Radio came in with a total lap time of 2' 07" 59. @kamakazi20012 takes 2nd with 2' 11" 32, and my score was 3rd on the scoreboard at 2' 16" 43. @greenween gave it his best and got a lap time of 2' 22" 37, @RickR was right on his tail at 2' 22" 71 and @Atari Creep rounds things out with 2' 32" 85 performed live. All of you showed how it was done, a huge congratulations to everybody who turned out for this Squad Challenge and posting absolutely incredible scores! I hope everybody enjoyed playing Mute City II on F-ZERO. We had more 16-Bit challenges this year and will continue with more challenges this year for Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis, TurboGrafx-16, Atari Lynx and more. Way to go everybody! F-ZERO MUTE CITY II FINAL STANDINGS 1 RADIOPOULTRY 2’07”59 2 KAMAKAZI20012 2’11”32 3 JUSTIN 2’16”43 4 GREENWEEN 2’22”37 5 RICKR 2’22”71 6 ATARI CREEP 2’32”85
  26. Thanks for the input guys! I''m adding your nominations into our big list of games! Let's make this a fun year 😉
  27. I don't own any CEDs or players, sadly. All that stuff got ransacked when mom passed away in 1998. Her funeral was in another town at least 4 hours away from where she lived. Before I could get back to retrieve some things someone one broke in the house and took some items then destroyed what they couldn't take. But, yes, CEDs are the record-like videodiscs. I owned 7 players. Three of them were SJT-100 mono models, 1 was an older SGT-100. It wasn't self-loading. I had two SJT-200 stereo models and an SGT-200 which was also a stereo model but lacked the self-loading mech. All of them played very well for their age. My personal player was one of the SJT-100. The other three just like it came from my grandmother, my aunt that lived with us, and my cousin. All of which were put under my grandmother's bed to be forgot about. I finally got brave and asked about them shortly before my mother passed. Dust city but they still functioned. The movies combined from all family members totaled over 1,000 titles, some were duplicates so if one didn't want to play I had other copies that did. My family always wondered if there was a way to clean them so they would play better. I spent years trying various methods. One method I discovered did clean them where they would play again but it also removed the oil coating that protected both the disc and the stylus during playback. I ruined a needle just playing a disc after I cleaned it. I found a somewhat solution to that problem when my grandmother's sowing machine oil spilled on a disc I just cleaned. I wiped off what I could but it spread all over the disc surface. It offered protection, and the discs did play, but the spin slung any excess oil all over the inside of the player. Imagine that mess. It did save a movie I had that refused to play that was the only one like it, without a duplicate, in that collection. I never shared my findings with any one. I'd love to get my hands on an RCA player and some CEDs again. Great animated films on those things.
  28. Ceds were the discs that had grooves, right? Like records, but for movies? Those would be cool to see! Post a picture when you have time please.
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