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  2. That's a great one! Atari Industrial Designer Regan Cheng has always cited Blade Runner and Syd Mead's work on Blade Runner in particular as a big influence on Atari's product design. And who can forget seeing the Atari Fuji pop up in Blade Runner? Hard to believe that's supposed to be this year.
  3. What movies do you associate most with Atari? For me it's the obvious. Raiders Of The Lost Ark, E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial, Cloak & Dagger, Krull, and The Last Starfighter. Of course there's Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure and Batman Returns on Lynx. But most of all, it will always be Superman. How about you? What movies remind you most of fond memories of Atari?
  4. 👉 EVERY WEDNESDAY NIGHT join us in the chatroom for fun & games w friends! See you there!

  5. I agree! The shipping shouldn't be too bad either since it is a fairly small item.
  6. I think that's an outstanding deal. I'll try to keep my eye out for that AtariAge post.
  7. The design is really cool. I like that the micro SD card goes into the side. He lists the price in the thread I linked to but I guess once a thread is started in Atari Age we may get better details. The price he lists is 220 PLN, which is about $57 US for the cart itself.
  8. Collect those Coconuts you simian fool!
  9. Do you have any idea what the price may be, TrekMD? This looks really cool. I'm glad you shared it.
  10. Got past the third level in one ship (I kept resetting if I died, lol). Anyway, didn't last long in the fourth level. It's so hard to get to it that I have no practice in it. Anyway, new high score for me.
  11. Oh wait...you can press "Run" to pause? I'll try that on my next run to get a picture. Even though I am Klingon and have tons of honor.
  12. Thank god for the honor system. I'm not fast enough to get a picture. 41,800. Wow, what an amazing, yet very difficult game. I'm going to have to spend more time with this!
  13. Yesterday
  14. Rafał Jankowski has announced he will be releasing a new multicart for the Atari Lynx called the AgaCart. The AgaCart will use an SD cart for storing ROM files. You choose the games using buttons on the back of the cartridge. The Cart supports 256k and 512k games in .lyx format, 128k files need to be converted to 256k. The maximum number of files is 199. Rafał Jankowski has released already a 48-in-1 Lynx multicart in the past, so he has experience with this type of project and this is essentially an updated version of his previous multicart. For those interested, the AgaCart can already be ordered by contacting Rafał at the Polish Atari Forums. He plans to start a thread for taking orders on Atari Age as well. If you're curious about the technical details, check out the thread at the Polish Atari Forum.
  15. You could not be amy more correct about how different it was. I was at first kind of bummed out about it but then I played it. Its a cool mindless maze game that I enjoyed. Not too hard but not easy either. Had a great deal of fun with it, enough to warrant maybe a part 2 to this stream.
  16. Tune in tomorrow night at 10pm ET / 7pm PT for Episode 10 of Retro With Marco! (We made it to double digits!)


    During the Shoutouts segment, you will learn the following:


    1. Which WR was broken three times in the same day
    2. Which gamer scored a Daily Double (NTSC & EMU)
    3. Which gamer broke a speedrun record by a grand total of four frames


    I'll also take a quick look at SMB for the C64 and the unfinished demo of Superman for the SNES.




    See you then!

  17. I love the Gameboy :), Happy 30th you cool little dohicky!
  18. C64 Plotting Circles in Basic
  19. Merlin 64, Executive mode and the Editor
  20. StormSurge


    Today's episode is James' 14th game. After today's episode, he is inching closer to AVERAGING what the former single-game record was ($77,000). It truly is amazing. Oh & to keep this discussion relevant to the forum, he dropped a Super Tecmo Bowl reference last week. 😀
  21. Batman on TurboGrafx-16 is pretty different from Batman on NES and not what a lot of people were expecting. I had never played Batman on the NES so I never knew the difference. I only knew Batman Returns on Atari Lynx. What were your impressions of Batman on TurboGrafx?
  22. I enjoy the modern stuff but i have to feed my hunger for some kind of classic game. I have found one modern game that does somewhat satisfy that hunger...Mighty No. 9. It is easy to see how it shows its Mega Man heritage. Fun game. Otherwise it's Atari, Nintendo, or Sega classic gaming. At times the original XBOX feeds that classic gaming hunger. Dreamcast, too.
  23. I go through periods where I don't play anything for several weeks at a time... but I feel it averages out to once a week or several times a week. Usually play something on Saturday. Weekdays just seem too hectic.
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