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  2. Atari Paddle Games Month continues with a rare game in Ep 638: Guardian
  3. Really nice collection you have there! I've never seen most of those items. I do have a small collection myself thought I would share. Any how I enjoyed your video and I hope you have a great day...
  4. One of the biggest lies any Youtuber will tell, is this opening line or intro announcement : 
    Seriously, knock it off

    1. Justin


      Great post! 

    2. kamakazi20012


      If ya didn't want to make the video then why did you make the video?  Simple as that. 😁

  5. I believe I made it to 47,000 points...Stage 6. I played the heck out of this game when it first came out and then some other game came along and this one sort of became forgot about. I don't remember half of what I've seen in this game. I'm going to have to do a few practice runs I guess.
  6. Adding a little color to a repaired Atari Touch Me handheld game 🙂 https://youtu.be/5FVLsCq8VJQ
  7. Last week
  8. I also used an emulator. I chose one called "bsnes" and it works very nicely.
  9. I loved everything about Star Fox on the Super NES. It was a great game and, not too surprisingly, still holds up well today. It made great use of the technology inside the system. I downloaded an emulator so I guess I'm going to try it with emulation and a 360 controller. I'm just missing a key ingredient to play.
  10. I stink at this game, but I'll tell you what...the soundtrack is incredible. It sounds a lot like the background music you used to hear at EPCOT. That's what it reminds me of.
  11. A little VLM on this beautiful socially distanced Sunday! 

    The Jaguar CD is hard to recommend on the game library alone. The VLM makes it worthwhile. It's actually my only CD player at this point. 



  12. Got this very cool Pac-Man Arcade Figure by Coleco in excellent condition and an unexpected bonus item!
  13. What a fun game! Galactic Storm from Taito! https://youtu.be/e2VAWBPenYg
  14. We just watched "Cause and Effect" last night. It's a Star Trek version of "Groundhog Day". Really well done.
  15. Hallmark's 2020 Arcade Keepsake ornament! Joust! https://youtu.be/-8YLWmKLs8c
  16. That kind of reminds me of the Famicom version of Dig Dug. I believe that is close to the version put on the My Arcade Micro Arcade Dig Dug cabs. I may be wrong but they do look very close.
  17. We just watched “The Wounded” from Season 4 tonight. This was the episode that introduced the Cardassians and laid the groundwork for DS9. It placed Miles O’Brien front and center pursued a rogue Federation ship with a rogue captain that O’Brien had once served under. What a good episode.
  18. Thanks everyone for stopping by the impromptu livestream this evening 🙂 https://youtu.be/6shzHImBGUU
  19. Playing Dig-Dug on this Jakks Pacific plug and play from 2007. Great arcade port but the screen scrolls and the audio glitches but it's in a fun way. I'll record game footage so you can hear these unusual sounds. Plus it's just one of my favorite games. I only wish it had a cut scene like Pac-Man. 💥
  20. Its Namco's Mappy! in a teeny weeny arcade cab from Super Impulse toys! https://youtu.be/PLfbSV3gXz4
  21. I could not believe I didn't own a boxed copy of one of my all-time favorite Atari games:  Yars' Revenge.  I ended up finding a really beat up copy on ebay for cheap. I added an "inner" box for structure.  And viola, it looks great on the shelf.


    atari shelf 001.JPG

    atari shelf 002.JPG

    atari shelf 007.JPG

  22. Today I look at the MAGNETARGET Tomy Pocket Game from 1980.
  23. I took Spanish in high school, and it has been useful. But I must admit, I was just being lazy. I grew up in a home that spoke Italian, so Spanish was a breeze. You're right about the tape drives for the 8-bits being flaky due to old worn belts. Stay away from the old 410. But if you find an XE version (I think the number is 1010?), you may have better luck. Not as many belts in that one. I have one that works perfectly.
  24. That's awesome! I would like to get a tape deck for my 800xl, but I hear a lot of older tape decks in general no longer work as the rubber bands inside have either broke or melted. Back in Junior High & High School, I tool several years of French, mostly because I heard it a lot on TV, living near the Canadian border. I can't remember much, since I rarely used it much after High School, but I do remember some words and phrases like "The frog is green" & "I would like a Coke". Honestly I wish I would've chosen to take Spanish instead, as it seems more useful to know as a second language in the US.
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