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  2. Sounds like she may not have been exposed if she was working by herself in a room. Hopefully that's the case. Sorry that you'll be stuck upstairs but, as you pointed out, you'll have a place like this to keep you distracted. 😉
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  4. The game that this time of year makes me think of is ET. I don’t know why. Maybe because of the whole running in the forest element? I mean the forest is lush and green, not autumny at all... but the movie always felt like fall to me, and I think it transferred over to the game.
  5. I don’t know. It was a pretty small space, but she had her own office and such. Still, she’s staying home nonetheless. Arrrgghh. I don’t want to sound like I am complaining here, but this is going to be a really rough few weeks. I am mostly going to be restricted to my room. I won’t have the luxury of going downstairs and grabbing a snack or something. When she was home in Spring, the whole downstairs area was basically off-limits. We couldn’t talk at meals either. She always takes a long time at work and stays until about 9 or so. She works the same hours here. At her office at night, there are no distractions. Here, there are lots. So we basically stay upstairs in silence the whole day. It doesn’t work out great and this is just the way it is around here. If I get my 7800 back in a more permanent form I think I’ll replace my 2600 in my room with it until my mom goes back to work. Unlike last Spring, I have something that will help keep me sane: this site. I can actually talk to people! It will help distract me from... that. So thanks for being here. Whoo. Sorry if I vented a bit there. I’m just a little uncertain of what’s to come, I suppose.
  6. Oh, I hope your mom is OK. Did she work closely with the person at work who got sick?
  7. I've played that version! I like it!
  8. A neat remake of Imagic's Demon Attack 😛 (its very slow and way to easy, so advantage Willie!)
  9. It will come down to pricing for most. I have a thing for Pong anyway, lots of great memories of the arcade game when it came out with my older brother getting me into the local bar on the campus 😛 plus working on them with my Dad at his friends arcade when I was first learning electronics (I started very very young :P). I plan on picking one up though. I know it will be the latest fodder for the younger tubers that were not even alive when Pong came out 🙂 so thought it would be nice to let people listen to a guy that was around and my thoughts on it 😛
  10. Interesting arcade game from the Late 70's by Nintendo. Not seen this one before but I kind of like it
  11. 100% spot on right there. Pong is an underrated game. When you have a good set of paddles or dials and a friend, it’s especially amazing.
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  13. Let me throw in Video Olympics. If there ever was a DE of Pong, this is it
  14. I have some good news and bad news. Good news is that all the games work! Some take a bit more persuading than others, but that's probably because I haven't cleaned any of them yet. The main thing is that Choplifter works perfectly on my system. No glitches. So that's good. The bad news is, my mom's coworker got the virus. So... my mom's going to be working from home until November 9th.
  15. I think it is a cool concept but the price will be key.
  16. That's an awesome instant collection. 🙂
  17. 🎉 Woot! Welcome to the I/O, T-man! I also came here a couple of months ago after watching NSG's monthly give-away video and stuck around. Very friendly welcoming bunch here.
  18. My first time here. My favorite has gotta be Haunted House, I love 2600 adventure games with a defined ending. Probably gonna sell off the trading cards at my local game store.
  19. That sounds like a very good reason to pick up and try out Star Cruiser. Thanks, Jesse. If you have other repro or game suggestions, please share.
  20. Atlantis was a nice fall game for me to play back in the day.
  21. Welcome to the I/O, GGG! Stampede is fun one. Can you earn the patch? Check out https://forums.atari.io/topic/4985-activision-patch-worthy-scores-of-atari-io/ for a list of I/O members who have achieved patch-worthy scores on Activision games. The I/O Stampede high score is kept here: https://forums.atari.io/topic/4947-stampede-atari-2600/
  22. INTV Month continues with a game that was developed in secret. Ep 660: Hover Force (Intellivision)
  23. Oh a by 2 get 1 deal? Yeah that is an excellent deal then! My only concern with HiSpec's repros is that his are really collector grade in addition to be usable. And I'm not that wild to see he is now offering repros on games that were officially released here in the US. Previously he only offered games that were imports (Most with translations) that were never offered or sold in the US. But now I see he has added Centy and few other high rollers that did get official releases. Hmm... I do recommend Star Cruiser as it is a technical marvel to see 3D polys being rendered on the Genesis without any special hardware. The game starts off a tad slow at first and is kinda wonky control wise but it the pace and store pick up a bit and it does get very challenging the further you get in the game.
  24. Blast!  I just got sniped at the last second on an ebay auction!  Oh well.  Money stays in pocket.  

    1. HDN


      What was the auction for? Just curious.

      I don't much care for eBay auctions for that reason alone.

    2. RickR


      It was for a Colecovision Roller Controller.  A track-ball for CV.  

      It happens.  As with most things, I try to find the bright side.  


  25. Wow, that's incredibly generous @cjherr. You truly embody the spirit of the hobby and community. Lucky young man, that Harry. Must be doing something right 😉
  26. I don't have Commando. But otherwise, all of these games are worthwhile and fun. My favorites here are: Ms. Pac Man - I love how fast the game gets. Robotron - the 7800 was MADE for this many objects. Donkey Kong - Very well done. Joust - Plays great Centipede - the two player simultaneous mode is incredible fun Asteroids - probably my #2 favorite 7800 game. A wonderful update to an old favorite.
  27. That is so awesome! And good video by the way. @cjherr, that's very generous of you! And also very cool. I love it.
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