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  2. Willie!

    Arcade USA

    Battling those Alien Raiders!
  3. nosweargamer

    The No Swear Gamer

    For my 36th review & ranking of an Intellivision game, I try to find out if Math Fun is really just that.
  4. nosweargamer

    Football Card Fridays

    In Ep 3 of Football Card Friday, I open a 2018 Contenders Draft Picks Blaster Box.
  5. Viewist looks back at the rise and fall of Epyx




    It's interesting to learn who was involved throughout the company's history. Jon Freeman was part of FreeFall, which would go on to develop such titles as Archon.


    As it was pointed out on the Reddit thread, two items that were not mentioned in the video were the 500XJ joystick and the Fast Load cartridge.


    And yes, there is a tie-in with Atari.

  6. Last week
  7. Willie!

    Arcade USA

    Monkeys and Matches dont mix in this episode of IntelliCade! Its Congo Bongo by Sega!
  8. nosweargamer

    The No Swear Gamer

    Here are some recent pickups I made, including a huge trade.
  9. nosweargamer

    NSG Giveaways!

    I'm doing another giveaway! Check out the video to see what's in the prize pack and how to enter ( https://twitter.com/thenosweargamer ) :
  10. nosweargamer

    Football Card Fridays

    Last week for Football Card Friday, my son made his debut, opening a box of Gunslingers.
  11. MaximumRD

    Battlestar Galactica

    Another take :
  12. 😎 Most excellent! Thrilled to see Bill & Ted 3 actually happening: 


  13. Justin

    Bill & Ted 3

    Looks like this is actually happening! Most excellent!! 😎
  14. After learning that the Retro World Series added another event in Minneapolis for April 7, I reached out in hopes of landing an interview for Episode 7 which will air next Wednesday, March 27. I was unable to schedule an interview for my pilot episode, but with two events in April (the other set for Las Vegas on April 26-28), my hope is to secure an interview by no later than Monday so I could edit the segment in time for Wednesday.

  15. kamakazi20012

    Rocket League

    I managed to squeeze in enough time to work on a few training sessions and, holy crap! Rocket League cars can fly!! Somewhat. Training! The key to this game is to practice the training sessions.
  16. Getting ready to watch Thursday NIght Tecmo, courtesy of Thunderdome XI. Final Four action slated to start very soon:



  17. Br1ans Man Cave

    Brian's Man Cave

    Frogger | Classic Arcade on PlayStation
  18. kamakazi20012

    Squad Challenge - Buggy Boy (Atari ST)

    I love this game! There is a way to get a few extra bonus points. Look at the flags in the upper right hand corner. Collect the colored flags in the order that it shows and the flags will start to flash for a short while. I think the flags are worth double while flashing. I have managed to collect flags while they are flashing to lengthen the time the flags flash. I remember playing this game at an arcade/go kart place my hometown use to have decades ago. It was the only time I seen the arcade of Buggy Boy. I never knew any form of home computer or console got this game until recently. Unlike the arcade version, however, the ST version lacks other cars on the track to annoy you. It's just you and the open road. Controls are simple making this an easy game to pick up and play. And you don't have to hold throttle down the entire time. The throttle works the same way as 2600's Enduro. Get it up to speed and let off. It will maintain speed until you either hit something, slow down, or crash. Fire button is used to shift gears. Awesome score, RP! I'll have to give it another go.
  19. Justin

    Sega VR

    @RadioPoultry and I got into a conversation in the chatroom last night about Sega VR, the long lost virtual reality headset initially developed for the Sega Genesis, and later for the Saturn and arcade machines. There hasn't been a lot of info about the Sega VR, although it appears a bit more info has surfaced in recent years. I remember seeing the Sega VR in video game magazines such as GamePro and Sega Visions the fall of 1993. It was right around the same time the Jaguar was about to drop, and although I was excited to see a Sega VR headset for the Genesis I was also hoping the Jag VR headset would trounce it. At the time it seemed to me that the Atari Jaguar would be a more advanced system that could better handle the demands of VR and would offer better games. However I've read the Sega VR was originally intended to be used with Sega Genesis games like Virtua Racing, which no doubt would've been an incredible experience. At least that's what you'd perceive it to be. What I remember hearing at the time was the Sega VR was delayed, and later canceled primarily due to people being disappointed in the actual experience not living up to what they had expected. This allegedly resulted from a combination of factors, namely: 1.) Insufficient motion tracking, 2.) focus group participants experiencing dizziness and motion sickness from gameplay longer than 20 mins, and 3.) poor video quality which severely hindered the experience from being truly immersive due to cost-effective low resolution screens, and the feel that you were looking at a moving movie screen from the back row, as opposed to being enveloped in an imax-like virtual environment. Maybe had the Sega VR been released McWill would have a nice screen mod for it 😉 I remember by the fall of 1994 all VR talk had moved to Virtuality and the Atari Jaguar VR headset, and everything coming out of Sega at the time was about 32x and Saturn, with Genesis beginning to look more and more like the generation that was about to be left behind. More on the Sega VR can be found in this recent article from DesignNews: From: DesignNews by Chris Wiltz The Story of Sega VR: Sega's Failed Virtual Reality Headset In 1991 video game giant Sega tasked its engineers with creating what would have been the first consumer VR headset. But the Sega VR was never released. Here's why. https://www.designnews.com/electronics-test/story-sega-vr-segas-failed-virtual-reality-headset/74451237860349
  20. RadioPoultry

    Squad Challenge - Buggy Boy (Atari ST)

    Here is my latest score. 84,820. I just barely edged past kamakazi20012.
  21. RadioPoultry

    Squad Challenge - Buggy Boy (Atari ST)

    You can download the newest version of Hatari here: https://download.tuxfamily.org/hatari/2.2.1/ When you open Hatari, it will run without a floppy disk image present. Press F12 to open the Hatari main menu and click "floppy disks". To the right of Drive A, click "browse" and find the Buggy Boy disk image file. Go back to the main menu, select "reset machine", and click OK. The emulated ST will reset and after a few seconds Buggy Boy will finish loading up. Hatari disables joysticks by default, but you can enable them in the main menu (F12) under "Joysticks". For Buggy Boy, you'll want to select Jostick 0, so click the left arrow and switch "disabled" to either "use keyboard" or "use joystick". I'm using keyboard, myself. The default key assignments are the arrow keys for directions and right ctrl for fire, but you can redefine them if you want. Keep in mind you will lose all these settings when you close Hatari unless you save the configuration from the main menu.
  22. MaximumRD

    Battlestar Galactica

    Loved everything about the original, was not much a fan of the newer series.
  23. I enjoy the shows retro theme, Goldbergs, the latest episode is interesting 😉 Eight-bit Goldbergs The Goldbergs episode (season 6, episode 19) Description : Adam is thrilled when he has to design his own video game for school; Beverly is worried about Pops' gambling and ropes Bill Lewis into her latest scheme. Several 8-bit machines were shown throughout the episode. https://www.tvovermind.com/the-goldbergs-goes-video-games-from-the-80s/
  24. RadioPoultry

    Squad Challenge - Buggy Boy (Atari ST)

    Got it running on an emulator (Hatari). There were one or two small annoyances. I can give the details of how I did it in a little while, in case anyone has trouble. My score was 66,440. Neat game!
  25. nosweargamer

    The No Swear Gamer

    Here's me review of the upcoming Brett Weiss book, The SNES Omnibus Vol 2!
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