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    What this guy did is incredible. 🤯 Hats off to him.
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    SUMMER PIZZA FESTIVAL! 🕹️ 🍺 🍕 A CELEBRATION OF PIZZA, GAMES & SUMMER 🍕 🍺 🕹️ ____________ SIDEWALK SALE Buy, Sell & Trade! This is a great time to tidy up and let go of dupes in your collection! Polish up those spares and trades, take photos and post them in the Marketplace! We’ll spread the word that NOW is a great time to check out the new items in the Marketplace. Even if you only have a few items, now is a great time to get them listed, make a trade, check out what others have up, and maybe make a new friend in the process. 🍕 PIZZA PARTY Sample your favorite local pizza and celebrate summer with pizza and games! Invite a friend over for pizza and games at home, or go out to your local pizzeria for a fun night! Share photos in the forums and lets hear about your favorite local pizza place! What's your regional flavor? Is it New York Style, Chicago Deep Dish, Genuine California Pizza? Let’s see that pizza place game room! If you’re eating at home, project Warlords up on the side of your house for an amazing game with friends. It’s a good time to invite new friends to join the Forums. 🍕 LIVESTREAMS Content creators! Livestream pizza & games night from home, or check in LIVE from your local pizzeria with your mobile device. We’ll be there for the action! 🍕 3x HIGH SCORE SQUAD CHALLENGES 3 spectacular Squad Challenges running simultaneously thru the long weekend. Participate in as many of them as you want! 🍕 PLAY-IT-FORWARD Randomly donate/give/send a classic game to someone who might enjoy it, or support your favorite Atari I/O Content Creator with a generous donation on Patreon or PayPal. The spirit of Play-It-Forward is to promote classic gaming while being generous to those who could use a little generosity. This will not be an opportunity for mooches and grifters to pester forum members for free games or insinuate as much. 🍕 "Pizzas, and greasy joysticks, pitcher of root beer and high scores, that’s what it’s all about" - BTB Friday, June 21st - Sunday, June 23rd
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    Storms Giveaway 2 Haul!!!

    My stuff arrived today too. THANK YOU STORMSURGE!! Here's a pic, including Creep's falsies.
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    NSG's 2019 Sidewalk Sale

    Prices are good through the end of the month (June 2019). Prices include shipping. Trades are welcome. These items are also available for sale on ebay, and you can see pictures there, but if you buy on ebay, it will cost more. Pictures on ebay: https://www.ebay.com/sch/integritygames/m.html?_nkw=&_armrs=1&_ipg=&_from= Chase The Chuckwagon (Loose, Atari 2600) $75 Cosmic Corridor (Loose, Rough Label, Atari 2600) $25 Title Match Pro Wrestling (New, Atari 2600) $15 Super Football (Atari 2600, Loose $5, New $8) Jackbox Party Pack (360, New) $8 Dragon Trap or Football Tomy Pocket Games - $10 each or both for $16 Pac-Man MGA B&W LCD Mini Arcade Game - $9
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    The guys from ChampGames are currently working on an amazing home port of Galaga for the Atari 2600. I know NSG posted about it but this deserves its own thread. Head to the thread in AA to get the demo binary: Champ Games - Galaga 2600
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    Storms Giveaway 2 Haul!!!

    I didn't get "the memo" but I did get all the cool schwag I was able to select. and as the- @Atari Creep described the "fake boobies" as they will now forever be called. Thanks again @StormSurge
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    I can not believe I forgot to post these. My buddy ColecoJoe hooked me up with these back in March. I have a few more on their way, I will post them with updated collection numbers! And 👇 these 👇 fron the almighty @nosweargamer also in March.
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    Congratulations ThatBuffGamer! Congratulations @ThatBuffGamer on an awesome score! Shinobi was our 1st Sega Master System Squad Challenge, and our third "Single Life Run" challenge. Guys, these were incredible scores. Seriously, these scores just blew me away, and the amount of enthusiasm in this challenge was palpable. I hope everybody had a lot of fun with this one. ThatBuffGamer achieved the High Score for this Squad Challenge with a score of 291,800. @atarilbc took 2nd Place with 157,450 points, and @Control Issues scored 153,800 points to take 3rd. @RadioPoultry @Atari Creep @nosweargamer and @RickR all showed up with their best. Great game guys! Congrats to everyone who played! I'd like to encourage ThatBuffGamer to post his new high score on the Scoreboard, and maybe this Challenge can continue on! Our next High Score Squad Challenge will be for the Atari Lynx! See you there! SHINOBI SINGLE LIFE RUN FINAL STANDINGS 1 THAT BUFF GAMER 291,800 2 ATARILBC 157,450 3 CONTROL ISSUES 153,800 4 RADIO POULTRY 131,200 5 ATARI CREEP 119,400 6 NO SWEAR GAMER 97,450 7 RICKR 93,300
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    Don’t want to discourage you guys but I just managed to beat my previous highscore.. it’s now 291800 😅 Haven’t been able to beat this boss though, this is like the third time I’ve reached him since I was twelve. Never did beat the game haha This time I’m playing the game on my GBA with my Sega Master System Classics cart.
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    So the divorce was finalized last month. The last few weeks I've been spending my off hours getting ready to list our house. I haven't lived there for six months and there are some things that need to be addressed before the listing. I'm hoping for a quick sale so that I can close the book on this chapter. Onward and upward!
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    Storm's Giveaway - THE PICKS!

    Here's what's left: 360 games Big Bumpin' Kinect Adventures (Kinect) Max Payne 3 Pocketbike Racer Your Shape Fitness Evolved (Kinect) 2600 games SQ: Earthworld SQ: Fireworld Intellivision games NASL Soccer Assorted manuals ( Anticipation is also included. They were underneath other manuals.) Anticipation (NES) PS3 Manual LOL, Poor Sword Quests!
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    Storm's Giveaway - THE PICKS!

    Happy Birthday StormSurge!
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    Storm's Giveaway - THE PICKS!

    I'm going all golf this time NES Jack Nicklaus and Genesis PGA Europe please and thank you.
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    Storm's Giveaway - THE PICKS!

    alrghty then: "Cars" (xb360) & " Lego Indiana Jones " (xb360) @RickR-b-next I concur
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    My son gave me a gift of NES "Top Gun" yesterday. My goal is to land the plane on the carrier. I failed a few times, but now I've read the manual. I won't let you down this time, Goose.
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    Hey guys. Its that tine again. Time when I bug you endlessly for donations to the Alzheimer's Association. This year I am kicking off the campaign with a rad giveaway. The walk itself will be on September 22nd in Cambridge, MA. More info and a video coming later tonight. Thanks as always to the Atari IO community for all your support every year!
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    Congratulations nosweargamer! Congratulations @nosweargamer on an awesome score! Blue Lightning was our 2nd Atari Lynx Squad Challenge. I was thrilled to see a good turnout for this games and all of you posted scores to be proud of. I hope everybody had a lot of fun checking out what the Atari Lynx had to offer. @kamakazi20012 messaged me to say that he has a copy of Blue Lightning on its way to him as we speak from @Video 61, and would like to continue this challenge in the Scoreboard! It's amazing to think that when Tetris was just making it onto Game Boy, Atari Lynx had this. Blue Lightning looks almost good enough to be a home console game. nosweargamer achieved the High Score for this Squad Challenge with a score of 170,800. @atarilbc took 2nd Place with 128,400 points, and @Atari Creep scored 106,300 points to take 3rd. @Control Issues and @RickR brought their best. Great game guys! Congrats to everyone who played! I'd like to encourage NSG to post his new high score on the Scoreboard, and this Challenge will continue on! NOTE: Our normal High Score Squad Challenge will not be played this week, so that we may bring you THREE Squad Challenges running simultaneously for our Summer Pizza Festival starting this Friday!! We will be playing games for Atari 2600, Nintendo Entertainment System, and Sega Genesis. See you there! BLUE LIGHTNING FINAL STANDINGS 1 NO SWEAR GAMER 170,800 2 ATARILBC 128,400 3 ATARI CREEP 106,300 4 CONTROL ISSUES 84,600 5 RICKR 54,200
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    Vacation Photos

    How about a few crazy pictures from "Marsh's Free Museum" in Long Beach, Washington....
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    Atari Creep

    Storms Giveaway 2 Haul!!!

    Hey guys. Here is a sneak peek to all I got in the give away @StormSurge recently did in support of his Extra Life campaign. Figured I would start a new topic to give everyone that participated a place to show off their haul. Thanks you so much Storm, and all the best luck in your cause brother!!!!!
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    Atari Creep

    The Creeps Play Things

    Here are some really cool cards i got ina recent box from @RickR
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    Storms Giveaway 2 Haul!!!

    Awesome stuff, Control Issues. I'm not a huge fan of Halo either. I'm more of a Borderlands person. My wife and I play that game religiously. Sports titles? Naa...but I do enjoy a good game of Tennis and Virtua Tennis (DC) and RS Tennis (2600 & 5200) are good games. I've recently been enjoying Rocket League and is probably the only sports game that I can say is a LOT of fun. I just can't pull off the same skills that I've seen others do in that game. Dreamcast? Most of the games on that Generation Disc are top-notch. You might try to keep an eye out for any Official Dreamcast Magazine discs as well. Some had full games on them where the magazine discs are the only way to get them. I love Genesis and have fond memories of the Master System...but I believe Dreamcast remains by favorite Sega system of all-time.
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    Atari Creep

    Storms Giveaway 2 Haul!!!

    And my Alien CIB. 😋😀
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    Genesis mini Sept 2019!

    Sega announced the remaining games for the Sega Genesis Mini , including a surprise title!
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    I' not very good at this one but I should be able to participate!
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    Thank you very much sir! 😄 About the GBA, thanks I modded it myself 😇 I got me a AGS-101 screen on Ebay out of China for €30,-. You can also get them now from either Deadpan Robot in the UK and if I’m not mistaken also from Handheld Legend in the US. You do have to solder a wire for power and that is a little tricky due to the very small solderpoint but with a little patience you’ll probably can do it no problem! One thing: before you buy the screen, be sure to check wether you need the included ribbon cable to be 32-pin or 40-pin. You can do this by removing the battery cover on your GBA. You’ll see a number on the mother board. For a 32-pin it will start with “1” and for a 40-pin it will start with a “0”. As for the shell, you have to modify the front somewhat by cutting some plastic so it’ll fit but it’s an easy enough job. 💪😎 To all of you, it was a lot of fun, thanks for pushing me with those awesome scores! This game is one of the first Master System games I owned. Never managed to beat it, even now I didn’t make it past Mandara. Looks like you almost HAVE to beat the game with 1 life because if you die in the later levels and you lose your powerups.. it’s game over very fast. Tips from anyone who did beat the game?
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    @ThatBuffGamer, great score. You are the Shinobi Master. I do want to ask about that GBA. Looks like you got a replacement screen? Looks great! I'd love to know the details of that upgrade. Did you do it yourself? Was it difficult?
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    Nothing new... but took a pic for Twitter earlier and figured I'd throw it in here... 😃
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    Another Atari console on the horizon for 1989. Just what everybody was asking for: Just so we're clear for 1989: Atari 2600 Atari 7800 Atari Lynx Atari XEGS Atari XE Computers Atari ST Computers Atari Portfolio and now the Atari Mirai / Super XE All taking space on store shelves at the same time. Atari should’ve focused their efforts on ONE game console to kill the NES. In my opinion Atari Corp. should have refined the Atari 7800 slightly with an improved "Atari 7800 Mk.II" before re-releasing the game system in 1986. Add more memory and a POKEY or Yamaha sound chip on board, and bundle in two of the 7800 D-Pad Controllers that were released in Europe. The Atari 7800 Keyboard should have been released with an ANTIC Chip, SIO and cartridge slots that would add reverse compatibility to the 7800 for the Atari 8-Bit Computers and Atari 5200. Release awesome games, advertise effectively, treat people right and pay vendors, problem solved.
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    Doing the whole "quit smoking" thing starting today. Might use this to keep my mind off of it. Could be a good or poor idea, I will let ya know n a bit. HAHA
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    Storm's Giveaway - THE PICKS!

    Here are the next five pickers, in order: @chas10e @RickR @kamakazi20012 @kamakazi20012 @RickR And here's what's still available: 360 games Big Bumpin' Bioshock Infinite Halo 3 Kinect Adventures (Kinect) Max Payne 3 Phineas & Ferb Quest for Cool Stuff Pocketbike Racer Puss In Boots (Kinect) Your Shape Fitness Evolved (Kinect) 2600 games Air Sea Battle (end label off) Astroblast Boxing Combat Kangaroo RS Boxing RS Football RS Volleyball Slot Racers Space Invaders Space War SQ: Earthworld SQ: Fireworld Star Raiders Street Racer Video Chess Intellivision games NASL Soccer Dreamcast peripherals Web Browser Disc Assorted manuals ( Anticipation is also included. They were underneath other manuals.) 1942 (NES) Anticipation (NES) Phantasy Star II Map PS3 Manual
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    GRay Defender

    Galaga for the VCS at last!

    John was kind enough to let me do a video preview of his upcoming Galaga game: (Spoiler it's amazing!)
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    Storm's Giveaway - THE PICKS!

    I'd like to buy a vowel, please
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    Storm's Giveaway - THE PICKS!

    I've updated the list. I hope this helps @StormSurge when he returns from his busy weekend. fergojisan - Luigi's Mansion & Mario Golf (GC) kamakazi20012 - Xbox 360 RickR - Alien 2600 CIB & SW Rebel Strike (GC) chas10e - Pigs in Space (2600) & Bomberman (NES) nosweargamer - TMNT III (NES) & Mario Kart Double Dash (GC) Atari Creep - Gamecube Mr Toon - Wii GRay Defender - Family Feud (Genesis) & Who Wants To Be A Millionaire (360) Control Issues - Altered Beast (Genesis) & Mario Bros. (NES) greenween - NES Willie! - Mattel Electronic Football BlackCatz40 - GI Joe: Cobra Strike (2600) & Activision Decathalon (2600) BlackCatz40 - Miniature Golf (2600) & Trick Shot (2600) Willie! - Tandyvision greenween - Ms. Pac Man Plug & Play Control Issues - River City Ransom (NES) & Ghostbusters (2600) GRay Defender - Jeopardy! (X360) & The Simpsons: Bart vs. The World (NES) Mr Toon - Atlantis (Int.) & Metal Gear (NES) Atari Creep - Astrosmash (Int.) & Mission X (Int.) nosweargamer - 3-D Worldrunner (NES) & Double Dare (NES) chas10e - Arcade Controller Lightswitch RickR - Xevious (NES) & Commando (NES) kamakazi20012 - Dr. Mario (NES) & Super Mario Bros./Duck Hunt (NES) kamakazi20012 - Gauntlet (NES) & Halo CE Anniversary (X360) RickR - Cobra Triangle (NES) & Gyromite (NES) chas10e - Kool Aid Man (2600) & Elevator Action (NES) nosweargamer - Joust (NES) & Friday the 13th (NES, with manual?) Atari Creep - MegaForce (2600) & Turmoil (2600) Mr Toon - Stampede (2600) & Jungle Hunt (2600) GRay Defender - skipped Control Issues - Golgo 13 (NES) & Zaxxon (2600) greenween - D & D (Intv) & Bayou Billy (NES) BlackCatz40 - Othello (2600) & Mario Bros. (2600) BlackCatz40 - Championship Soccer (2600) & Sneak King (X360) greenween - Tutankham (2600) & Blackjack (2600) Control Issues - PGA Tour 3 (Gen) & Generator Demo (Dreamcast) GRay Defender - Win Lose or Draw (NES) & Kinectimals (X360) Mr Toon Atari Creep nosweargamer chas10e RickR kamakazi20012 kamakazi20012 RickR chas10e nosweargamer Atari Creep Mr Toon GRay Defender Control Issues greenween BlackCatz40 BlackCatz40 greenween Control Issues GRay Defender Mr Toon Atari Creep nosweargamer chas10e RickR kamakazi20012 kamakazi20012 RickR chas10e nosweargamer Atari Creep Mr Toon GRay Defender Control Issues greenween BlackCatz40 BlackCatz40 greenween Control Issues GRay Defender Mr Toon Atari Creep nosweargamer chas10e RickR kamakazi20012
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    Tried to make things interesting with a bit of everything. Feel free to ask questions and if you would like more images, let me know! No set prices, mainly looking to get enough for a 7800 and anything above that will go to my Alzheimer's Walk!!! Even trade for a 7800 would be fantastic, you can have all of it! MAKE OFFERS Cash and Trades are welcome. Please account for shipping from Boston in your case offers. Thanks guys. All 3 are complete Jaws has no manual and in after market case. European Inport. 100% Complete. Of Course I have to toss in my own work too. LOL Model kit is open but complete.
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    Oh man these look so good!!!
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    Auntie Em! Auntie Em!

    I already had Monday, October 29, 2018 circled on my calendar. It had been for months. That was the day for me to cash in my birthday present from 5 months prior. Tickets to see Metallica in concert, 26 years after I saw them for the first time. No band I had seen since then has been as good live (and I saw a lot, working as an usher in an arena, but that's a story for another day). I woke up at my normal time, a little after 7 AM. Before getting out of bed, I checked my email and hopped on social media to see if anything interesting was going on. It turns out there was! There were thunderstorms nearby and looking at the current radar, one may possibly hit me! Now, if you couldn't tell by my username, I'm a weather junkie. I've always been fascinated by crazy weather. The more extreme, the better. Hurricanes are by far my favorite type of weather, mainly because they're so rare by me. (Gloria in 1985 was my first, followed by Bob in 1991, lots of teases since then, with a couple of tropical storms in 2011 & 2012.) After that are blizzards & any kind of good snowstorm. Thunderstorms are also up there but I never see any real good ones. I've lived near the ocean for the majority of my life, Long Island Sound specifically. LIS does weird things for weather. In the winter, the ocean water is warmer than the air over the mainland and that warm air usually helps to keep snow amounts down. In the summer, the ocean is cooler than the surrounding air and that helps to remove instability, which translates into "no, or weak, thunderstorms". I'll watch storms on radar move over Connecticut & look like they're headed right for me. As soon as they get close, the marine influence destroys them. I'm usually lucky to hear a rumble or two of thunder. Now that I'm on an island in the middle of the sound, surrounded by water, these negative influences are magnified. As with anything, there are exceptions. If a snowstorm takes the right track & keeps me on the cold side of a storm, we can get a lot of snow. If a thunderstorm approaches me from the ocean rather than from land, the storms can hold together and pack a punch. Back to that October morning. I headed downstairs to prepare to get my dogs up and feed them, it started to thunder a bit. Then it REALLY rained. I stood by my picture window watching the rain runoff roll down the street like a river. I wasn't about to take the dogs out in that, so I went back upstairs to lay in bed for a bit. About 5 minutes later, my pager went off. There was a fire alarm activation at a home about a mile and half from me. Not a surprise, as I've learned in the past year as a volunteer firefighter, that any power disruption from a storm or anything else, tends to trigger fire alarms. I was already dressed, so off I went to the firehouse to respond. While I was there waiting for another member to join me (we only roll the trucks with two or more people) ANOTHER call came over the radio for the same thing. That struck me as VERY odd, seeing as we average one fire call per week. To have two calls within five minutes of each other was strange, but nothing that made me be overly suspicious. Someone else showed up and away we drove. We were responding to the first call, which was on the east end of the island, which is the private end. As we passed the gate house, the attendant stopped us to say that a neighbor of the home we were headed to had called down to say that her home had been hit by a tornado and that there were trees down everywhere. As someone who has been following weather phenomenon for a long time, I knew that anytime people see tree damage from a thunderstorm, they almost always say they were hit by a tornado, when in reality, it was a downburst, microburst or just really strong winds. That doesn't make the storm any less destructive, it's just not as sexy as saying you were hit by a tornado. Tornados are rare, ESPECIALLY where we were. In my 40+ years, I don't ever recall a tornado hitting my part of Connecticut (southeastern), let alone Fishers Island. So needless to say, I was quite dubious, even after we arrived at the house and saw all the tree damage. We quickly called off this call as a false alarm and tried to make it to the other home, which was also on the east end. The road I was going to take was blocked by downed trees. We tried to take a different road but that road was also blocked. Another member of the fire department was able to make it to the home and cleared that call as well. However, it was obvious that we had been hit pretty hard by that storm. Once I returned the fire truck, I headed back to where the initial call came in to survey the damage on foot and take some pictures. I had been in contact with a meteorologist from a Connecticut news station via Twitter. I let him know that there was significant damage on Fishers, but again, a tornado wasn't even a consideration at that point. I began walking east, over the downed trees that made the road impassable for us in the fire truck. There was some other damage, including a wooden fence knocked over & a garage door blown off, but nothing too spectacular. Then I noticed a very large tree uprooted and more trees down. At this point, all of the trees had fallen in the same direction, which again had me thinking that this was straight line wind damage. And then I began to look up, at the tops of the trees. There, I could see just the tops of some trees damaged, while the rest of the tree was intact. That now had me considering the possibility of a tornado, as that damage was different than what I had seen earlier. (Again, I'm an untrained eye, just someone who was very excited.) The road I was walking eventually comes out onto the main road that spans the island. I stayed on that road, headed east, when I ran into the utility company. There were wires down and a pole snapped. It was pretty remarkable and when I stopped to talk to the president of the utility company, he said it was worse farther up. We hopped in his truck and went to check it out. Once I saw that damage, I was no longer firmly in the not-a-tornado camp. There was little doubt in my mind. There was a stand of trees that had been shredded completely. It looked exactly like footage from a midwestern town that had been hit by a tornado. There was a shed that had been destroyed and just so many trees down. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. I tried to update my meteorologist friend, but cell service out there was spotty. I couldn't wait to fill him in. I knew he would be just as excited as I was. The National Weather Service paid a visit to the island the following day and determined that we had in fact been struck by an EF-1 tornado. By that point, we all knew it, as a video capturing it had surfaced. Of course, I was in Albany for the concert, so I missed my chance to follow the NWS around while they checked out all the damage. However, I was happy to have been one of the first to realize what happened and grateful that I was on the island for it. My poor luck usually results in me missing something like this. Oh yeah, Metallica kicked ass again. 🤘 ---------- Fishers Island's Tornado News Report Some tweets as they happened in real-time, followed by some of my damage photos.
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    The first round of shipments should be on the ferry this afternoon. Apologies in advance for any dog fur on or in the boxes. I will work on getting the rest sent out tomorrow. I still need an address from @Mr Toon & @Willie! I'll send a PM with the tracking #. If you didn't get one today, you should get it tomorrow.
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    👇 Did everybody see @StormSurge's incredible Blog post? The Blogs have been on 🔥fire🔥 this year with outstanding posts from @atarilbc @Arenafoot @Atari Creep @kamakazi20012 and @StormSurge!
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    I think that may do it for me...I don't want to face (pun intended) that @sshole again.
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    Thank you guys for the help! I needed it. That guy was really hard for me. 93300
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    Is it too early to call this challenge? Epic score!
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    Getting a little better. 86800
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    D'oh! I'll go with RS Boxing, then! Sorry!
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    I keep having to scroll back up... it's easy to get lost.
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    Storm's Giveaway - THE PICKS!

    Happy Birthday, StormSurge!!
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    Oh yeah, let's switch to Atari 2600 Indy 500, a great classic. Thank you...
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    Battlezone and Carnival, please and thank you.
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    Storm's Giveaway - THE PICKS!

    Glad you're back, SS.
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