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    Hey guys! I am just your average Retro Gaming fan! Grew up with the Intellivision, Commodore 64 and Atari 2600. Still love to collect and play and I also have a YouTube channel called Brian's Man Cave where I show off and play Retro consoles and games My buds The Atari Creep, The No Swear Gamer and ArcadeUSA often mention t his forum on their channels, so I decided to hop on board. Here is my latest video about The Atari Creep:
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    I finally got a TG-16!

    Found one at the Portland Retro Gaming Expo Swap Meet today. I also included a pic of the other good junk I bought. It works great. Only one game. Anyone have games for sale?
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    3 SMS Versions in 1 Picture

    The trifecta.
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    Happy to Join this Awesome Forum!

    welp, Brians here, Im out...... just kidding hee hee hee, welcome aboard Brian!
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    Br1ans Man Cave

    Brian's Man Cave

    Here is my video on the Atari 7800 classic Food Fight!
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    Congratulations RadioPoultry! Great score! This was a great game!
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    I finally got a TG-16!

    LOOK at what came in the mail today! I already had the microSD card.
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    Happy to Join this Awesome Forum!

    Welcome! You've got several subscribers to your channel here.
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    Happy to Join this Awesome Forum!

    BTW, be sure to make a thread to share your YouTube videos here: https://forums.atari.io/forum/46-youtube-community/
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    Happy to Join this Awesome Forum!

    Bout Time! Many Welcomes!!!
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    Finally played! If this was the only game I had for my TG-16 when I owned one I would have been very happy. First time playing this game, ever. Fun game. Now I want a TG-16 again if just for this game. 12,516,100 points.
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    Bill & Ted 3

    Those are good reboots that seem to be more of an exception. I did not like the reboots for Robocop, Ben Hur, or Ghostbusters.
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    I finally got a TG-16!

    Turbo Everdrive has been ordered.
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    New Atari Lynx Homebrew - Quadromania

    Luchs Soft is re-releasing a game for the Atari Lynx called Quadromania. It will come on a curved lip cart with a manual, poster and pin in April this year. As if that weren't enogh, it will come packaged in a standard Atari Lynx game box so it matches other games in your collection. The game was made by Alex Thissen, with official permission by RPM Software. It can be preordered at Luchs Soft's web page (link below). Order Here
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    What are your thoughts on these two versions of Beamrider? The recent High Score Squad for Beamrider on the Intellivision inspired me to share my thoughts in my very first Vs comparison video!
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    I own both versions and I enjoy them both. The Inty version looks and sounds better but the gameplay is good in both versions.
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    RickR - Selling good junk thread

    Sweet. I'll set it aside for you. Thanks.
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    VERY interested in that heavy 6er man!!!
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    Welcome to the forums, I am already subbed to you!
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    Welcome, New Users

    Welcome to IO!
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    Star Trek

    And NSG -- you mentioned Riker's beard as the opposite of "jumping the shark"....DS9 is similar. Bald/goatee Sisko is when things got really good. Although DS9 was never as bad as season 1 of TNG.
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    RickR - Selling good junk thread

    Man, bro, are you going to leave yourself anything to enjoy? The stuff you are posting is really nice stuff.
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