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    πŸ“ž One Friday night as a young man I prank called Jack Tramiel. Had him on the phone for 3 mins. Not my proudest moment, but I should tell that story sometime.
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    NEW V61 Review!

    NEW V61 Review!
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    I think I am obsessed with mini M&M's πŸ€ͺ
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    Yes, this is on my main daily driver desktop, Windows 10 Pro Insider Preview because I live on the edge baby! πŸ˜ŽπŸ˜›πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†I AM JUST THAT HARD CORE ! I take risks, I am a rebel, you can't tell me what to do !
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    Trying out my just arrived Blaze Evercade. Look for hardware and cart impressions on blog in the next few days. Pumped!
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    πŸ† BIG THANKS to @RickR who generously donated a pile of unused Combat cartridges to the site for use on future projects.
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    🎈 Working hard to keep the timeline positive lately. Lots of people feeling uncertain, Atari I/O will always be a positive place to escape to
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    Even through a national pandemic, Atari survives. Bringing the fun and joy of new memories into homes across our great land for almost 50 years. Yars’ Revenge is one of my favorite games on the current Flashback consoles we found today at Sam’s Club. Who remembers The Walking Dead episode with Eugene playing Yars’ Revenge after the zombie apocalypse telling of the Yars’ attempt to exact revenge on the evil Qotile for the destruction of Razak IV?
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    πŸ’₯ New Addition: Super Breakout I got this as a birthday present ^__^ I can't wait to play it! πŸ˜„
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    πŸ‡ Wishing all of you and your families a very happy Easter!
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    πŸ‘‰ New High Score Squad Challenge will debut March 15th! PM me w/ any games you'd like to nominate this year!
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    Happy Holidays everyone! Posted new updates for High Score Squad, and an update on the security issue!
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    Just so you guys don't think I'm dead (because of no posts lately) -- although I'm sure @MaximumRD would respectfully report on it if I was, there's a new project I've been working on. Restoration of a 2003 Subaru. It's got a water leak (which makes it smell bad), and needs some engine work. But I'm having FUN with it. My father was an auto mechanic. It feels good to get the hands dirty. AND...I got a NEW JOB! I start next week. Should be lower stress. I hope.
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    Sad it is.

    Sad it is.
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    πŸ“° Google paid $58.1 million for the Atari building at 1272 Borregas Ave. This building was home to 2600 games development and all the zany things that went on there. The Mercury News has a nice article on this which quotes Atari I/O: https://www.mercurynews.com/2019/07/01/google-grabs-an-early-atari-building-in-north-sunnyvale-deals-widen/amp/?__twitter_impression=true
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    πŸ˜‰ Just thinking.. I'm glad we have the group that we have. What a great bunch of people.
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    My son gave me a gift of NES "Top Gun" yesterday. My goal is to land the plane on the carrier. I failed a few times, but now I've read the manual. I won't let you down this time, Goose.
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    😎 LOVED seeing the gang in Chat last nite! Thank you @RickR @Atari Creep @btbfilms76 @nosweargamer @Dan Iacovelli @GervGirl @jmjustin6 @chas10e& @Marco1019 for joining us!
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    Chatroom Ribbon Cutting Ceremony Friday evening! Join us!
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    I was reading the about me section of a profile and thought β€œwow they are similar to me,” and then immediately realized it was my own profile πŸ˜…πŸ˜³
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    Barnyard Blaster on 7800 Ave - New Episode
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    πŸš€ Astrosmash / Astroblast Double Feature is UP!!
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    πŸ•ΉοΈ We're a champion of original Atari games because we genuinely like these games. We love these games for what they are the way we love Drive-In B-movies
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    To atone for my prior status, here's a picture of the REAL BTTF DeLorean. Just for you @Justin
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    Atari Creep

    YOU DID IT!!!!!!

    YOU DID IT!!!!!!
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    β€œWe’ll be best friends forever, wont we, Luigi?” The greatest stories always begin with humble beginnings. This is one of the most prized items from my collection. All great adventures have to begin somewhere. Mario & Luigi started their adventures together here in these socketed EPROMS. Not many people in this world get to say they have a β€œprototype Mario” anything, for any system. How do I even have this? It should be in the Smithsonian. I count myself among the very fortunate few to have something this special, where it all began.
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    RE: N64 😎 I am a huge Resident Evil games fan so of course even though my first experience of it was on Playstation I simply HAD to own a original N64 cart as shown. It's just loose cart and I have not played it in years (Hope it still saves?) but it is one of only a handful of original N64 carts I still own as I use my Everdrive mostly. Still, look forward to trying it out again soon, what they achieved on a N64 cart was impressive. 😍
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    πŸ€– The Atari 7800 was made to play our favorite arcade games like Robotron: 2084. It can push a ton of sprites all over the screen with rarely any slowdown or flicker. It’s an overlooked treasure that’s capable of so much more than you might think. What are your favorite arcade games on home systems?
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    😎 Had a nice conversation w/ BTB & Atari Creep yesterday. Starting interesting new projects. The coming year is going to be fun.
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    πŸ“– Who loves comic books? Collecting is about enjoying every part of the game - the gameplay, the artwork, flipping through the instruction manual and diving into the story and the world of the game. Atari was my introduction to comics, some of my favorite Atari games come with DC Comics ashcans inside.
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    🀴🏻Clear head, clear mind, clear focus. Master of finance, master of food. Master of games, master of recreation. Master of health, master of determination. Good clean eating.
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    🏸 Super Breakout may be β€œthe most Atari” of Atari games. There’s beauty in its simplicity. A ball & paddle smashing bricks. The analog feel of a good set of paddle controllers smoothly moving that paddle across the screen delivers a hand/eye connection to the game unlike any other.
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    I've been doing 6502 programming on the Atari 8-bit computers since Mac/65 on the 80s. Today its Eclipse/WUDSN/Mads and emulators on linux. In the later 80s and 90s I was doing computer animation, desktop publishing, and video production on Amigas. Some programming, too, but by then I was working full time, so recreational programming was cut down quite a bit. I have a full time job managing a group of programmers working on financial processing systems written in C and running on linux. Chances are if you've used a gift card I've made it a happy experience for you. (If it wasn't I can refer you to some competitors ) When I have time I work on random graphics project and games, or port things from other platforms to the Atari 8-bit computers. Various tutorials from Oldskoolcoder and GRay Defender have been my past porting victims. https://github.com/kenjennings https://www.youtube.com/user/SyntheToonz (No, I've never been on Jeopardy!)
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    Atari 8-bit Missile Command with a Trak-ball (in analog trak-ball mode) is truly awesome.
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    I got a pretty nice original NES today from a friend!
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    T.G.I.F.! Here's a new favorite of mine. White Water! for Intellivision from 1983 by Imagic. It's also compatible with my Sears Super Video Arcade. This game has two different modes. In the first mode you shoot the rapids and race to the finish line without losing your men. It's sort of like bumper boats. In the second mode you steer towards a white sandy shore then run into the forest where you play the riches ritual against one of the natives. You take turns capturing flags, after the final flag is caught you each race for a golden urn. After picking up three urns you have a chance at a valuable treasure chest. But you must play by the rules and alternate capturing flags or the Big Kahuna will become angry and throw tomahawks at you. I'll record some gameplay over the weekend so you can see more of this awesome game. 🏞️
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    πŸ‘‡ Did everybody see @StormSurge's incredible Blog post? The Blogs have been on πŸ”₯fireπŸ”₯ this year with outstanding posts from @atarilbc @Arenafoot @Atari Creep @kamakazi20012 and @StormSurge!
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    I've finally thought of another topic worthy of a blog post. Not gaming or nostalgia related this time, but hopefully interesting nonetheless. Now I just need to write it. πŸ™„
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    To all fathers today, Happy Father's Day. I hope that you are enjoying it. :O)
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    πŸ–– Science fiction has always been the frontier for legitimate future predictions. Technology is what changes us more than anything else. Imagining what could be created, and what the effects are on culture and behavior, thats where genuine insight is found.
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    Big news - The Lounge is moving.
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    For those of you having a hard time like me during these dark times...PLEASE watch this. Fast forward to 10:45 at a bare minimum. Trust me.
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    ⚠️ Having an issue with the main part of the website (not the forums) Likely Wordpress related. Working on resolving this. Will try to have the new High Score Squad Challenge up later tonight as well!
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    It only took a few years, but today I was finally lucky enough to see Hamilton in NYC. Expectations were high & they were surpassed.
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    Here's Pac-Man for Intellivision from Atari Soft. This is played on a Sears Telegames Super Video Arcade going to a little Sony Trinitron. My favorite old-school port of the game.
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    You know it saddens me that SEGA has never matched the quality / quantity / fun that they generated back in the 8-16 bit era. 😐
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    Happy Atari Day!! ?️ First Atari Day spent in the new Forums! Feels like moving into a new home
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