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    NEW V61 Review!

    NEW V61 Review!
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    🎈 Working hard to keep the timeline positive lately. Lots of people feeling uncertain, Atari I/O will always be a positive place to escape to
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    Even through a national pandemic, Atari survives. Bringing the fun and joy of new memories into homes across our great land for almost 50 years. Yars’ Revenge is one of my favorite games on the current Flashback consoles we found today at Sam’s Club. Who remembers The Walking Dead episode with Eugene playing Yars’ Revenge after the zombie apocalypse telling of the Yars’ attempt to exact revenge on the evil Qotile for the destruction of Razak IV?
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    🕹️ HAPPY ATARI DAY!! 🎉

    🕹️ HAPPY ATARI DAY!! 🎉
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    Atari Creep

    YOU DID IT!!!!!!

    YOU DID IT!!!!!!
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    “We’ll be best friends forever, wont we, Luigi?” The greatest stories always begin with humble beginnings. This is one of the most prized items from my collection. All great adventures have to begin somewhere. Mario & Luigi started their adventures together here in these socketed EPROMS. Not many people in this world get to say they have a “prototype Mario” anything, for any system. How do I even have this? It should be in the Smithsonian. I count myself among the very fortunate few to have something this special, where it all began.
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    RE: N64 😎 I am a huge Resident Evil games fan so of course even though my first experience of it was on Playstation I simply HAD to own a original N64 cart as shown. It's just loose cart and I have not played it in years (Hope it still saves?) but it is one of only a handful of original N64 carts I still own as I use my Everdrive mostly. Still, look forward to trying it out again soon, what they achieved on a N64 cart was impressive. 😍
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    💎 Desert Falcon High Score Squad Challenge is up!
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    After a few non-gaming days & a bit of clean-up, I have completed my feature video on Greg Sakundiak and his perfect Pac-Man arcade run. This video posed some unique challenges for me as I usually edit highlight/shoutout videos for my show. Nonetheless, this was a lot of fun to create. Enjoy!
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    💀 Why does Skeletor have muscles?

    💀 Why does Skeletor have muscles?
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    Big news - The Lounge is moving.
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    🇺🇸 Happy Memorial Day!

    🇺🇸 Happy Memorial Day!
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    🍄 I think the Mario character looks better in the 2600 version than in the NES. He's bigger, he has more detail. It's a less iconic sprite but he's big and has a larger Bonk-esq head.
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    Good to be back in the IO. Now if only my thumb would heal I can get down to jamming on some games!
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    I have a bunch of stuff here that is itching to go into a junk box but not enough to start one. In these difficult times we NEED JUNK BOX 12, after midnight. Spreading of the disease!!!!!
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    I have been away for FAR TOO LONG. But now that I am able to get in, The Creep will once again infest the IO forums!!!! Hope everyone is well and hanging in there.
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    2020 Walk to end ALZ has begun and I have already posted the first giveaway. ACT FAST THOUGH!
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    🤔 TV connections and Control Pads for 2-Players would’ve stepped up the Lynx’s style to a true game system! And Atari would’ve had a true home console to fight in the 16-Bit wars! I have this theory that most handheld gaming wasn’t done walking around with a portable in your pocket. I think the best handheld gaming was done at home, lying on the floor with snacks and a movie playing on the tv in the background on a cozy Saturday afternoon. Or on long car rides during summer road trips, chilling out in the back seat with a drink, and holding it comfortably in your lap. So how much did “pocket size” really matter? Lynx and Switch share a similar take on portable gaming, the idea of a full-blown game system portable enough to stuff into your bag and take with you anywhere. GameBoy came out at about the same time as Lynx, but they had two different ideas of what a portable game system should be. GameBoy became popular using the WalkMan approach of being tiny, simple, and sorta inexpensive. Lynx couldn’t fit into your pocket as easily, but offered more in terms of graphics and a full-color screen.
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    👽 There’s a lot of hate for E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial, and yet so many of us have wonderful memories of growing up playing this game. Nothing has left its mark on the legacy of Atari quite like E.T. It may not be the top 2600 game, but it has a lot of heart.
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    I'm still here.

    I'm still here.
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    🚤 I hope everyone had a nice weekend! I went boating yesterday. It was so nice out! 🌴🌞☀️
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    My project today was to repair a six switch 2600, which had a broken joystick port (pin 5 missing) and player 1 difficulty switch. So, I "borrowed" those parts from a broken 4-port board. It all works perfectly now, and the next step will be to add a composite mod. Tools used were a push-button suction desoldering iron and a normal soldering iron.
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    Here's a show update, of sorts... Starting this Tuesday night at 9:30pm ET, I will be joining Michael Sroka of Settle It On The Screen! The show will be part recap of the latest episode of Retro With Marco (which will precede the new show) and part discussion about various retrogaming topics. It will be unscripted and a departure from my own show format. Michael and I have talked about collaborating and we're looking forward to our new venture. So we hope you will tune in this Tuesday night at 9pm ET for Episode 34 of Retro With Marco... https://twitch.tv/retrowithmarco Followed by a new episode of Settle It On The Screen at 9:30pm ET... https://twitch.tv/settleitonthescreen See you then!
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    Get ready! We have Squad Challenges coming up for Atari 7800 and TurboGrafx-16
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    It's been a very busy stretch for me at work so I'm late with this bit of breaking news: Greg Sakundiak joins exclusive list of gamers to play a Perfect Pac-Man as he scored 3,333,360 on the game's 40th anniversary! https://saskatoon.ctvnews.ca/my-hands-are-killing-me-saskatoon-man-just-one-of-a-handful-of-people-to-play-perfect-pac-man-game-1.4949088
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    The official Creep 2020 END ALZ shirts now available. Learn more here:
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    🤔 Bruce Willis did that gimp wrong. It’s not like it was Neverland.
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    Here’s my latest Shoutouts video ahead of Episode 33 of my show. This video features some new WRs including two records set within a few hours of each other, a record which broke a decade-old mark, and another new record which netted a $100 bounty! The video runs about 4:20 which is perfect for your coffee break. Enjoy!
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    Show recommendation - GANGS OF LONDON - IF you guys can "obtain" the first episode of this somewhere do it. A LOT of action, after the big bar fight scene I was surprised to see pretty much Daredevil type fighting action which is proven even further in a later scene fighting a huge thug with a Machete, this series is going to be crazy. Each episode between 53-93 minutes. This series is as one person described, utter carnage.
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    😎 Too big?

    😎 Too big?
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