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    I'm closing in on both my 250th Atari 2600 game review and my 700th episode. So I'm planning to do something special for my next three episodes...
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    HAPPY ATARIVERSARY! One year ago today, I finally got the system of my dreams after wanting one for years and years. I'm very happy to finally have these systems and I can't believe it's been a year already! I've gone a little cuckoo for Atari collecting these past 365 days. I've collected close to 100 Atari 2600 cartridges! I also have around 25 games for my 7800 (thanks to the site for convincing me to get that awesome system). Many of the games I've gotten from Atari.io. Special thanks to @RickR, @chas10e, @socrates63, @cjherr, and @Scott Stilphen (I really hope I'm not forgetting anybody). A lot of you sent me free games completely out of the blue, which you didn't need to do. I'm very grateful, and I'm trying to find a way to repay you. Some of my accomplishments thus far: I finally found in the wild (and bought) my favorite game, Tunnel Runner! I lucked in to getting Flag Capture and Adventure, which had been hard to find for me (thanks Young!) I revived a broken Atari 2600! It was super corroded and needed a good scrubbing. I gave games a second chance and grew to like them, like GORF and Dragster to name a few (thanks Rick for teaching me how to play Dragsterand Chas10e for sending me GORF out of the blue!) I got my first-ever CIB retro games (thanks Jon for saving your boxes from forty years ago, and thanks Young for sending Gravitar!) I have been working on building a decent collection of home arcade ports for my 2600. I'm proud of it so far! I hope to expand further in the future! I joined various Atari communities, including this one (especially this one)! I wrote in to an Atari podcast! (thanks @fergojisan for putting up with me) I got an Atari 7800 as well! (thanks to CJ for sending me so many games! Some were pretty rare and it was very kind of you to do that!) I participated in many Atari-related challenges here at Atari.io! (thanks @Justin for setting them up, and thanks Rick for trading me Galaxian for one of said challenges!) I hacked my DSi, so for the first time I can play all the Atari 2600 I want WHEREVER I want! I taught myself how to fix controllers because I was a cheapskate with the Atari and didn't want to buy new controllers! I also know new methods of cleaning games and systems. After wanting to do it for some time but not having the equipment to do so, I finally starting making gaming videos, including Atari videos! I hope to shoot Atari Night ep. 2: 7800 games, soon! There have been a few delays this weekend. I started a blog! I discovered some great new gaming channels on YouTube with lots of Atari content, like @nosweargamer and @Atari Creep! (I already knew about @Willie!) But, most importantly, I made a lot of new retro gaming friends along the way! People who will listen to my silly rants about games from before my time and talk about it with me. Seriously, YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST! THANK YOU ALL! My Atari journey is far from over. What do I hope to accomplish on year two? Here are just a few select things. Complete my Atari 2600 and 7800 Nintendo subsets. I love Nintendo, and I'm really close to having all of their games for my 2600 and 7800! All I need is Donkey Kong Junior on the 2600 and Mario Brothers on the 7800. Should be easy! I just have to keep my eyes peeled. Collect more home arcade ports! Maybe get some homebrews? If I can afford it, that is! Build a real arcade-style controller? I know I've wanted to for some time now. Give one of my 2600s back to its original owner! I have wanted to do this pretty much since I got my first two 2600s, but with the pandemic I haven't been able to visit Jon and give it back. I have been slowly collecting parts like adapters and controllers for him, and I plan on buying some games from somebody here for him. He said that he would maybe like it back someday, just not with the pandemic. I think that it'll be safe to return it before March 1st of 2022. Get some keypad controllers, and games to go with it! I only have a video touch pad now. Keep on collecting! Really, thank you all for being there. This has been a fun journey to go on, and I'm happy to have people willing to join me. You're the best, all of you. Take care and best wishes, Harrison D. N.
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    Two great new finds.

    Two great new finds.
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    Hello, I/O! I wanted to provide a quick personal update. I suffered a big heart attack and had open heart surgery on Wednesday last week. I was discharged and returned home yesterday. I’ve missed the I/O community. I hope everyone is well. I am on the road to recovery and doing as well as can be. Life is good. God is good all the time. The doctor said I should expect 70% recovery by two months time, so it’ll still be a while before I can actively join the fun here, I suspect. I’m hoping that I’ll be feeling well enough to pop in from time to time to check up on this wonderful community. I bought a Turbo Express a while back in anticipation of the scoring challenge but oh well 😭 Live life! Stay strong and safe! ❤️🕹
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    ✅ Highly Recommended: ProtonMail. Free encrypted email w/ Swiss privacy, end-to-end encryption, open source and anonymous. I absolutely love this, thought I'd share. https://protonmail.com
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    I got a thing... I haven't formed any real opinions yet except that PowerA did a hell of a job with both controllers.
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    🍄 Your Atari I/O Profile now lets you share your Nintendo Friend Code, PlayStation Network ID & Xbox Live Id! Add them to your Atari I/O Profile under the "Reach Out" tab on the left. Find your friends from the forums and game with them online!
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    Justin and I have been playing Tennis on NES lately. 🎾 It's fun! Despite being such a simple concept it's a bit tricky.
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    😎 Our TurboGrafx-16 Squad Challenge begins next week! Get those TG systems ready & emulators running! We’ll be playing an incredible HuCard game.
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    Asteroids Deluxe not only sounds like it comes with all the veggies, cheese and possibly bacon, its probably the best game in the space rock family. http://www.atari7800forever.com/adeluxe.html
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    I've been selling stuff...slowly. Next on the docket will be a very rare "Interact" computer with a bunch of tapes and paperwork.
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    - Ω -

    If it's smaller, you're paying more!

    If it's smaller, you're paying more!
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    To the uninitiated, Baby Pac Man sounds like another derivative Maze Game that most people wouldn't want or need. But once you crack it open, you'll find a compelling hybrid maze/ pinball game where one has to master both to progress far. On a system that is king for maze games, this one may be the ultimate ruler of them all. Click the link for the review http://www.atari7800forever.com/babypacmanr.html
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    😎 AIR ZONK Squad Challenge is now LIVE!
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    If we want to build it, we have to do it together, a single poster attracts no crowd.
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    Painting an image I just made 😆Here is a silly little thing. To be clear this is not intended as instructional and is nothing great, it is simply me having some fun with my iPad mini and Apple Pencil, I am still learning the program, the tools and how they all work 😀 I only leaned of the apps ability to record the process and simply wanted to test it, just a proof of concept, I even screwed up accidentally deleting my creation of good old Frankie here but thought a quick little colouring would suffice. I want to get better and comfortable enough to create something and record it from start to finish but in the meantime just wanted to share the fun I am having. 😎
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    🍄 Wario was a real jerk

    🍄 Wario was a real jerk
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    One of my children just informed me that Joe Decuir will be giving a lecture at his university. I pointed at my wall where we have a signed Combat cart. He's a fount of knowledge and such a nice man. I may try to sit in on that one.
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    I'm planning a retro gaming "battle jacket" in a punk/metal style. I'm currently agonizing over the image to use for the back patch which is the centerpiece of any battle jacket. I've narrowed it down to Joust, Missile Command and RoadBlasters...
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    When @Justin features your topic.

    When @Justin features your topic.
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    I think I'll be spending more time here from now on...
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    ⏲️ Attack of the Timelord!, our very first Odyssey 2 High Score Squad Challenge is up! Enjoy!
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    I think I should play some "ice" based games today!
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    Klax is one weird "stuff is falling" puzzle game with one of the strangest (lamest) tag lines in history: It's is the nineties, and there is time for KLAX." But this cerebral puzzle game was a completed, unreleased prototype that is pretty darn faithful to the arcade machine its based on. Read about all this jive in the review located: http://www.atari7800forever.com/klaxr.html
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    🍳 Scrambled eggs all over my face, what IS a boy to do
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    Spring is upon us, finally! HERE COMES THE SUN, DO DO DO DO!
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    R.I.P. Fry's Electronics. Fry's closed all locations on Wednesday with no forewarning. It was one of the last places I could still buy electronics components in-person. Need a 7805 regulator for that ailing 2600? How about a few resistors for that AV mod? Replacements for a leaky cap? They had me covered without the wait of an online order. It was a quirky, hodgepodge type store with a lot of "As seen on TV" products along side computer, electronics and stereo equipment. It shall be missed. https://www.cnn.com/2021/02/24/business/frys-electronics-closure/index.html
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    Hobby programmers and their after market creations have vastly improved the Platform scene in the Atari 7800 universe in recent years. Now that there's a good sample size, you may ask, what are the top 10 levels of the 7800's platform games? Even if you didn't ask... I'll offer my opinion here: http://www.atari7800forever.com/toptenplatformlevels.html
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    Love and support for Texas (and other storm-affected places). Here's a report from David "The 8-bit Guy" from his home in the Dallas area.
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    Uhm seriously Fake / SPAM / Phishing / Malicious Norton LAST ALERT MESSAGE, just how many times in a day for the last two weeks do you need to try to fool me? 😂🙄
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    Tonight, Atari 7800 Forever takes a look at the unfinished Tetris clone: Blocdrop! http://www.atari7800forever.com/blocdrop.html
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    My mom FINALLY budged and let me take Drivers Ed. YES! However, there is one problem. I can't stop thinking of Night Driver. Beep beep!
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    Lost power here 24 hours ago. No heat, no generator, and we're freezing our butts off.
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