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    From the album: Atari I/O Press Kit

    Atari I/O logo on vintage "Have You Played Atari Today?" catalog splash screen in 1920 x 1080 for video production

    © Atari I/O

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    Mario Bros. Prototype for Atari 2600

    From the album: Atari I/O Official Instagram

    “We’ll be best friends forever, wont we, Luigi?” The greatest stories always begin with humble beginnings. This is one of the most prized items from my collection. All great adventures have to begin somewhere. Mario & Luigi started their adventures together here in these socketed EPROMS. Not many people in this world get to say they have a “prototype Mario” anything, for any system. How do I even have this? It should be in the Smithsonian. I count myself among the very fortunate few to have something this special, where it all began.

    © Atari I/O

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