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    I’d like to share something very special with you guys. This is an Atari Strategy Guide I began writing in 6th Grade. It's all true. Atari I/O started on paper! I was 11 years old when I made this. If you flip through the pages of the Strategy Guide and squint hard enough, you’ll recognize similarities with our Atari I/O Blog posts, particularly the game reviews that I do with BTB. I thought you guys might think this is cool to see. I’ve been talking with @btbfilms76, @Atari Creep and @Gianna about my days collecting Atari games in the early '90s, how some of the most interesting stuff in my collection are documents from Atari, and what it was like trying to do all this before the internet. My conversations with them inspired me to share this as a PDF for all of you to enjoy. It’s more of a sentimental curiosity than anything really useful, but if you read closely you’ll find a helpful tip or two in there. It's also a bit of an artifact from a pre-internet Justin who way back then was just as fascinated and enthralled with the World of Atari as I am today. This little Strategy Guide was absolutely the beginning of what would become my Atari website and would evolve in time to become Atari I/O. It really did start on paper. I scanned the original documents and compiled them in a PDF file as a digital recreation of the real thing. I also added a Table of Contents to help you find your way around, and a Preface which you see above. I didn't get very far with the guide, but the games covered include these 7800 titles: FATAL RUN JINKS ACE OF ACES SCRAPYARD DOG CENTIPEDE The Strategy Guide also contains 2600/7800 cartridge price lists and customer service ordering forms from Atari Corp. from 1993. If you manage to make out my sloppy 6th Grade handwriting, you'll notice that I get some details wrong. I began writing this Strategy Guide before the internet was available to me. Digging up historical info on Atari, we had to get resourceful. Whatever I knew I learned from my own experience of piecing together historical details from Atari catalogs and game boxes, checking out books from the school library, talking with @Video 61 for hours at a time, or calling Atari directly and speaking with Geraldine at the front desk. "Hi is Sam there?" In a way it’s sad that Jack Tramiel’s Atari didn’t give us nice things like expansive Strategy Guides, big beautiful fold-out maps, a magazine as cool as Nintendo Power, or the type of immersive games that would’ve created a huge demand for things like this. Little 6th Grade me took it upon myself to make this, because what else was I supposed to do? I was still excited about Atari, I wanted to share Atari with as many people as I could. I don’t know who I was writing this for at the time, friends I guess, but apparently I was writing it for you guys. It just had to sit in a time capsule first. ⬇️ The PDF is attached below. ⬇️ I hope you guys enjoy this glimpse into the beginning of Atari I/O! Atari 7800 6th Grade Strategy Guide.pdf
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    Kid A

    Got me a Ms. Pac-Man cab!

    So a buddy of mine calls me up and asked me if I wanted his non working Ms Pac-Man cab. The deal was that if I fixed it, he could play it whenever he came down, which I had no problem with. This is what the cab looked like when I got it. The cab was pretty beat up. Just running my hand across the sides made the paint fall off of it. Someone had painted the entire cab black. As you can see the cab was in pretty bad shape. So even before I tried to make the thing actually work, I painted it black. I primered it first before doing so. At this point I actually tried to make it work. I found some wires that looked like they were spliced into. I figured these were the connections for power. There was no power plug when I got it. I got a PC power cable, cut the end off and spliced it into the existing cuts in the wiring. When I plugged it in, it powered on...however with some problems.. The screen was all distorted. I had found 10 different knobs in the back of the arcade. I turned all of them to see if it would fix it. Nothing did. I thought maybe they all have to be dialed in perfect. After 3 days of messing with these knobs, I was getting frustrated. I was staring at the back of the cab when I saw this metal bracket with a hole in it. I shined a flashlight through the hole and I saw a potentiometer with a screwdriver slot on it. I grabbed a screwdriver and turned it clockwise and it made it worse. So I went counterclockwise all the way and it made the screen totally clear! ...with some minor distorted on the right part of the screen . Just had to slightly turn it back clockwise to get rid of the distortion After that I spent a few minutes to dial in the colors properly. At this point, I got a proper power cable for the cab and installed it. The control panel overlay was pretty dirty and torn so that got replaced. Put some new buttons too. When I got done with that, I wanted to go all out. I ended up getting a repro glass bezel and installed it. The repro is very high quality. Very happy with it. My friend had got this thinking if he couldn't fix it, he was going to keep the Marquee and get rid of it. Knowing that I got this machine for free, I got a new Marquee and gave him the original. Got a high score save kit as well. Last thing I got was the panel art and new T molding. When I got the art in, I realized that if I were to install the front part as is, the coin door chop off the forehead of Ms. Pac-Man. So I had to raise the coin door 4.5 inches. I also was able to hide the bolts that hold the coin bucket in place below the surface of the wood so I didn't have to shove them to the front of the artwork. Once that was done I installed the art along with the new t molding. When I installed the cab was finally finished! I wish the color of the panel art was a closer match to the control panel overlay, but in the end, I think it came out pretty awesome. I'm forever grateful that my buddy gave me this arcade. It's definitely in my top 3 favorite arcade games of all time. It was a lot of work putting this thing together Here's a side by side of the before and after!
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    Congratulations ZilchSr! A big congratulations and huge welcome to new Atari I/O Member @ZilchSr! ZilchSr takes the top spot in our Final Standings with a mind-blowing score of 10,111,115. Participation in this Squad Challenge was through the roof and we had a number of new Members join the forums to participate. Let's all give a GIANT Atari I/O Welcome to our new friends @ZilchSr @AtariSphinx and @Papa Pete who joined us in High Score Squad this week, it's great to have you guys here! @AtariSphinx showed up with his A-Game, posting a score of 1,734,308 to claim the 2nd Place on our Final Standings. The legend @RickR was hot on AtariSphinx's tail, taking the 3rd spot with a score of 1,455,582. New member @Papa Pete was right behind him with his score of 1,413,706 to take 4th. @Dinobot711 @nosweargamer @chas10e @RadioPoultry @James Campbell Jr. @HDN @Justin @socrates63 @Atari Creep @Marco1019 @Gianna and @LinkYoungPS all shared tremendous scores and gave it their all. Congratulations once again to @ZilchSr for the win, and as always I'd like to encourage ZilchSr to post his new high score on the Scoreboard, and let's make sure this Challenge continues on! And a big congratulations to our community for being such a great group, and for the biggest and best participation we've ever seen in a High Score Squad Challenge. I hope everybody had fun with this early 2600 game! NOTE: Our next High Score Squad Challenge is Q*bert for Atari 2600! Be there!
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    What's Next

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    I made my Demon Attack video a little late for the contest, so I didn't post it here, but I've compared emulation to OG Hardware again for this Video Pinball challenge.....and let's just say, there is NO comparison between the two... 1,413,706
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    Q*bert (A/A): 58,600 Improvement. Really good port but frustrating when coily reaches near the top of pyramid and when you jump on the disk he waits for you at the top cube to hit you.
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    I ROLLED THE SCORE! 1,332,964. Here's a video of the score rolling over (go all the way to the end). I had to stop recording when my wife was making a business call. Picture of final score at bottom of post.
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    Video Pinball 3A - 10,111,115 The first objective should always be to get the extra ball. Second, clear the diamonds to boost the bumper values to 900. Third, spam the bonus lane. Pardon the cat.
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    Got One!!

    I usually always miss out on presales for popular items but I’m buying the lede. The most amazing thing about this is that I somehow managed to keep a $400 gift card balance on Amazon for over a year, specifically for this purpose. I still have time to increase that amount & have it fully paid for by shipping time. This will be my first launch console since the Dreamcast. I’m not overly excited for this as I was for the DC but I’m sure that will change as launch day approaches.
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    Do you have any pets?

    Lola the beagle. Adopted her ten months ago. She's four now.
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    Hey guys! I am just your average Retro Gaming fan! Grew up with the Intellivision, Commodore 64 and Atari 2600. Still love to collect and play and I also have a YouTube channel called Brian's Man Cave where I show off and play Retro consoles and games My buds The Atari Creep, The No Swear Gamer and ArcadeUSA often mention t his forum on their channels, so I decided to hop on board. Here is my latest video about The Atari Creep:
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    63.475 played on an av modded 4 switch I got from RickR.
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    33202 I didn't have any emulators set up on my computer, so I was going to pass on the challenges this month, but after seeing atarigames Instagram post about those paddle controllers I wanted to get an entry in (Hey BTB, enter me to win!). Was about to start figuring out an emulator and then remembered it was actually on my Arcade 1Up lol. It's definitely my least played game on here, so this is a cool reason to get into it!
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    Do you have any pets?

    I thought this would be a nice topic for a conversation starter 😊 I have a long haired dachshund named Sally who is 7. She is very shy yet super protective. She loves going for car rides, boat rides, and getting occasional Puppacinos from Starbucks (whipped cream in a small cup). 🙂 Sally is so sweet and I don't know what I would do without her! If you have pets, share their pics and a little about them below!
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    48730. Sunday morning = a good time to focus.
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    Some improvement...
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    Congratulations Sabertooth! Congratulations to @Sabertooth for becoming our Wrecking Crew Champion! I hope everyone here had a great time discovering Wrecking Crew on NES and how to win at this game. I've been curious about Wrecking Crew for years, but never understood the game until now. It just felt like a smash-em-up game of destruction. No jump, no Princess, no Donkey Kong, why are we even here? Turns out it's an amazing puzzle-platformer with some charm. I played halfway through this challenge before I even figured out how the doors worked! I'm glad this game turned out to be a hit. We had another huge turnout for this Challenge, you guys have been showing up lately and it's been a lot of fun to play with all of you here! @Sabertooth is our champion this challenge, taking the top spot on the scoreboard at 1st Place with 167,300 points. @RickR brought his A-Game and wasn't far behind to claim 2nd Place on the scoreboard with 152,300 Points. @btbfilms76 took a deep dive into Wrecking Crew scoring an impressive 141,600 points to take 3rd Place. @Dinobot711 @RadioPoultry @HDN @nosweargamer @Justin @James Campbell Jr. @MaliciousCarp @Atari Creep @TrekMD @Atari 5200 Guy @LinkYoungPS and @Gianna round out the board all with their best scores! Congratulations to @Sabertooth for his big win, and as always I'd like to encourage Sabertooth to post his new high score on the Scoreboard, and let's make sure this Challenge continues on! Also, to keep a running list of who's entered into BTB's Atari 7800 Paddle Controllers Giveaway Contest, so far the following Members have asked to be entered and are permanently enrolled through the rest of the contest: @RickR @Sabertooth @nosweargamer @TrekMD @socrates63. If you don't see your name listed and would like to enter to win the pair of 7800 Paddle Controllers, be sure to say "Hey BTB, enter me to win!" when posting your next high score! NOTE: Our next High Score Squad Challenge will be for the Atari 2600! Be there!
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    Great choice @Justin. This is going to be fun! Here's a picture of my boxed copy (and the extra copy I have that I think I'm trading to @HDN) Something interesting I just noticed is that it has an "N" sticker on the top (indicating NTSC I assume). Weird! One more interesting story about 2600 Galaxian...it's one of the games that does not work with the Atari Flashback 2. When I did the cartridge port mod on a FB2, guess which game I grabbed to test with? Yep. Galaxian! I pulled my hair out a bit before I figured maybe the game was incompatible.
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    Congratulations Racers! Congratulations to everyone who joined in the big race!! We had our BIGGEST TURNOUT EVER for this Grand Prix! Absolutely incredible! Seaside was the perfect track to race, difficult enough to provide tremendous challenge to us adult players but still fun to play. One of the points of criticism I see the Atari 7800 receive fairly often is that it came with Pole Position II as its pack-in. I thought this was a really fun game. I hope you did too! I came in 1st Place to take the top spot on the podium, crossing the finish line with a high score of 73,500. I feel like the game has a few hundred more points to give, but who knows. Apparently my score would be a new World Record for Seaside on Twin Galaxies and HighScore.com, so I'm going to do what I need to do to submit my score to them. @nosweargamer is back in action and takes 2nd Place on the big podium with a final score of 68,500, and it was a photo finish with @RickR just 100 Points behind NSG with 68,400. @MaliciousCarp @Atari 5200 Guy and @Sabertooth join a very tight pack of racers with very close scores and incredible performances. @RadioPoultry @socrates63 @Kid A @LinkYoungPS @Atari Creep @TrekMD @DarylJ @Gianna and @GoldenGalaxiesGaming followed behind, all of whom posted real scores that took effort and skill to achieve. BRAVO everyone!!! As I always encourage others to do, I'll be posting my new high score on the Scoreboard to make sure this Challenge continues on! Did you enjoy this Squad Challenge? If so, keep practicing your racing skills throughout the year and we'll see you back here on the track again next summer for the 2021 Pole Position II Grand Prix! Also, to keep a running list of who's entered into BTB's Atari 7800 Paddle Controllers Giveaway Contest, so far the following Members have asked to be entered and are permanently enrolled through the rest of the contest: @RickR @Sabertooth @nosweargamer @TrekMD @socrates63. If you don't see your name listed and would like to enter to win the pair of 7800 Paddle Controllers, be sure to say "Hey BTB, enter me to win!" when posting your next high score! NOTE: Our next High Score Squad Challenge will be an Atari 2600 game! Be there!
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    E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial for Atari 2600 is not the worst game ever made, that's just something people like to say. @GoldenGalaxiesGaming just posted a brilliant new video taking us on an Atari E.T. playthrough, showing: HOW to play the game What the symbols mean How to get E.T. home How to get a high score and explaining why E.T. is NOT the worst game ever. I'm such a strong believer in this, I'm considering pinning this topic to the top of the Atari 2600 Forum.
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    Here is my score 🙂 223,400
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    New Atari 2600 Homebrew - Galaga!

    The guys from ChampGames are currently working on an amazing home port of Galaga for the Atari 2600. I know NSG posted about it but this deserves its own thread. Head to the thread in AA to get the demo binary: Champ Games - Galaga 2600
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    Scott Stilphen

    Galaga for the VCS at last!

    John Champeau proves once again why he's the best at doing arcade ports for the VCS (and puts the 7800 version to shame in the process):
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