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    I have been MIA lately due to some major life changes. My wife and I are separating after 15 years and I just recently moved on my own. This all came as a shock to me. I also took on a promotion at work in late August. Between everything going on I've taken a break from gaming to reflect and heal. I'm in a studio loft downtown, so I'm a bit space challenged and will probably not have a rig for awhile. The new TV doesn't have inputs for legacy connections so I'll be getting a Retrotink for composite and S Video. Will post my rig when it's setup. The one thing I'm really pumped on is the loft (space aside). I can now walk to work and I have some pretty amazing views. I didn't ask for a midlife crises but I'm trying to make the most of it. Wanted to share this sunrise photo from this morning. Happy holidays to the Atari.io community! I'll see you in 2019!
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    Merry Christmas

    The holidays were always a special time for my family. The smells of my aunt's food cooking which she always made enough to last us a week in leftovers. Decorating my grandmother's artificial white Christmas tree with ornaments all of which was older than me. The aroma of the coffee my aunt, uncle, and grandmother would throwback to help them stay awake so they could finish up last minute details. And my aunt always decorated her house with lights, garland, and a musical carousel. That was my Dad's side. And Mom always going shopping with me right there with me. I don't know how she managed to do it but a few times she snuck gifts for me in the car I never seen until Christmas day. My best friend in the world, always entertaining and silly when her asthma wasn't in the way. Always find odd things in odd places that turned out to be more memorable than that NES game unwrapped on Christmas day. Then the time finally arrived. My gift unwrapping always started on Christmas Eve at my grandmother's. Christmas morning was with Mom and then we were off to my grandparents' house (mom's side) 60 miles away for dinner. Many times their house was overcrowded and with those family members that always managed to get under your skin. Most visits grandpa and I would go off for a bit, saying we were going hunting, just to get away. Sometimes we actually did, other times we just went in the deer woods and took a nap in his little Datsun truck. Those times are more precious to me than any gift under the tree. If I could get one gift it would be to have them back for one day since I no longer have them...just one day. Since that can't be done I thought I would find a few things to share that my family either watched or listened to together. I can't take anyone hunting since I gave out up when my grandpa passed. It just didn't seem right to do so after he left. With that said I want to wish everyone here a very Merry Christmas and blessings. You guys have been awesome and, in a way, became part of my family...my Atari family. Please enjoy these findings with your loved ones, family, and friends. Make memories that will last a lifetime. This one is in three parts. More to come!
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    Well done and good points made!
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    I have no shame at all when I say I've downloaded roms off the internet. If that makes me a thief, so be it. At least I'm a thief who's actually enjoying myself. I downloaded roms of the entire Wii Virtual Console library when I learned the WiiShop was closing. No shame. My only problem is I hate playing classic console games on a computer with a keyboard. It's a right pain in the neck.
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    The No Swear Gamer

    My review of Madden 93 will be up soon, but since I forgot to post it earlier, here's my review of 92:
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    Arcade USA

    Lets take a look at the 2018 version of the AtGames Atari Flashback Portable!
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    My grandmother and I had a tradition during the holidays. When national broadcasting channels would air shows like Rudolph and Charlie Brown we watched/recorded them. We had a hard time trying to get The Grinch but eventually got it. We always watched Emmit Otter's Jug Band Christmas on CED followed by Muppets Christmas Carol. She also had some Christmas themed CEDs Disney produced of which I can't remember the name of but it had snippets of cartoon shorts combined into about an hour program. As time went on and channels started airing more holiday specials they got recorded and became part of our holiday entertainment. Music, cartoons, live action, a wide variety. Great memories for sure.
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    We are here for you, man. Best wishes for a healthy and prosperous 2019.
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    Thinking of you brother. Looking forward to 2019, and hoping it brings you all the best.
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    The No Swear Gamer

    I forgot to post this last week, but I decided to review every main Madden game in order on the Genesis to find the best one. Here's the first. Ep 511: John Madden Football
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