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    Merry Christmas!

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    Merry Christmas!

    Same to you, and everyone else here. Please enjoy this as my contribution to the Atari.io holiday party:
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    Look what my brother got me for Christmas!
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    Merry Christmas!

    MERRY CHRISTMAS to the AtariI/O gang !
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    Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas Atari I/O! ❄️🎄
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    Arcade USA

    Willie!'s Christmas Gifts Video!
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    2017 G1 Transformers Soundwave Hallmark Ornament.
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    Got a couple done this year. 2009 Raiders of the Lost Ark Hallmark Ornament
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    Just make sure you use lithium batteries with your Lynx! They will last much longer than alkaline batteries!
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    I just got back from TWO Christmas Eve parties. One with family, one with friends. Christmas Day is going to be a quiet one, though. Which is fine. I'll sit and watch a whole bunch of Christmas movies and play Christmas-themed video games. Merry Christimas!
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    A lot of newcomers to the 7800 have a problem identifying the difficulty switches on the 7800, since they are unlabeled, small and a little hidden. They are located next to the joystick ports. When pushed to the left, they are in the B position, and when pushed to the right, they are in the A position. B<->A But wait? B comes before A? Doesn't that seem backwards? Why did Atari do that? Because the B stands for Beginner and A for Advanced. Some games switch this, but for most games you want to start with them in the B position. Just remember B(eginner) <-> A(dvanced) FYI-Some games also use them for different functions while other games don't use them at all. (A quick thanks goes to RIckR. I used a picture he shared in the Canyon Bomber High Score Squad thread, and added the letters as a visual aid)
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