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    VERY interested in that heavy 6er man!!!
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    RickR - Selling good junk thread

    Sweet. I'll set it aside for you. Thanks.
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    NSG's Toys & More Tuesdays

    Taking a look at the Star Trek USS Vengeance by Hot Wheels:
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    Oh hell yes!!! Justin, you know I am in....
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    Fatal Run for Atari 7800

    Well this will come as a shocker, but I honestly do not have any memory of Roadblasters in the arcades at the time. I do remember paperboy and Xenophobe and Rampage. And all of those were games that I had hoped would get 7800 releases back then. Xenophobe and Rampage were two games that made me want the 7800 to begin with. Where I'm going with this is that I never had heard of Fatal Run until much later when I picked up retro collecting again in the late 90s and early 2000s. In fact I was quite surprised but all the games that I never knew existed for the 7800 back then. Midnight Mutants, Fatal Run, Tower Roppler, Jinks...etc. They were all unknown to me and I do NOT recall seeing any of these later titles released in the stores. Then again, if they were released after '88 I likely didn't pay attention as I was pretty deep into the PC culture by then. But I do own Fatal Run, it isn't a game I pick up and play very often as I'd rather play Food Fight, Commando, Xenophobe or any of a bunch of other titles on the 7800 today. But I can see how with a little bit of work, Fatal Run could have been made into Roadblasters and I've certainly had a lot of fun with that game on my Lynx.
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    I have been hearing rumors that Sega dropped their affiliation with AtGames and may give us a proper Genesis/Mega Drive mini. STRONG LANGUAGE
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    I'm excited about the new Sega Genesis and Sega Master System compatible game system from Analogue that's coming out called the Analogue Mega Sg. It's a real console with no emulation, a headphone jack, CD Expansion port, SD card input, HDMI output, a nice wireless control pad, plays real actual cartridges and hardware and includes a cartridge adapter to play Sega Master System games (I love the Master System!) Other adapters are available for Mark III, Game Gear, Sega MyCard, SG-1000 & SC-3000. They also have a nice Super Nintendo console as well. I'm thinking about ordering one. It would be a convenient way of diving into Sega Squad Challenges and being able to easily do more livestreams on Instagram, Twitch and YouTube. More info is available on their site here: https://www.analogue.co/mega-sg/
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    Will Sega be Sega about this and create add ons for their future flashback system? Imagine an extra usb port for "sega cd classic" add on
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    Hi Justin, Lance is where the SMS I have came from. He found it looking for something else. I'm glad i got it. Hopefully he has more TG-16s. The value of those things have increased, though. I never thought that machine to be worth much. Blame Keith Courage for that...that game didn't leave a strong impression for the system. It was the only game I had.
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    RickR - Selling good junk thread

    Man, bro, are you going to leave yourself anything to enjoy? The stuff you are posting is really nice stuff.
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    RickR - Selling good junk thread

    ** SOLD ** An Atari / Sears Tele-Games Heavy Sixer with a CX-10 joystick (the original kind with the springs inside) and a Sears label Asteroids cart. Works very nicely. In good condition. I can provide more pictures and info if anyone is interested.
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    I gave up on getting a TG-16. Too difficult to find. Might have to emulate this one as well. I don't have the genesis game, either.
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    That's such a great thing to hear Rick! If I ever end up with an extra TurboGrafx-16 or PC Engine core system I'll set it aside for you.
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    I think this is great. A TG-16 is on my "want" list. So trying out the games is a good thing. And I will never get tired of Genesis games.
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    You got it!! 😎 Good plan 👍 I figured most members would have to emulate this one. That may be the case for a lot of these games we have coming up for systems other than 2600 and NES. It's a good thing though, the idea is to mix things up and give us all a reason to try out a game (or game system!) that we may have never played before. We have at least 3-4 confirmed players who have the cartridge and can join in, so participation in this Squad Challenge should be decent and we will have a lot of fun with this! Here is the rom file for Devi's Crush on TurboGrafx-16. I don't have the one for Genesis. Devil's Crush.pce
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    Congratulations RadioPoultry! Great score! This was a great game!
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    Congratulations RadioPoultry! CHIRP CHIRP!! Congratulations to RadioPoultry on an excellent performance! This was our second High Score Squad Challenge for Intellivision and I think this game proved to be a lot of fun. It was great to see that all of you who could participate in an Intellivision Squad Challenge jumped in and shared your high scores! Way to go! RadioPoultry won the Squad Challenge with a high score of 34,810. nosweargamer came in with a score of 23,262, Atari Creep was right on NSG's tail with 21,624 and RickR flew in with 15,538. Congrats to everyone who played! And thank you for showing up for this event! I'd encourage RadioPoultry to post his new high score on the Scoreboard, and maybe this Challenge can continue on! Note: I still have some cleaning up to do in the Scoreboard to make sure all scores are posted. If you've submitted a score, it will be there. I'd also like to give a huge public THANK YOU to all of our members here who have been promoting High Score Squad and sharing our Squad Challenges in your content. I've enjoyed seeing No Swear Gamer include High Score Squad in his game reviews, and I've been tuning in lately to watch Atari Creep's live streams on Instagram where he's been playing Squad Challenges live for all of us to see. Please make sure to give these guys a follow on their various platforms. Very cool to see all of this happen and it really helps to get the word out about High Score Squad and bring new people into Atari I/O. To nosweargamer, Atari Creep, and anyone I may have missed, THANK YOU!! And don't forget we're changing things up in High Score Squad for 2019, adding new Squad Challenges for Lynx, SNES, Genesis, Master System, Atari ST, Jaguar, TurboGrafx-16, Intellivision, ColecoVision, and much much more, in addition to the usual lineup of video game systems that we normally play here, like Atari 2600, 7800 and NES. We may even have an Arcade challenge! Be ready to play all of these game systems, we'll be breaking new ground with more interesting Squad Challenges coming up very soon and throughout the year, and we hope to see you there. Way to go everybody! BEAMRIDER FINAL STANDINGS 1 RADIOPOULTRY 34,810 2 NOSWEARGAMER 23,262 3 ATARI CREEP 21,624 4 RICKR 15,538
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    The Toy Tomb Podcast Videos

    Vroom Vroom! lets go Rippin' Around that Raceway! Its the Sears Rippin' Around Raceway!
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    Atari Creep

    The Atari Creep

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    Atari Creep

    The Atari Creep

    You can flip them. Thanks so much man for the kind words.
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    Score: 34,810 With the assistance of a 16 oz. can of Orange Fanta. I like how this game keeps adding new enemy types as you progress. Even about this far into the game, they reveal a new one: little spinning squares that zip across the screen and hunt you down.
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    Nothing to be sorry for at all, I get it and as I attempted to convey in my post, I agree with your assessment. We make friends online and over the years being in this hobby connect with some people BUT THAT SAID it is not the first time I later would disagree or straight up disapprove of someones opinion or actions. This is because, whether or not it is to a fault, I call things out and I always try to be honest and informed in my opinion because, I stand by what I say. At times, telling it like it is or calling something out can definitely rub someone the wrong way. I have had a slight issue in the past where I advised buying product from a certain source, I was later contacted from a person who in the past, I had reviewed and recommended their product and they did not like that I was sending traffic to a competitor. Thing is, since my initial findings, video, review, I had dealt with another distributor that I felt gave over all a better deal especially for those who liked to tinker a bit or did not need all the bells and whistles included with the product. But this person seemed to take it quite personally, at some point I realized from their dialogue that they just assumed because of some past dealing and association that I was somehow now on "their side" and would should never suggest a competitor. Well, that's not me and really, if my association with someone depends solely on me backing them up and never suggesting to fellow hobbyist and gamer a cheaper or perhaps better alternative well, that is an association I could do without. I felt I even likely sacrificed receiving future product from them but you know, given the chance I would do it all over again because I felt I was true and honest to myself, I will always call it as I see it, I may not always be right but the best I can do is be honest with myself and others and hope those that stick with me are the true friends.
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    Sorry Rob I had no idea you were close to Bill and again I want to reiterate I'm not going after him as a person, I'm going after him as a representative of the company he works for. For better or worse he's the face of the company and his words are their words and assuming that's true, I have a big problem with those words. Having said all of this I have not ruled out getting a Flashback 9. As a fellow Canuck you know these are a hundred canuck bucks and at that price point I expect a certain quality from my purchase. As i mentioned over at AA, if the NES Classic is $80, has a superb quality and can be hacked to the teeth (my entire collection is on it now, plus some Mame games) then I would think a product that wants $20 more from me had better be at least close in quality. I asked Bill for a ballpark on the availability and price of the paddles for the flashback 9 and was told when he knows we'll know. How do they not know when the flashback 9's are in store and available (on walmart.ca anyway I haven't gone in the stores). This is especially important because by design it seems the flashback 9's will ONLY work with their paddles FOR THIS YEAR. Previous flashback paddles apparently won't work, neither do original paddles. If they are in short supply that makes portions of the games unplayable with no other options available.
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    Eh, I agree with you. I like Bill, we go back to Armchair arcade, some podcasts etc, known him a long time, he definitely has always been more of a "glass half full" type. We have had pleasant exchanges and I would like to think even a friendship and have been supportive of each others endeavours so I never align myself when someone over on AA that straight up calls him nothing more than a shill for AtGames but THAT SAID, I have cut Bill a lot of slack in past, as well, and like you, challenged some ideas BUT lately, yeah I am finding his association with AtGames is definitely imho causing him to lose some objectivity and perhaps with that some credibility. I believe he means to be honest and when pressed I would say he is a good well meaning person but he does seem defensive to a fault where AtGames is concerned. And I agree, the "Causal audience" excuse does not hold water for me anymore, it seems to be the card AtGames often plays whenever they just don't want to admit to the crap quality or have a real excuse for the product shortcomings. Like you say, when AtGames is sending product to Gaming Youtubers for review and giving info to articles etc they cannot then go claiming their product is for the impulse casual gamer the moment they are questioned or called out, and even so that is NOT a good excuse for shoddy product or business practices. To suggest that Atgames does anything more than release (and re-release) the cheapest low end barely satisfactory experience to make the most profit cashing in on nostalgia is just silly at this point. That is exactly the AtGames strategy and on some level I wish they would just own up to it.
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    I don't know if he frequents here but I've been getting into it with Bill Loguidice a bit on Atariage. It's nothing personal and I get that he seems to be the PR guy for ATgames (and the one I suspect is behind the twitter comments for Atgames, same type of verbiage) but I find some of his comments defending them disingenuous. I can't put my finger on it but some of his comments don't sit with me as being entirely truthful Frankly I never bought the "casual audience" argument. A company that doesn't care about the atari collector and hardcore enthusiast seems to spend a lot of time having their PR guy post on an Atari fan website and sends review copies to one of the biggest retro collectors out there - John Hancock. Am I wong?
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    About damn time, if you ask me. I made the mistake of getting an ATGames Genesis console. From what I later learned, the sound quality is completely screwed up.
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    Here are some work in progress screen shots for Venture on the Atari 7800 I have the first 3 map screens put together. I am planning to make this more like the arcade verses the 2600, Coleco, Intellivision, or even my 8-bit/5200 version. It may have several modes, default being arcade, other modes being home console, 8-bit challenger mode, and 7800 challenger mode. The issue I had with the 8-bit version was I could only dedicate 6 sprites for the enemies inside of each room. 7800 that can be extended to 8 or 10 maybe, or have something else like flames or energy bolts bouncing between walls. Many ideals are being considered.
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    HAHA Best comment EVER!!!
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    I'm like Charlie Brown trying to kick the football. Every year I think this may be the year to buy a flashback console and every year that damn football gets yanked away.
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    Hmm...wonder if the insides will be similar to the NES/SNES/PSOne Classic Minis. Would make more sense. Seems to be a better solution honestly. Those at least seem to be more reliable.
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    Agree 100%. They were fine for what they were and when they were, but EVERY YEAR with that crap.
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