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    Atari Creep

    Hyperkin "The Trooper" Controller

    Ia have had nothing but bad luck with the Retron77 but I am a gluten for punishment. Lol Thanks for this review, I may kick in for one now.
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    Hyperkin "The Trooper" Controller

    Update the Stella Creep & don't bother inserting carts! I bought it to be able to use my carts with it, but I'm sticking with the ROMs & using it for my HDMI 2600 fix.
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    Hyperkin "The Trooper" Controller

    I'll have to check one of those out...I think it looks pretty good.
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    Basic Fun "Oregon Trail" Handheld

    "The Oregon Trail" handheld game by Basic Fun -- sold at Target. I got one on Black Friday and finally had a chance to play it this week. My overall impression: It's a lot of fun for those who remember the game. My high school had a lab full of Apple II computers that had this game, so I have fond memories. Maybe that's why I like it so much. The screen is very nice, and I like the solid/substantial buttons. My first attempt -- I lost two of five party members, but made it to Oregon. On the down side: It only plays one game. It's too bad they didn't add a few other classic MS-DOS or Apple II games. And the $25 price is way too high for what it is. I got it on BF for $16, and that feels like a much better price point. Here's and LGR review on Youtube too: Anyone else have one of these, and what did YOU think?
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    For the 200th Atari 2600 game I've reviewed and ranked, I went with a childhood favorite. Ep 536: Superman
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    Let's Talk Battle Royale

    I've got to get Gold first and a headset
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    Let's Talk Battle Royale

    Awesome kazi! I still have my 360 hooked up too, with a plethora of games in my backlog. If ever want to give PUBG a shot, let me know. I’d be happy to play with you.
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    We Got Snow...

    We have been tested with snow here in Atl 3 times this year but hasn't happened yet
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    Craigslist Finds

    Found this one a few days ago on Facebook marketplace. I'm in ATL GA and this seller is in sweetwater TN. After talking the guy said he didnt really want to ship but if I wanted he would try. I said no I've seen too many horror stories with neon so I decided to drive up there. So was a total of 7 hours there and back and a couple game shops in between. Now it's home and safe. Very happy to have this thing!
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    Let's Talk Battle Royale

    Well, I wasn't much into online gaming because of the fear of running into those sort of gamers that like to ruin it for everyone else. Strange turn of events, once I met my wife I got to know her brother from afar. I've never met the man in person but because of him I got introduced to online gaming. We'd play 360 in co-op mode on lots of games like Saints Row, Crackdown, Halo (his favorite), racing games (I'd always win ), Fable, anything that XBOX Live would give us that we could play together we enjoyed. We also picked up a few like Minecraft, Terraria, CoD Ghosts, Black Ops II, Battlefield 3, and the Borderland series to name a few. If you have family or trusted friends playing online with them on computer or modern console can be lots of fun. Even if it is a game you are unfamiliar with chances are one of your online members can and might take the time to show you the ropes. Some of today's games really show how advanced games have come. And I believe that XBOX is the only company trying to bring all gamers together regardless of what system they are playing together on. Now if only Sony would jump on that ship.
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    Hyperkin "The Trooper" Controller

    I picked up a Hyperkin "The Trooper" controller this week for $15. This is the "improved" version of the controller that shipped with the first run of the Retron 77 last summer. Apparently, Hyperkin took the criticism of their initial controller and improved it for subsequent runs of the Retron 77. In addition, they offer it as a stand alone purchase. I'm not really in the market for a 2600 compatible emulation box but I was interested in the controller. Here are the basic details: Ambidextrous two-button layout Faux "woodgrain" styling 10 ft. cable Angled corners for comfort Traditionally styled joystick I put about two hours on the controller playing a variety of games. For purposes of comparison, I also played the games with an Atari CX-40 (XE version) which I purchased NOS from B&C Computervisions. The games that I played included Berzerk, Ms. Pac-Man, Q-bert, Spider Fighter, Missile Command and Demon Attack. I really wanted to try a cross section of games that put the controller through its paces. Here are my thoughts: Build quality: I've had bad luck with modern 2600 compatible controllers. They frequently break within just a few gaming sessions. The Trooper didn't feel rugged but it doesn't come off as cheap either. The button was more responsive than an Atari CX-40; it felt great. The joystick itself isn't as stiff as a real controller but it didn't feel like it would break. My initial impression is that its a sturdy alternative to some of the other replacements that are on the market. Styling/Design: The first thing I noticed about the control was its angled corners. These are a call back to the Retron itself and its an interesting/handsome look overall. Functionally the corners make the controller slightly more comfortable to hold than a CX-40. The 10 ft. cable is a nice touch and I'm glad to put away my Genesis extensions. The ambidextrous two-button layout is a nice feature but I don't really need it. Its a great inclusion for south paws I suppose. One thing that is a bit off-putting is the faux wood grain. Its a little too orange and doesn't really go with my 4-switch Woody. They might have tried matching the original if they were going through the effort. Control: As I said above, the Trooper didn't feel as stiff as the CX-40. Its a softer overall feeling stick that you don't have to press quite as hard. During my gaming session, I found it to handle diagonals much better than the CX-40. Games like Missile Command and Berzerk were a joy to play. It also fared comparatively well in the shooters Spider Fighter and Demon Attack. The CX-40 had an edge on the 4-way games, particularly Ms. Pac-Man. I found myself missing tight direction changes with the Trooper that I can hit with the CX-40. As I stated above, button response was great; much improved from the CX-40. Overall, I like the Trooper. It seems like a sturdy replacement/spare for 2600 compatible consoles. It stood up well against the CX-40 for most games and the 10 ft. cable and angled corners are a plus. For $15 you can't go wrong. Also, I'm hoping the name is a reference to Iron Maiden. \m/ Have you tried the Trooper? What are your thoughts?
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    Hyperkin "The Trooper" Controller

    Thanks, StormSurge. I've heard that the community build of the Retron 77 has really improved the product. I love that folks are working on making it even better. Eventually I'll probably break down and grab it. For now, my 4-switch through a RetroTINK is giving me a great picture with no compatibility issues.
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    The statues in the background remind me of Gradius.
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    Midwest Gaming Classic 2019

    Cool! I plan to attend PRGE this year. I should consider MGC some time!
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    Score: 140,850 At the end I was standing on a pipe and a missile launcher popped up and pushed me into a projectile.
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    That ending theme is pretty good for a Mario game. I have never forgot it or the other music in the game. I really like the oriental-themed music on the boss levels. It's one game I have really enjoyed revisiting during this challenge. It's not too hard to beat once you get the hang of it. And, yep, I beat it too after posting my last score. So I can add that one to the list of 2019 game beat list
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    Lunchtime unwind: 87,510.
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    Score: 94,880 I managed to beat the game after this! That ending music is as great as everyone says it is.
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    Improved my score. Made it to World 2-1, my emulator wigged out on my first jump, causing me to fall. Not sure what happened.
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    JUSTIN! Why did you pick this game?!?! The issues I had with this game from decades ago are returning. I am finding it very difficult to the game off for any reason. I'm not sure if this was a good thing or not LOL. I've got the tunes playing in my head when I sleep.
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    Lunchtime score: 77,240.
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