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    Where I Moved To

    Every Sunday morning, we take all the trucks out to road test them, check the air packs, generators & all kinds of other stuff. Every other Sunday, we empty the tanks & refill them to keep the water fresh & make sure the pumps are working. This morning was VERY cold (it was snowing when we headed out) & I didn’t put any of my gear on. I’m just starting to regain the feeling in my fingers. 😀 Just thought I’d share this with you guys. Maybe I’ll do a more detailed post about this process someday. (I was filling in for someone today, I only have to do this when my shift is active, which is six weeks in between my two weeks.)
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    Arcade USA

    Time for a new episode of The ABC's of Willie!'s Favorite Atari 2600 Games! Forsooth, thou hast destroyed my castle! in Warlords!
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