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    A local news station did this piece from 1982: https://wnep.com/2019/03/25/video-vault-video-games-just-a-fad/ Games shown: Galaga (Midway) Ms. Pac-Man (Midway) Pac-Man (Midway) Congorilla (Orca) Space Battle (Mattel Intellivision) Tempest (Atari) Monaco GP (Sega) Super Cobra (Stern) (unknown game to left of Super Cobra) Asteroids (Atari) Battlezone (Atari) Challenger (Centuri) Vanguard (Centuri) (unknown Universal game to right of Vanguard)
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    Bear in mind, too, that in 1981 Kenner was also still knee deep in their lucrative licensing deal to produce Star Wars toys. It's entirely possible that some higher up at the company was looking for some way to expand their Star Wars license. I guarantee had this made it to market Star Wars games would've been slapped all over it.
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    That Junkman talks about Ataris concept for a Star Wars ROTJ speeder bike concept arcade game.
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