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    Some strong language!!!!!!!
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    NSG's Toys & More Tuesdays

    The 2019 Dark Knight Batmobile by Hot Wheels
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    I can't seem to get close to my highest score now My hat off to the developer! Awesome port.
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    MaximumRD's YouTube Videos

    WOW. Another great find.
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    MaximumRD's YouTube Videos

    Happy to finally post a new video! 😮😃😎🍻 To my amazement a few weeks ago I found a boxed gaming console someone disposed of in our Electronics Recycling Bin! It was even one I didn't have! Watch to see everything included and hear whether or not it works.
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    Atari Creep

    The Creeps Play Things

    HAHA 100%
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    I reached 89K on my stream the other night so I set my new goal for 100K. I set my new PB a short while ago: 146,770. I reached the 4th Key and stumbled a bit. Nonetheless, I'm thrilled with this run.
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    Not much of an improvement but might as well post it anyway. 11680 STRONG LANGUAGE
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